Après 2 mois d’utilisation du Backfire Ranger X2

So after 2 months using the Backfire Ranger X2, I’m really happy. Some small things to note: I had to tighten the screws here because there was moving after two rides. I had to tighten the screws of the kingpin at the front and rear, quite strongly because a bushing was going out and also for more stability when I go fast. I still ask myself how to optimize the tightening of kingpin between the rear screw and the front screw in order to have a good speed and carving. Finally, it is an electric skateboard that has a great value for money. It is quite easy to take in hand, from the first ride I found good feelings and took pleasure. I was able to do 20 km on a session with hills, descents and trails. I did a session of 24km on flat and without reducing speed; each time at a good temperature, I think that with the cold that is coming the autonomy should fall. This skate has a very good braking. With the Backfire Ranger X2, I find feelings of snowboard and also surfing, a top speed at 32km/h quickly attainable, I enjoy and no need lifts. I actually enjoy my daughter during our sled sessions.

4 thoughts on “Après 2 mois d’utilisation du Backfire Ranger X2

  1. C'est un peu juste 24km d'autonomie je trouve (alors qu'ils annoncent de 26 à 35) j'ai constaté la même chose dans d'autres reviews
    c'est dommage pour une board à 1000€

  2. LOL, super, ma fille aussi adore faire la meme chose sur mon Wowgo 3…. J'attend encore pour la livraison de mon Backfire Ranger X2. Merci pour les tips.

  3. Salut Fred
    merci pour le test, j'ai le x2 aussi depuis quelques mois
    je n'arrive pas à changer les pneus arrière car ils sont déjà trop usés
    si tu as des infos ou tutoriel je suis preneur 😉

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