Airsoft bow MCI3D (prototype)

Hello YouTube, welcome to this new video, an original video today because I’m showing you this “This” being an airsoft bow prototype which has been generously lent to me by MCI3D I’m not sure if MCI3D is the name of a company or something, but it’s at least the name of a Facebook page And the person who owns this Facebook page has been working for some time on this prototype This prototype being an airsoft bow What I have in my hand here is made of two seperate elements : the compound bow itself And all the black part which is connected to the string of the bow, which is obviously the interesting part The bow itself is a bow from the market, I don’t know anything about bows, I’m not sure what it is Here you can see a small logo, some kind of wolf with fire ; I believe there is something written somewhere on the bow Here it is : “Firefox Buster” ; I guess if you search for this on Google you’ll find something But the interesting part here is the black part, which is really the prototype I’m talking about I’m probably going to repeat myself a lot in this video, sorry about that So, this is an airsoft bow ; why saying this is an airsoft bow ? Because instead of shooting arrows like a normal bow, here you’ll shoot 6mm plastic bbs, just like 99% of airsoft guns Maybe you’re going to ask what’s the point of it, well the whole point is to be able to use this bow exactly like any other airsoft gun If you were using an actual bow, even a bow made for it, like for example the bows of Archery Tag with the foam arrows With this kind of system, obviously you can’t carry a lot of arrows with you and you have to pick them up after shooting them On this bow you use an actual magazine, like most airsoft guns as well It really allows you to use this bow on the field like you would use any other airsoft gun So, how does it work ? You can see that the black part is connected to the bow via this screw here You also have this white part which connects the shaft here to the string of the bow I’ll try to explain how it works as far as I understand it ; as said before we have a removable magazine here You put the bbs in the magazine through this hole The magazine feeds the system through this hole here You have this part here you can manually pull here I’m not sure I’ll be able to show you, but you can see that when I pull this part, it pulls a nozzle inside When the nozzle is in the back, it allows a bbs to go inside the system and then, when it goes in front again, it pushes the bbs to the hop up unit There is indeed a hop up unit here, you can actually adjust it with this wheel here And this black cylinder here is the inner barrel Then, when I pull the string ; the string is connected to the shaft, and when I release the string… I’m not sure how it actually works inside, but if I had to guess, I think that the shaft pushes a piston in the right tube here There is a piston moving inside a cylinder, which compresses air The compressed air goes through the other tube via this pipe here The compressed air goes to the system and is used to actually shoot the bbs In the end it uses compressed air, just like a VSR10 or even a AEG Here is the magazine, I’ll put 0.28 gr bbs inside Here is a full magazine (14 bbs), let’s put in on So, a little problem on the prototype : the magazine doesn’t reliably feed the system Most of the prototype is 3D printed, using PLA, and the finish of the parts (including the magazine, obviously) is quite rough Therefore, the bbs tend to not slide correctly inside the magazine The production model will have ABS parts instead of PLA, the finish will be smoother and I’m sure it will work better I’ll put my safety glasses now You have two ways to use the bow : you can manually pull this part in order to chamber a bbs Here I have just chambered a bbs Now I just have to pull the string and release I have just shoot a bbs I can also just pull strongly the string, and at the end, pull even a bit more, which will also chamber a bbs If you manually chamber a bbs like so, it will be easier to pull the string At this point you have to use some strength in order to continually pull the string, but it’s not too difficult If you directly use the string to chamber a bbs, you need to use a bit more strength which will get you tired faster I’ll shoot a few more bbs ; you can see here the bbs are stuck inside the magazine, I have to help them to move a little bit Then again it’s a prototype, with the smoother parts of the production model this problem shouldn’t occur Chrony passage with 0.20 gr ATM bbs Now I’ll try to show you how the bow shoot, however, there is something important I need to point out What we will see here are the performances of the bow, as well as my own skill as an archer, and I’m probably not a very good archer In order to have good performances with an airsoft bow, you obviously need to be efficient with a bow If it was possible, I could use some system in order to block the bow and just see how the bbs go when you shoot it, but it’s not possible here We have a VSR10 type inner barrel here, a hop up unit with a VSR10 type hop up rubber We saw that the power was also quite consistant, so I really think it’s possible to have in theory very decent performances with this bow, assuming you know how to shoot it Note there is no sights ; I’m not sure to know how real archers actually aim I guess that the more you shoot, always the same way, in the end you just instinctively know where the arrow is going to go I don’t have a lot of experience with bows, I would have like some sights to help me You can actually see an empty area here ; a little picatinny rail here would be nice, just so you can put a little red dot like a RMR or docter sight So now I’m going to shoot, then again I insist : we’ll see as much the performances of the bow as my own performances I’m going to shoot my VTA target, which is more or less the size of a human torso Let’s go… I chamber a bbs I managed to hit the target, it’s a good start I guess As said before, two solutions : I can manually chamber a bbs like so Hit again But I can also pull the string, and at the end, pull a little more in order to chamber a bbs Here, I have just dry fired, why : that’s because the magazine spring didn’t manage to pull the bbs Then again, it’s because the finish of the magazine (made of PLA) is rough and the bbs have trouble to slide This problem shouldn’t be here of the production model The magazine is empty now, it shoots all the bbs of the magazine I’m about 15 meters away from the target ; it’s ok, it’s easy enough to hit it Now let’s try a bit further away Now I’m about 20 meters from the target, it feels very far away already and I’m a bit afraid to look ridiculous I reloaded the magazine with 14 bbs in theory, let’s go Just on the right Hit Hit again Hit Hit again Hit ! Hit ! It’s ok it’s not too bad, I’m quite glad I manage to hit the target actually I’m getting a bit tired though, my left arm hurt Hit, but almost miss Miss Do I have some bbs left… Yes some Hit When you chamber a bbs, you can actually hear if a bbs has been chambered or not, it can be a good hint This time I have no bbs left That’s was 20 meters away, it’s still easy enough to hit a human target at this distance, let’s try a bit more further away Here we are 30 meters away, it’s going to be much more difficult I think, but let’s see if a very average archer like myself can still hit something with this MCI3D airsoft bow Here it goes… I chamber a bbs So, where am I going to point this thing It just went a bit too much on the right, but actually close to the target A bit too high Hit ! Hit again ! A bit on the left … Really just a little bit too high A bit on the right Ouch… Way too much on the left I’m getting a bit tired, keep that in mind too Too high There is a bbs left Hit ! There is actually one more bbs … Just on the right I’ll try a 2nd magazine at 30 meters Let’s go Just below Hit ! Hit again Just below A bit too high A bit on the left Huh… A bit high on the right… A bit on the left Hit ! Hit again No more bbs Frankly I think it’s quite nice ; I don’t know what you think but I really don’t have the feeling that the bow is performing badly I think it’s just me that doesn’t shoot so well The bbs trajectory seems very nice to me ; compared to any other gun I have shoot here, it doesn’t feel wrong to me If the shooter himself know how to shoot a bow, I’m sure it’s possible to get very decent performances out of this thing So, now I’m much closer to the target, about 10 meters away I want to see if it’s possible to shoot fast with the bow We saw the two systems in order to chamber a bbs : you either manually pull this part or pull all the way to the rear the bow string I’ll try to shoot as fast as possible so we can see what it does I’m probably going to quickly make dry shots, as said before it’s because of the rough finish of the magazine (NB : I’m reaaaaaaaaaally repeting myself in this video aren’t I…) Let’s go Voila… I have shot all the bbs On a strictly mechanical point of view, you can shoot as fast as you can pull the string of the bow You really can Legolas it if you want too Then again, the magazine has trouble to feed the system but it’s a problem of the prototype, it shouldn’t be here on the final model However, maybe you noticed You have two courses when you pull the string, the first one Here is the first course, the string feels in the right position here But you can pull it even a bit more in order to chamber the bbs If you try to go fast, by pulling the string all the way to the rear in one time, you can see that the muzzle is going to shake a lot I’m not sure if I just don’t have the right technic or if this is something you can’t avoid But it makes it really hard to shoot it fast and straight Maybe there is some technic I could learn… I’m not sure It’s possible to shoot fast, but really for close targets I think Anyway, even if you shoot fast, you’ll never shoot as fast as a GBB or something, I guess it’s not really the point of a bow Also, I’d like to point out the actual grip of this bow, which I don’t really like It might come from the fact that this is a bow for children or teenager The grip is very small and thin, it feels like holding a 1911 magazine There is a lot of pressure on my thumb joint, it’s really not comfortable Having a bigger grip and/or gloves might help For the end of this video I’m going to do a summary and FAQ So, what I have here is the MCI3D airsoft bow, it’s still a prototype version mostly made with PLA (3D printing) The production model will be made out of ABS, with different colors and different finish In the long term, upgrade parts made of aluminum should be available as well, which will allow to have higher powers (2 joules shouldn’t be a problem) According to MCI3D, the bow should be available in 2018 and should cost around 450 euros 450 euros would be the whole thing (bow + airsoft part) Of course, don’t hesitate to go take a look and like the Facebook page of MCI3D, the link is in the video description To see the news regarding the bow, it will be better to check directly here In the begining it shouldn’t be possible to just buy the airsoft part But in the end it should be possible to just buy the airsoft part and put it on any compound bow, or maybe even a recurve bow Here we have a model with a low capacity magazine (14 bbs), but bigger magazines (30 bbs) will be available The system uses a VSR10 type barrel and hop up rubber ; I think all the other parts are proprietary Here it is I think, I said everything I had to say about this MCI3D airsoft bow I don’t know what you think but I’m really enthusiastic, I really like this kind of project in the airsoft world I think a lot of people will be interested by this system, at least all the people who think it would be cool to use a bow on the field I’m sure some people are also going to be very skeptical : “what’s the point ?” Indeed, I don’t think that playing with a bow is going to give you any advantage I guess it’s very silent though, you won’t make a lot of noise with this But you’re not going to have better performances than a sniper rifle, you’ll have a low rate of fire It will be hard to be accurate at long distances, harder than with any other type of gun You won’t be very reactive as well ; when you’re low ready with a rifle, it only takes half a second to shoulder and shoot It takes longer to do the same with a bow It’s not going to make you a better player, but it might increase the experience you’re having as a player I think that playing with a bow on the airsoft field is a bit like hunting with a bow You’re going to make less frags, but each frag will be more satisfying At least this is my opinion about it I think this system would make a lot of sense on a crossbow I guess that because of The Walking Dead a lot of people would like to play with a crossbow I think a crossbow would have several advantages compared to a bow, notably the capability to stay armed with no effort Here, it’s not very hard to stay in this position with this bow, but it’s still a bit tiring over time If you had a crossbow like this, you could have it armed with no effort, you could have a trigger, sights, etc It would be easier to use, and on a strictly style point of view, I think a lot of people would like it as well Thanks for watching the video, then again don’t hesitate to go like MCI3D Facebook page Don’t hesitate to ask him questions, obviously he knows his prototype a lot better than I do Thanks for watching the video, see you next time for a new video !

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  1. Table of contents :

    – 0:10 Introduction
    – 2:44 How it works
    – 7:10 Chrony passage (with 0.20 gr ATM)
    – 9:26 Shooting at 15 meters
    – 11:37 Shooting at 20 meters
    – 13:08 Shooting at 30 meters
    – 16:57 Shooting fast at 10 meters
    – 19:30 Summary and FAQ (availability, price…)
    Sommaire :

    – 0:10 Introduction
    – 2:44 Comment ça fonctionne
    – 7:10 Passage chrony (avec des billes de 0.20 gr ATM)
    – 9:26 Tirs à 15 mètres
    – 11:37 Tirs à 20 mètres
    – 13:08 Tirs à 30 mètres
    – 16:57 Tirs rapides à 10 mètres
    – 19:30 Résumé et FAQ (date de disponibilité, prix…)

  2. Au tir à l'arc je m'aligne juste avec la flèche et tu gères le drop toi même en levant l'avant de la flèche (tire un peu comme un mortier si tu vois ce que je veux dire) c'est comme si tu t'alignais avec le canon et donc avec les organes de visée

  3. il faudrait pouvoir faire tourner le block hop up pour tirer à la Mongol (le peuple hein !) ce serait le feu !

  4. Salut KhanSeb
    Merci pour cette vidéo !
    Étant tireur et chasseur a l'arc + airsofteur ce système me plait beaucoup !!! Je le connaissait déjà en temps que lanceur de plaintball mais l'adapter pour nos bbs est une super idée !!!

    Ps : la poignée "ultra fine" c'est normale , tout les arcs à poulies sont fait comme ça c'est parce que lorsque l'on tir à l'arc il ne faut pas "serrer" la poignée , ce n'est pas une prise "pistolet" on tiens à peine l'arc en main , main détendue presque ouverte et c'est la traction de corde qui "maintien" l'arc dans ta main d'arc
    Pour les arcs traditionnels c'est un peut différent , la poignée est plus ergonomique mais on tir quand même main détendue …

    En tout cas hâte de voir ça sur le terrain ça promet d'être fun !

    Merci et continue tes vidéos ! 😉

  5. sur un vrai arc pro il y a un organe de viser et un cliquer qui permet de toujours tire avec la même puissance

  6. A couple of things the company may have to keep in mind before releasing it to the markets, first is the draw length, so far i can not see it being adjustable but its mandatory for accurate shooting and second is bow size cause the thing is tiny. But for the time being and idea it is amazing. If they can come with an adjustable draw length I'll be happy to buy one

  7. my question is when you are pulling the said arrow back you sometimes pulled the end part all the way until the white rubber on the inside was showing, if you pulled it hard enough would it all come out or is there something that stops the arrow from coming all the way back?

  8. Je viens de découvrir ta chaîne à l'instant en voulant voir ce que donne la HK416/17 en airsoft et puis en fouillant un peu je suis tombé ici.

    Alors étant tireur à l'arc à poulies je serais bien partant de présenter le tir à l'arc voir te faire essayer en vrai pour une vidéo ça pourrait être sympa je pense. ^^

    Pour les organes de visée tu as exactement tout ce qu'a une ligne de mire si tu tire avec viseur, malheureusement sur ce modèle on ne peut pas y mettre de viseur. J'ai pas mal de réponse techniques sur l'ensemble de ta vidéo qui pourrait être sympa à noter par les concepteurs de ce prototype.

    Bonne chaîne YouTube +1. 😉

  9. je trouve qu'il d'agit d'une très bonne idée ! c'est vrai, jouer avec un arc sur un terrain d'airsoft doit être vraiment bandant 😉
    une petite question : l'arc sera-t-il réalisé en France ?

  10. Je pense que tu devrais avoir une cadence de tir moins élevé car l équilibre de l arc est plus difficile car stabiliser par une seule main

  11. Salut @KhanSeb !
    Alors tout d'abord je suis archer à poulie et airsofteur, du coup cette présentation me ravie !
    Je souhaitais donner des infos sur plusieurs petits points :
    – Tout d'abord, la poignée des arcs à poulie est généralement de la même taille que sur celui-ci, surtout sur ceux de type chasse à branches dites "Parallèles" (comme tu peux voir vis à vis du positionnement branche du haut et branche du bas qui le sont presque entres elles). C'est souvent comme ça car généralement on ne va pas tenir la poignée à pleine main, la plupart du temps on va juste la caler dans le creux de la paume (en gros suivre la ligne de la paume qui "entoure" la zone du pouce) pour poser la poignée dessus. On peut maintenir un peu avec les doigts pour par qu'il échappe des mains mais on va plutôt utiliser une dragonne.
    – Le balancement gauche droite de l'arc est tout à fait normal, souvent les stabilisateurs (les tubes carbone qu'on voit souvent devant les arcs de compète) mettent un peu de temps à absorber ce mouvement (qu'on appelle "tork" dans le jargon), du coup c'est effectivement difficile de tirer rapidement avec car la stabilisation se fait par immédiatement.

    Voilà voilà c'était juste une petite info !
    Merci encore pour tes vidéos, continue c'est au top !

  12. ca serait interessant de pouvoir regler l'arc en fonction de son envergure. un mec avec des petit bras va pas le bander de la meme facon qu'un type avec des grand bras. pour les problemes de vibration, de precision et de fatigue, ca viens de la longueur de fleche un peut courte pour toi et de ta posture.
    aussi, pour les vibration laterale, on utilise normalement un stabilisateur, c'est une tige longue avec un peut de leste au bout pour rendre les mouvement laterale plus dur et donc absorber ces vibrations.
    enfin, en ce qui concerne la poignee, celle n'est effectivement pas tres ergonomique, mais c'est completement normale d'avoir mal entre le pouce et l'index. pour eviter de rajouter des mouvement perturbateur a l'arc, on tient normalement avec la main presque a l'horizontal pour n'avoir de contacte qu'avec cette zone, et pour tenir l'arc, on pose juste les doigts de l'autre coter de la poigner. en generale on le laisse basculer vers l'avant pour etre sur de ne pas le saisir trop tot et perturber la trajectoire de la fleche.

  13. Quand tu veut viser tu bande la corde de ton arc jusqu’à ta joue et tu regarde la pointe de ta flèche
    En gros ici je pense que c'est pareil mais tu regarde le bout de ton canon

  14. Well, I've been on hiatus from the airsoft world for a while, and I've come back to the Airsoft dark ages. :U
    Back to bows.
    Not going to lie, I like to think I'm an excellent archer compared to my marksman abilities.
    Any idea when these are available Khan? Even as a prototype I find myself wanting one of these.
    Certainly a new take on the sport. ;D

  15. j'ai arrêté le airsoft y'a 4 ans (acause des panne des répliques toi même tu c'est ) et la un arc humm sa me tente bien en plus pas de batterie sa à l'aire beaucoup plus fiable que les AEG ou autre pa à gaz. bref à voir

  16. Une petite question ne pence tu pas que du faite que le système soit adaptable à un arc quelconque pour leq

  17. Lequel il faut un permis de chasse ne soit pas un problème au niveau de la législation ?sinon l'idée est très bonn

  18. "plus on tire de maniere reguliere, plus on a le mouvement instinctif"…on parle bien de l'arc….??? 🙂

  19. I was waiting for this airsoft weapon. I use a bow for hunting since 20 years ago, and i was waiting somebody make a bow for airsoft. I´ll buy it, that for sure.

  20. I think you can even make a decent shotgun attachment to bows, I had the same idea about 3 years ago and nice to see someone actually picked up this project

  21. J'aime beaucoup le concept bien qu'un peu plus encombrant qu'un arc à poulie de base. En jeu ça doit être assez sympa de se la jouer Rambo camo

  22. Je trouve nul parce il est encombrant il a en petit réservoir , sa doit être fatiguant et pour le prix qu il coûte (env 400 fr ) perso je sais pas qui veut acheter un truc comme ça

  23. un arc a poulie de se type n'ai pas fait pour tirée a la main mai avec un decocheur car tu risque de casser la poulie surtout fine comme elle son mai le concept es vraiment sympa

  24. salut bonne vidéo je suis amateur d'airsoft et spécialiste de tir à l'arc et chasse à l'arc on peut échanger sur le sujet parcce qu il y a des chose à tester là dessus

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