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  1. Awesome summary. I can't imagine how long it took to get to that summary – which is just enough for me to keep getting Jim at MAC to keep doing mine.

  2. You can't buy fast flight anymore. The rumor is that It's all being used in USA's bullet proof vest manufacturing. The stuff Brownell sells now is called fast flight PLUS , it's a different kind of material and I would suggest this string type for most archers wanting to build strings. Although no one really knows what fast flight plus is, due to brownells weird marketing, it works quite well, and is half the price of bcy materials. It gives quite a soft shot shot feel compared to 8125g, and in my opinion it's nicer to shoot. I've shot most of my personal records with fast flight plus, so it's definitely not a bad material.

  3. Hi, good video, nice explanation.

    I started with dacron on a wooden bow. When i was choosen for the state team I was given a modern bow with fast-flight. And all was so much better, until I tested a majesty bowstring. Simply the best material I've used, both string and serving. I've tested bcy, brownell,, back to Ff, nothing better than my majesty string.

    Also, try differnt strand count, different nock fittings, different serving diam. In my case a 20 strand, 0.018" serving, both majesty, and large nock are the best combination for me.

    Best regards

  4. There was one time i had some spare dyneema fishing line hanging around. It actually worked quite well. I think the difference between that and purpose built bowstring is the latter is pre-stretched, but i havent noticed a difference.

  5. I have a Bearcat takedown bow with full fiberglass limbs that was built in the mid 80s.  Can fiberglass limbs use fast flight strings?

  6. Nu Sensei, quite a few backyard pvc recurve bow makers just use a 950 kelvar line with two figure 8 loop knots at both ends for stringing…….is it safe to do so on modern take down recurve? I am a complete noob in archery…… but 950 kelvar line doesnt stretch at all, good resistance on elements….and can withstand 900+lbs of pull.…..on the paper….it seems like a perfect easy stringing option.

  7. Help.. I have a hoyt/easton 66inch recurve with a bow string length of 60 1/4 to 60.5 inch, but can't find any store who carries that length or a store that will custom make that size. How do I go about getting that length. Desperately seeking advice.

  8. So… Let's say I have a traditional longbow made from european pine, sitting at a draw weight of 45 lb and a draw length of 28.5"
    What type of string would you recommend me using?

  9. Is it right that today, we cannot buy the ORIGINAL Fast Flight fibres???!!!!!
    Is it right that bowstrings of the FF name are actually Fast Flight PLUS or a replacement FF from that original which came along during the early 1990s?
    Correct me if I'm wrong p.l.e.a.s.e.

  10. hey man this is far most the best video on bow string info….just a quick question…i was recently gifted a recurve bow from my grandfather..the bow is almost 30yrs old and in perfect condition as he used it couple of times only…i dont know which string to use…will dacron be suitable???

  11. I have been looking into making a string out of BCY 8190, BCY 8190f, or Angel Majesty Pro. Has anyone tried these, and does anyone have a recommendation?

  12. im wondering. what strings do you use? ive got an olympic recurve SF premium limbs and a mybo rio super cast riser 40 lbs.pretty much just like you but yea im not running win&win lol.. i got a set up from a club near me but ive no idea what they used!! im target shooting i heard of fast flight its a thing it seems.. i heard you dont want to use that as well.
    i just need a standard thing, top of the line lets go for it. what recommendation can you give me? imma just have them build me a string..

    i could buy one but what you missed is there are also premeasured strings what would my string length be on a 70 inch bow? or does that change depending on the type of string?

    i figure olympics or not there is a string that just does it. im flexible if 100000 ppl use this stuff its gotta be a good thing. candycane is awesome!!

  13. woah lol yea one color or two color even three omg.. thats a 100 dollar string omg. well lol atleast you get 10 strings but omg.

  14. So how much stretch does Dacron have? I just received some for a birthday gift. And how many strands should I use for a 70 pound bow? I usually build sinew/rawhide strings for my primitive bows so I'm not familiar with synthetic strings.

  15. I prefer natural fiber materials as I practice "primitive" archery. I have recently made a usable string from a spool of dollar store cotton reverse twisted together. It works quite well so far on a 30 lbs draw weight fiberglass bow. Its obvious that it could definitely withstand alot more draw weight. I have seen cotton thread mentioned in ancient Vedic and Asian Indian texts for use with much higher draw weight bows.

  16. Do you cover string strand count, and what it means in any of your videos? If you have, I would love a link.

  17. Dear Nu, what if we use PE 4 Strands fishing line? I have tested a 0.4mm can handle more than 30Lbs, if we twist 6 of it still smaller than usual archery string but can draw a lot more than 70 Lbs?

  18. i just use marine fish lime, its waterproof, comes waxed and suports up to 400 pounds cost like 10 for a whole role

  19. My hat is off to you Sir. You always have some of the very best archery informational videos on YouTube. Thanks, Greg

  20. How do you get 10 strings out of a 1/8 pound roll and just 30 strings from a 1 pound roll? 8 times as much string only results in 3 times as many strings?

  21. Hey nusensei.
    Sorry to post this message here in the comments, I couldn't find another option to contact you since I do not u use social networks.
    I really appreciate your videos and benefit from them for myself and my students.
    I wanted to propose a video about how to find your personal tiller settings. I'm shooting barebow with Mediterranean grip and it seems to be a huge mystery to find the right adjustments.
    Another topic is the number of strands in a bowstring. I started to make my own strings and everybody tells you something different, as always.
    I'm also a language teacher and really enjoy your clear, structured and critical but always respectful videos.
    Keep up the good work.

  22. That was pretty informative, thank you. At first I was using BCY X but quickly learned that 8190f is a better material for limb longevity. It's all I use now. I stretch it for a long time to avoid any rotation issues.

  23. Not bad
    Next cover the serving material.
    I have my string selection down. But not well schooled on serving material. I use a basic black now.

  24. Dacron is a very cheap material, huh? Strings cost around 10-15 taka around here. Synthetic ones would go higher for 30-40 taka. Dacron costs 1500 taka. Cheap? It's literally 1000 times more expensive.

  25. Dacron B50 – (eg. Brownell B50/ BCY B55/ BCY B500) Old synthetic – good for Traditional Bows wo. reinforced tips – Great for practicing bow string making due to cheaper price.

    Fast Flight – (Spectra-based material. eg. Brownell Fast Flight/ BCY 652) Industry colloquialism for most modern Bow strings – Requires reinforced limb tips – Good for recurves

    Brownell Fast Flight – Original company who coined term (older version)

    Brownell FastFlight Plus – More modern version of original FF string?

    Dyneema – Modern Material

    Spectra – Modern Material

    Vectran – Modern Material


    Recurve strings – Need 08 to 18 strands

    Dyneema/Vectran blends (Good for most modern recurves w. reinforced tips) – Dyneema/Vectran, Various blends % wise as follows…

    Dynaflight 97

    BCY 8125

    BCY 8125G


    Brownell D75

    Angel Majesty

    Compound strings – need 20 to 24 strands

    BCY 452X

    BCY Trophy

    Multi-purpose strings –
    BCY 8190

    BCY X String

    Angel Majesty

    Crossbow string
    BCY Force 10

    Bow String Threads:

    Quantities often come in 1 lb, 1/4 lb, 1/8 lb sizes – (factory conveniance measurements)

    Rough output guide… 1 lb = 30+ Bow strings

    1/4lb = 20 strings

    1/8lb = 10 strings

  26. I know this is older video, but say I get a long bow with 40 pound string, am I able to put higher poundage strings without worrying about damage to the bow?

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