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The Anthem is the source of pure creation. The Shapers used it to create the world. It has existed since the beginning of time
and permeates all aspects of existence. Welcome back Freelancers. This video is sponsored by EA. If you would like more information to how
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youtube, I recommend watching my sponsorship response video. A link will be below. In today’s lore video I want to cover the
mysterious Shapers, the supposed Gods of the Anthem world who used the Anthem of creation
to create everything. Cathleen Rootsaert did a very interesting
interview with Gamesradar which provided more details about the Shapers, so I will cover
that information in this video, and I have also constructed a really interesting theory
about the Shapers, a theory that suggests Humans are in-fact the Shapers. To create this video, I have read every entry
in the Cortex, completed all of the campaign and all of the Agent missions and contracts,
and also spoke to everyone in Fort Tarsis. As usual, the artwork at the beginning of
this video was created by Gammatrap. All patreon donations go towards paying Gamma
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this latest Anthem lore episode. [INTRO]
I want to start with the basic definition of the Shapers that is given to us from the
Cortex. The Shaper Cortex entry reads
“Humanity’s name for the supreme beings that created the world itself. It is a long-held belief that the Shapers
used the Anthem of Creation to build all aspects of our existence, but had to depart suddenly,
leaving their tools behind and our world unfinished.” And the Anthem of Creation Cortex entry reads,
“The source of pure creation the Shapers used to create the world. The Anthem has existed since the beginning
of time and permeates all aspects of existence.” At the most superficial level of understanding,
Shapers were gods, and at one point they held control over the Anthem of Creation, and they
used the Anthem of Creation to create the world and everything in it. Something happened, they disappeared, and
the Anthem of Creation continues to interact with their instruments and relics left behind. The Shaper instruments and relics are thought
to be the tools that the Shapers used to harness the power of the Anthem. Consequently, Shaper instruments and relics
still have a connection to the Anthem of Creation, and when these tools are overloaded, the Anthem
creates new creatures from nothing. Have a listen to the Cataclysm Cortex entry. It reads,
“A violent, unpredictable disturbance created when the Anthem of Creation overwhelms a Shaper
instrument. They often appear as an intense storm. While one Cataclysm may create bizarre new
wildlife, another may shake the ground or force rivers to flow backwards.” So, the very surface level definition of the
Shapers would have us believe that they were true Gods who used the Anthem of Creation
to create the world. However, the more you start digging and trying
to understand the Shapers, their depiction as Gods begins to fall apart. The first thing to consider, is that the Cortex
likely contains many myths and folk tales. The entries themselves are not necessarily
accurate, and so, if noone has seen a Shaper, how do we know this information is accurat4? How do we know that the Shapers were gods? Here are a couple of examples of the Cortex
mixing Myth and truth. The Cortex entry, Tarsis and the Mountain
describes how General Helena Tarsis defeats a monster upon a mountain, and upon defeating
the monster she created a sword from its voice. The entry reads,
“A day came when Tarsis declared her people would suffer Fulminous no longer. She brought the most trusted of her flying
Legion to the lair of the mighty creature. For three days, they battled amid fearsome
lightning, until Tarsis brought Fulminous to heel. She pried his thunderous voice from his throat
and forged it into a sword… the Voice of Heaven to sing a song of triumph”
Another Cortex entry describes the same event, it is also called, The Tale of Tarsis and
the Mountain, it reads, “Nearly everyone has heard the story of
General Tarsis battling the dread monster Fulminous at the top of a mountain. For centuries, scholars have debated where
this battle took place – if it did at all… Was Fulminous a monster or a metaphor? A living beast made of lightening, or a fictional
stand-in for a ranging storm? We can only speculate”
The entry also speculates that the story really depicts General Tarsis silencing a Shaper
relic, and the story is in-fact the fist evidence of humans silencing Shaper relics. Another good example of the Cortex containing
folk lore and exaggerated truths, is the story of Arden Vassa. Arden Vassa is credited as the person who
created the first Javelins, however some scholars believe that this may be incorrect. The Arden Vassa cortex entry reads,
“The feats of design and engineering attributed to Arden Vassa are too improbable to be believed. Are we to accept that one man invented the
javelin while hiding in a cave somewhere in the Bastion wilderness? It seems unlikely that the same person could
have designed the walls of Antium, and the gardens of the Academy, and yet both are attributed
to Vassa. It is far more likely Arden Vassa was a group
of Arcanists and Engineers whose work has been misattributed.” The point I am trying to make, is that the
Cortex is filled with inaccuracies that has been passed down through generations, and
therefore we should also criticize our knowledge of the Shapers. Once you start to question if the Shapers
were actually Gods or not, you begin to notice a number of things in the Cortex entries. If you look under the Shaper folder in the
Cortex, you will notice that a number of different races are listed under the Shapers, specifically
the Anzu and the Urgoth. The Anzu Cortex entry describes them as this,
“The word Anzu is a group term for any creature formed at the dawn of creation, not of the
natural world. When the Shapers departed, the Anzu were left
to fend for themselves. Some survived, some did not.” The Sunken gardens cortex entry then confirms
that the Urgoth, are actually considered Anzu. It says,
“Though urgoth were indeed Anzu, not all Anzu were urgoth.” If you don’t know, the Urgoth were the race
that enslaved humanity, and it is thought that the reason the Urgoth enslaved humanity,
is because humans could harness ember technology, ember being the by-product of the Anthem of
Creation, and hence we could harness very powerful technology, such as the Javelins. Helena Tarsis defeated the Urgoth in her final
stand. If you have not finished the Campaign, I am
about to deliver a spoiler, so click away now…. But Urgoth are confirmed as real in the post
credits cutscene, we see an actual Urgoth. By the way, a Cortex entries describe Urgoth
as tall as a Colossus Javelin, once again, this is just folk lore, as we see a fairly
human-sized Urgoth in the post credits cutscene. So… why I am telling you all of this.. well,
under the heading of Shapers, the Cortex literally lists ancient species who tried to control
the Anthem of Creation, they were not Gods, just another species trying to control the
Anthem. The Anthem was always there, they didn’t
create it, and the Urgoth, specifically, lacked the technology to harness it. The interesting thing is, the Anzu Cortex
entry even questions if we are the Anzu, i.e. have we been around since the Dawn of time,
the entry reads, “As for my students, Klata believes that
the Anzu, creatures as old as time, are not gone, but merely living among us… that perhaps
a titan or even humans are Anzu. This is ridiculous. When has a titan eve built anything? And if humans were Anzu, don’t you think
we would have some sort of knowledge of that?” The point I want to make, is that every faction
right now in the Anthem universe is trying to harness the Anthem of creation, the Scar,
the Bandits, the Dominion, Freelancers, everyone. What if, the Shapers were not Gods, but just
another species like us, who were trying to harness the Anthem of Creation. The interview with Cathleen Rootsaert on Gamesradar
supports this idea, that the Shapers are not really Gods, and didn’t really master the
Anthem of creation, have a listen to what she said. It interview reads,
The unfinished world of Anthem was the Shapers trying to work with the Anthem of Creation,
and the Anthem will not be contained. It will not be shackled by the Shapers; the
Shapers couldn’t bend it to their will. Now, whatever the creation of that situation
was remains lost to time.” This paints a very different picture about
the Shapers, the Shapers definitely do not sound like gods with this description. So, my prediction so far, is that the Shapers
are not gods, and they were just like any other species who were trying to harness the
Anthem of Creation, and they potentially wiped themselves out. We know that the Anthem can influence time,
Dax’s Aunty was lost in time and space and emerged years later without aging. In the Shapers attempt to harness the Anthem,
there may have been some timey wimey impact. So now, I want to move onto some really big
speculation, speculation that requires you to accept what I have already said, that the
Shapers were not gods, but just another species trying to harness the Anthem of Creation. What if, humans are in-fact the Shapers, what
if we almost wiped ourselves out, and the knowledge of how to harness the Anthem was
only given to a select few. What if our history has been lost and replaced
by myth and folk lore like so much of the Cortex? What if this is round two for humans trying
to harness the Anthem of Creation. This would explain how we created the Javelins
with ember technology. Remember Arden Vassa and Idris, who were enslaved
by the Urgoth? How did they learn ember technology, how did
they use ember technology to create the Javelins? How did they have this information and the
Urgoth didn’t? Did someone else teach them? Have a listen to Ember Cortex entry,
A naturally occurring, dangerous by-product of the Anthem, used as a foundation for human
technology. While active ember can be found throughout
Bastion, it is most bountiful around the Engineer city of Heliost. Legend has it that the urgoth enslaved humanity
because the urgoth could not manipulate ember, whereas humans could. Whilst this is very speculative, I think it
very interesting, once you consider that the Shapers may not have been gods, you consider
all of misinformation in the cortex, you consider, that right now, technically humans have the
best control over anthem-based technology, humans have ciphers, who organically connect
with the Anthem, we had Shaper technology built underneath our cities, remember Shadowmark,
Shadowmark was built a top a powerful Shaper relic, the Cenotaph. Furthermore, Shadowmark is also described
as being built upon Anzu ruins, which once again reinforces, that humans may in-fact
by Anzu, beings from the dawn of time. The Anzu are listed under Shapers within the
Cortex and are described as creatures from the Dawn of Time, Helena Tarsis named her
rebellion the Legion of Dawn? Another coincidence? Right now we cannot be certain about the history
of the Shapers, and we can only hope that this mystery will be unraveled in Anthem’s
future. And with that, that ends this latest Anthem
Lore episode. If you would like to support the channel,
and cannot think of any comments, you can live the word Anzu, the term used for creatures
from the Dawn of Creation. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games. Peace.

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