Anthem ▶️ Alle ZEITPRÜFUNGEN mit COLOSSUS – TIPPS / TRICKS – Deutsch/German

Hello and welcome to another Anthem video. In this video we go over all Gold Time Trials of the Icetide event, for all 4 Javelins. I know that I am a little late, but maybe some of you still want to complete the challenges and get all the wraps for the gold tier races. For all of you who want to successfully complete the gold challenges I got some basic tips and all of my gold completions in full length. If you struggle to complete all challenges in gold tier, here are some basic tips that might help. First of all you should equip all components that give you “extended thruster life” and prevent you from “overheating fast”. Rarity doesn’t matter. Your Gear Score is irrelevant since we play on “Easy” anyways. Just equip the components with the highest values. It won’t matter if you don’t have all 6 components. Next you should equip 3 heat sigils. common, uncommon and epic. This gives you a 60% boost in thruster life. Now start your Freeplay-Session on “Easy” difficulty. If you play on PC I can highly recommend to do the races on a controller. Movement is much more direct and better to handle than with M+K. You definitely can use M+K if you feel confident. For me it was much easier flying with the controller. It is very important to fly in very tight turns. You might have to adjust your flight sensitivy and crank it up. I did that. If you feel like your Javelin doesn’t respond fast enough to your inputs, just try adjusting the settings. The ice-orbs on the race tracks that cool your thrusters should be only collected if needed. Try to collect the ones closest to your actual route. Last but not least some general movement tips. Falling is faster in Anthem then flying down. If you have to get to a ring beneath you, just fall, don’t fly. Another very important move you can utilize on 3 of the 4 Javelins is the “Melee + Dodge + Fly”-Combo. Mid-Flight just press your melee button, then instantly do a dodge and then continue flying. That gives you a short boost forward and you should utilize this on every straight route without any turns. On the PS4-Controller you would have to press “Triangle – Circle – Left Stick” – on the Xbox-Controller it would be “Y – B – Left Stick”. On the Interceptor make sure to hold and use all 3 dodges for max boost. On Storm and Ranger you can dodge once and on the Colossus you can’t use it at all. That makes the Colossus the hardest Javelin for completing the Challenges. If you get shot by ads use your shield on the Colossus. With the other Javelins just dodge the shots. Now I got one more tip when playing with the Ranger. You can use your ULT mid air to cool your thrusters completely without having to stop your flight. That’s all I got. I leave you with all of my gold runs and I wish you good luck with the completion of yours. Timestamps for the races are in the video description. If you found this video informative a like rating would be much appreciated since it helps the video and my channel out a lot. Let’s start with all the races for the Interceptor.

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  1. Habt ihr schon alle Rennen mit dem Colossus auf Gold abgeschlossen? / Have you completed all races with the Colossus on Gold already?

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