Anthem: End Game Updates and Post-Launch Thoughts

Hello everyone. I’ve gotten to spend a little more time in
the end game portion of Anthem, Bioware has been updating and posting a ton, so I wanted
to take some time to follow up on my first impressions, the end game and all of the updates
that have been going out. Bioware has been addressing and patching the
game rapid fire lately, which is partly why I haven’t been discussing the game a lot;
it’s tough to make videos when they’ll be outdated in a day. One of the best things they’ve done so far
was to have stronghold bosses give a guaranteed masterwork item for killing them AND for giving
a guaranteed masterwork COMPONENT at the end of legendary contracts. As you may or may not know, masterwork components
are a huge part of breaking into comfortably doing GM1 level content. The gap between epic and masterwork components
in terms of giving health and shields is substantial. Through these changes, it is much easier to
bridge the gap from level 30 and being in all epic gear to reliably doing GM1 content
and dare I say actually having fun doing it. Legendary contracts give a reliable path to
gearing up and GM1 strongholds now don’t feel completely worthless to run all the way through. This change alone has helped me gear up and
actually have fun with the game now that I’m not getting one shot against literally everything
that touches me. So, good job. But then… Bioware accidentally did something for their
game that made it more fun. They increased loot drop rates across the
board for basically everything. Masterworks were dropping a lot, people were
getting enough stuff to where they could start making actual builds, could gear up multiple
javelins quickly, it was great. And then a day later, this change was reverted
because it wasn’t supposed to happen. Some of you may know a little indie title
that goes by the name of Diablo 3. To say Diablo 3 had a rough launch would be
an understatement. Loot was boring as hell, cool items dropped
incredibly rarely and it overall was just not an enjoyable loot hunt game. Loot 2.0 is an update that came to the game
that revamped a lot of the loot system: better affixes for gear, so a Barbarian wouldn’t
find Witch Doctor stats or perks, more legendaries and set items, increased drop rates for those
items and much more. Diablo and Anthem are pretty similar in that
not only are you hunting for those top end items, you’re searching for the perfect roll
or set of stats on those items so you can make special builds. And with so many inscriptions and stat rolls
available, the odds of getting the perfect one to drop are really low. But when the odds of actually getting one
of those items with those rarities to drop is ALSO low, it makes the gearing process
frustrating because you’re just trying to get the items to drop in the first place. Legendary items are also lacking in the excitement
department because while they’re better than masterwork items, it’s only by a little bit
and they’re basically replicas of masterwork items with just slightly boosted stats. The community loved this accidental loot change
and have been asking Bioware to revert things back to it. I have a lot of confidence that Bioware will
very soon have their loot 2.0 experience because Anthem is in almost the exact same situation. And as a matter of fact, as I was writing
this video, the following update about item inscriptions was posted on reddit going live
on either February 28th or March 1st, so really soon. Inscriptions, aka those random rolls that
show up on all of your items, are being organized a bit more. For example, before this update, a machine
pistol could roll an assault rifle bonus. This should no longer be the case. Now, said machine pistol could roll someting
like +fire damage, since fire damage is a javelin related inscription, but that’s fine. In case you don’t know, the gear icon on an
inscription is for the weapon specifically, and the javelin icon is for your entire javelin. Next, white and green items will no longer
drop from level 30 drop tables, ok, blues and epics are pretty useless outside of their
embers still, but I guess you need to keep them around for said embers, fine. And Masterwork crafting now requires 15 masterwork
ember instead of 25, so you can craft more and craft better items with the inscription
change. So, we’re not completely in loot 2.0 territory,
but we’re within the same universe at least. The quality of individual item drops will
be a bit better with the inscription changes and crafting won’t feel so useless now, which
are both good. But we don’t know if the drop rates of masterworks
and legendaries will shift up based on the removal of whites and greens, hopefully it
does. Running a GM1 stronghold usually nets me 1
masterwork, like what I ended up getting while recording this footage, maybe 2 if I’m lucky
and that includes the one from the boss at the end. The most amount of masterworks I’ve gotten
in an activity is 3. Most of them have not been good rolls. I have gotten 1 legendary total. The fun of Anthem is going to be the fun of
Diablo: getting lots of items and finally getting that perfect set of said items. Now that inscriptions will be a bit more optimized,
this will enable the creation of more specific builds a little bit more, so again, progress
is made. Another big problem is that GM2 and GM3 are
largely pointless right now because their increased difficultly does not match the increased
reward, I’m pretty sure I mentioned this already in my first impressions. They don’t reward better items, just more
of them, but right now, GM1 is just more efficient to do. I can’t imagine the heartbreak of not getting
a masterwork out of a GM2 or GM3 level chest. Something needs to happen to these difficulties
to make them more enticing to run because otherwise, you’re done with end game at GM1
with the way things are in the game right now. Fortunately, this has been addressed by Bioware,
with Ben Irving, lead producer, saying, “looking into this, understand the problem space for
sure.” Otherwise, with regards to the end game, there
just needs to be more stuff to do. 3 strongholds, 1 of which is just not run
very often, and world events not-so-cleverly disguised as legendary contracts is all we
have at the moment. When GM levels can be bumped up for an actual
reason, maybe that’ll help, but there needs to be just more activities in the game. I can only run Tyrant Mine so many times. Also, a quick throwaway thing, and I’m pretty
sure Bioware has acknowledged this already, but defensive support abilities are completely
worthless. Please make them not worthless. The “day one” patch did some good stuff, fixed
a few glaring issues, like loot not dropping when you’re dead, being able to sprint in
Fort Tarsis, stuff like that. They revamped the expedition menu a little
bit, which organizes all of the activities a little better. Performance feels largely the same as a whole,
maybe a little bit, loading screens are still numerous and there’s still a lot of work to
be done, a lot of those things being extreme quality of life requests revolving around
making the game easier to understand, stats page, inscription descriptions, things like
that. Fortunately, that feedback has also been heard. So, are things a bit better compared to the
launch on the 15th and on the 22nd? Yeah, for sure. It’s easier to gear up and get to GM levels,
which means you can actually enjoy the gameplay aspect of the game, which means you’ll have
some fun playing this game. But, there’s still a plenty that needs to
happen, bug fixing, quickplay is broken in a couple of ways, a lot of refinement is needed
before the game is in a really good spot. The fact that Bioware continues to be responsive
on twitter and reddit is really nice and the fact that they’ve been making rapid fire changes
to the game instead of stewing for days or weeks makes me a bit more hopeful than I was
during my first impressions. Just wanted to give an update on this since
I haven’t really been producing a whole lot of content for the game recently since they’re
going through so many changes. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Anthem: End Game Updates and Post-Launch Thoughts

  1. If you don't change your difficulty after you play on GM with someone it stays on that difficulty even If you aren't 30

  2. dual pistols huh that's weird, i tried avengers herald and i hated it. I'm more a sniper guy. I've been enjoying sniping as an interceptor. Don't compare to D3 though, that game sucks and the only reason the shower loot works is because they have the ability to go enchant the item and change the stats to what you need. Thanks for the video though, you're prob the most unbiased content creator there is because you want people to understand what a product is without trashing it or hyping it. I am overly positive for the game, i enjoy the gameplay and the idea so much that bugs don't bother me. I just know once things are refined this game is going to be fire. It's a new IP regardless of biowares experience, it's new

  3. Jesus I guess I've been really lucky I have about 15 masterwork items for my colossus and a legendary weapon in the 60 total hours I've played the game. My colossus has every piece possible as masterwork. Sorry to hear so many are having trouble with drops but good on bioware to jump on the issue. Really nice to see a developer care so much about their baby that they fix all this in such a short time. I am really enjoying the combat of the game, story was spoiled for me so it did not impress as much as a typical bioware story but I enjoy it nonetheless. I would've rather they disguise the loading screens with some lore pages or even a shot of your javelin flying out of your strider but oh well. Game feels great especially with a colossus and that mini gun and shield. Great video

  4. My las Masterwork component: “ You got 0% ( yes ZERO ) chance to make extra dmg when hovering” – yes this is useless junk and i farmed 2h to get this junk …. game is still broken AFTER PATCH ( I write this 01.03 )

  5. i did 3 legendary contracts yesterday and i didnt get any masterwork components…. i did 2 on gm1 and 1 on hard. nothing. Highly disappointing

  6. Hmm, I updated the game but still got green and whites after lvl 30 and didn’t get a MW after a stronghold fight

  7. I don't even care about the loot drop shit, i just want this game to function properly. So many bugs and glitches, headless Javelins, enemies disappearing, dumbass AI, endless loading screens, connectivity issues, audio cuts, etc. It makes Warframe's bugs and glitches look petty…

  8. This is a fair and balanced review. I’m loving the game so far, but wow so many major bugs! Destiny, Devision, gosh even Mass Effect was not this buggy. The game was rushed out, needed way more QA.. I guarante they were pushed to get the game out.

    What I do appreciate is the level of transparency and communication from the developers.

    I have not doubt the game will get better.

    If you like looter shooters and don’t mind lots of bugs, get the game. If you are on the fence, wait a few months it will be much better and maybe more end game content will be added.

  9. Game is fun as hell but God damn need more content end game. Three strongholds isnt shit. 3 strongholds plus a real raid with mechanic would be a nice fill until the next strongholds are added

  10. loot 2.0 killed Diablo 3 as the game was allready customization empty game, made items not tradable and increased meta builds for GR runs… So no thanks…Loots need work to be earned, not gifted on a gold plate.

  11. Is Bioware talking about how people are still not able to play this game at all. Had the game since launch and have actually played due to connection issue. I have done everything but but another PS4 Pro

  12. End-Game is garbage, item level 45 masterworks for Gm 1, 2, and 3.

    Anyone else have incentive to keep playing or doing harder difficulties? Beat it once and go back to Gm1 for loot. I quit…

  13. Buys the game to just make the Swarm Tyrant over and over…. Hope Bioware makes the other strongholds better and that they don't take too long to add new endgame activities.

  14. My friends and I enjoy Anthem it is a fun take on a looter shooter. Scenery is well done and controls are responsive. I'll play Anthem up to 6 hours a day so I've gotten used to the loading screens. However, when my buddy only has maybe an hour and a half and we see 15 minutes worth of loading screens that is the time it takes to do a contract and he won't be able to run it because we stared at a loading bar for so long between any activity.

    Anthem has a few issues and it has a few bugs. Sometimes the bugs are hilarious but sometimes they break a mission and you have to start over. I'd also like to move faster in fort tarsis I feel like my lancer has a bad knee or something. Let. Me. Sprint.

    All in all I will get my $60 out of Anthem because I'll play the crap out of it and enjoy it 85% of the time; but if you have only an hour or two to play between taking care of a child or partner or work or sleep ect. You will find it difficult to enjoy the game as much with gameplay time being carved away by loading screens. I'm not going to fault mission breaking bugs as a negative because this happens in almost every open world game I've played AI breaks that's fine.

    I'll close this jumbled mess by saying. If you have time to play Anthem and you don't mind AI breaks and goofy pop in and SLOW loading screens oh my GOD! Then you'll probably like Anthem, if you like 3rd person open world RPG's. If any of those really really boiled down things don't appeal then I'd wait and see or save my money.

  15. The potentially of Anthem is very high. In its potential I’m disappointed, it was not launched in a appropriate manner having many years (supposedly) to do so. Actively rapidly updating, so I remain hopeful.

    Hardcore gamers (so called), cannot be satisfied. From my perspective, 43 years old. Most are NOT hardcore. 1/3 are jerks set on proving the developers wrong(stuck in past),1/3 show offs (look at me I maxed out the game), 1/3 actually HARDCORE GAMERS.

    In closing, I know the game industry has been frustrating. Frustration shared by honest genuine developers, being the financial side is out of their hands. With each new release, be vigilant, yet understanding. Maxing out the game within days of the release is respectable but lame, being 95% of the folks playing the game won’t be there for awhile. These days, I rarely watch reviews being immature emotional opinion, with a side of egotistical chips that Need brushed away…..

  16. More masterworks need to drop, I am fully masterworked with one legendary and if I don't get a masterwork in a mission I feel unrewarded and feel like I wasted time. Game should also do a guaranteed legendary for doing a certain stronghold on gm2+ every week.

  17. @Datto hey Datto love the vid and its has some great points. I would love if the anthem devs did a world event such as if the tower suddenly was invaded by a large force of enemys and sudenly you were put into combat and other players around you were also and the in the city you saw others in there javelins such as like 50 people and had like a world boss event in the city to defeat a boss titan or something and it would only proc if you finished the main campain, thoughts?Idea's would love to hear them from peeps, anyway love the vids man.

  18. Of course bioware will listen and do changes rapidly because game is still in active beta development phase. I honestly don't know what they did for 6yrs, all we got are 3 stupid strongholds and garbage loot.

  19. I really enjoyed playing Anthem in the beginning despite the bugs. Now that most have been corrected, the content has dried up completely. I am stuck on GS 490 and cannot progress. Even the NPC's have stopped talking to me. I have three epic missions a day and do the two Strongholds and that is it! I was hoping for a vast world to grind in and take on new challenges. Where is it EA?

  20. I hope there will be a pvp mode.
    It would be a fine thing to hop in one or another battleground from time to time.
    Tehy should implement a different gear system for that, though.

  21. I like the game, its a nice change from Destiny. But some of the bugs are infuriating. I completed a Tyrants Mine run, was happy to get multiple Master Works Items and a Legendary item. Finished the run, and when the Score Screen was loading, I disconnected and when I restarted I did not have the loot anymore.

  22. I say next time before shitting on something; you fucking wait till thongs are addressed. It's a game with issues that you know they're going to patch.

  23. I really like Anthem and how it is about now, but I don't feel as excited about it as I did about Taken King or Forsaken

  24. Yaass, this video, constructive criticism while still enjoying the game. No bashing, no Doomsday cries. Opinions, facts of the past, giving advice and ideas on how to improve the game, this video has it all. Show them this video, they need to see it.

  25. Glad I didn't pick this up. Anthem had plenty of time to fix the problems that every other game in the genre had at launch and just didn't.
    Hell, even Destiny 2 had PvP, an actual hub to meet up with friends, and a raid on or near launch.
    I can't even give this game a chance when they've decided to have nothing right from the start.
    If this is going to be the standard this late in the genre then you can forget buying this in a year.

  26. There was a video I saw the other day by a guy named toney mo. He broke down what I think would be the absolute best case scenario for the loot tables and I encourage everyone to check it out. Especially you datto. If you could discuss the same points and credit his idea to him itll be seen by a much larger audience.

    His concept was describing how they have the limited masterwork pool for hard mode and then it opens up into gm1.

    Smooth out the curve into gm2 or make gm be 5 ranks and put one in between 2 and 3 to smooth it out a little.

    And most importantly if it stays 3, make gm2 have a limited pool of legendaries, and then gm3 has the full pool and better drop rates.

    So each difficulty better feeds into the next and allows more intentionality to the pursuit.

    I highly recommend you find his discussion and check it out he broke it down better than I.

    I'll try and link it in a reply here

  27. Diablo found the error of their ways years ago. Interesting how Division, Destiny and now Anthem ignore most of the lessons learned by D3.

  28. Diablo and Anthem are similar in no way shape or form because diablo is a finished game. Anthem is a load of shite that's in beta? Maybe even pre beta? Horrendous. Why are ppl giving EA money for this. Play warframe.

  29. The thing about inscriptions(correct me if i am wrong) You said you can't something like a machine pistol(lets say) ammo increase on a assault rifle. i think you still can but not as a gear icon only as a javelin icon boost.

  30. There is still no reason to do GM2 and 3 at all. GM2 should have one more guaranteed MW drop and at GM3 you should get a legendary drop guaranteed off of bosses of strongholds.

  31. I've spent two days last week grinding for no reason. The only drops I got were dupes. No power increase in 2 days of playing… I'm loosing heart.

  32. Anthem is broken game and this game will be good after 6 to 8 months after all patches, they rushed out with broken game

  33. I’ve watched a BUNCH of Anthem videos at this point, and there seems to be a trend about the loot issue. Comparisons revolve around diablo, destiny, division… etc. why doesn’t anyone talk about borderlands? Farming the same boss a hundred times for a specific item, and then a hundred more times for the roll you want on said item… no one really complained though. I’m just scratching my head about this…

    Are people really that unmotivated to grind these days?

  34. Would you recommend this game to someone who enjoyed vanilla d1, which was also kinda panned by critics and the internet but I loved it

  35. I wished they buffed wind wall and other barriers, it feels ineffective and gets one shoted the second I put mine up.

  36. not sure about changes to loot. at this point ill take just been able to play the fucking game with out getting DC all the time.

  37. Got incredibly lucky and hit level 30 the day the drop rates were increased and got 3 legendarys before i got a masterwork 😂

  38. Right now playing end-game feels entirely pointless to me. I loved the game, but I can't keep playing when I feel like the effort doesn't balance with the rewards.

  39. As a huge fan of Datto's Anthem and Destiny content, this video feels a little contradictory borderline hypocritical in a similar way that the majority of the Destiny 2 community was. When D2 was released, everyone was addicted because is was fun and rewarding with ample loot drops to level up, then inevitably everyone was critical of the lack of end game content when running out of things to do (Poor DLC aside). Now in this video, ONE WEEK into this game, you are already collecting masterwork items and searching for god rolls, encouraging increased loot drops, all while mentioning (mildly complaining) about a lack of end game content. While increased drop rates for quality gear is exciting and satisfying, it will only make people get tired of it sooner, forcing BioWare to push out expansions faster than they should… Obviously there is no easy answer and like Destiny, the middle ground is difficult to find, but I don't think making it easier to max out our javelins is the answer.

  40. I refuse to give ANY credit to the developer for anything until they do something that actually fixes things. The idea of giving a company any type of credit because they "might be getting there" is ridiculous when they had 6 fucking years to "get there." Until we see actual tangible improvements, like actually putting that loot drop increase back in, we can't sit up here and praise the little progress. Either big steps, or don't bother.

  41. Datto i like how unlike many other youtubers you dont trash on the game you just give good criticism and also point out the good parts of the game.

  42. They need to add world chat, matchmake and solo dungeon on freeplay also proximity matchmaking or server phasing for the world events asap.Nuff said.

  43. game developers cannot release games that support a player playing 20+ hours a week. You will stay ahead of the content. Get a hobby.

  44. As always, your updates and insights mean the most to me within the community, thanks very much for this progress report on Anthem. Haven’t bought the game yet, but with more updates like this, getting closer to wanting to invest.

  45. Now you say no more whites and greens. But they lied. I've gotten 2 greens and 2 whites out of a chest in Tyrant Mind.


  47. Just hear me out! Anthem is shit and needs way more then some fixes here or there. Is this where we're at gaming? Praising game devs for listening on Twitter for short theft should be and have been in anthe day ! Anthe will be out a week on monday and anthem has been such a drag and a disappointment that it feels like it's been out over a month. As anthem could drop all the loot we could we could handle and it would still being boring. Missing structure is so poor that contracts, story, side missions, free roam and even strong holds to a degree are all exactly the same. Loot is uninspiring and just boring there's just so much missing. Why can't we get a game like Borderlands 3 it has story, great characters you love to hate an awesome big beautiful world tons of weapons and not one feels the same and there was always a weapon to grind your ass off for and you were proud and happy to do it. I feel like gamers will say they're happy to have any looter or any half assed game to play as long as they're feeding that RPG looter fix because they're hooked on it. I just don't see how ANYONE can defend anthem and anything like it. The gaming industry is the only place you can buy something unfinished, incomplete, broken, Etc and not only will devs/publishers get away with it people will praise them and support them for it. Saying "well, I'll take a break and play something else for 6 months to a year until (said) game is "better". Do people buy cars that aren't fully built? Like you get the car but you get your wheels, engine and steering 6 months later but then they lie and you only get the wheels. Idk I see this terrible trend and it's only getting worse and youtubers/streamers and fanboys are helping destroy our beloved hobby. People aren't gonna le what they have until they gone!

  48. I’m enjoying the flying and shooting and the combos. Increase the drop rates and speed up the loading screens and fix the little bugs and we’ll be in good shape.

  49. I really wish they would allow you to replay your Player on a new playthrough, You can only start at level 1. I will not replay from level 1 again.

  50. You can still get 1-shot because of the health bug, where you don't always spawn in with your full amount of health that all of your gear should give you. Bioware can't seem to figure out what is going on with that one either.

  51. Having mouse works components didn't help me break into G1 I do so much damage to enemies in G1 and all I had was to Masterwork weapons
    I did the song Hold last night and now I have two more Masterwork items equipped
    Sadly I still haven't gotten a component

  52. There is literally no endgame. That's not an exaggeration. The ''endgame'' is 3 recycled strongholds. The gameplay is fun but wait until endgame comes. The game will be good. But it should have had endgame going out the gap. It's a necessity for these games

  53. It’s pretty annoying that you can’t change the screen bounds on console (that I know of. I looked pretty hard and didn’t find anything in the settings)

  54. Getting through the story was painful. Constantly taken out of the action for lengthy dialogue + load screens + crashes. Now that I'm in the end game loop I'm loving the combat. I basically have an indestructible Colossus (on GM1 activities) and it's smash city. I've only landed one Legendary so far and was extremely underwhelming. I'm looking forward to new activities down the road and I'm kind of glad that it's not the type of game that I have to play 24/7 in order to "keep up".

  55. I know the changes are good and Bioware is listening to the community, but I wish people would stop being so forgiving for this nonsense. Why tell developers that it's okay to release a game in such an abysmal state, so long as you dump several weeks worth of man-hours into bringing it up to a base, even semi-acceptable state? This business practice is ludicrous and should be irrevocably denied by the gaming community.

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