Archery | Putting On and Removing Arrow Points

A few people have asked me how to put arrows together. I’ve got a bunch of arrows I need to finish off, so I thought this would be an opportunity to show part of the process. To attach the point onto the shaft, you will need a pair of pliers, and a block of hot melt. In this case, I used Bohning Cool Flex hot melt, which has a lower melting point, and is easier to work with. Of course, you’ll require your shafts and your points. Lastly, you need a source of heat – a blow torch is commonly used, as are alcohol burners, and I’ve seen some people use a heat gun. I don’t have any of these, so I’m using a candle. No, seriously – putting an arrow together is that easy. First, you apply heat to the point, then melt the glue. Depending on your type of glue, this may take a few seconds, or a bit longer. Smear the melting glue over the insert, and get a nice layer. With the point still warm, insert the point into the shaft – if the glue is still soft, it should slide in without too much resistance. Twist the shaft as you enter the point o get more coverage. You can then pull off the excess glue, and you’re done. This is a very quick process, and you get a set of arrows done in a matter of minutes. You can even do this in the field, for immediate repairs. I’ve rarely lost inserts or points, and the times I have, it’s mostly because I hadn’t used enough glue, or I’d gotten it stuck in wood. Removing the point is just as easy – just heat the point for a few seconds, depending on which glue has been used, then use pliers to pull it out. Putting your own arrows together is not as intimidating as it may seem, and this is probably the easiest part of the process. I hope this was helpful, and thanks for watching.

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