Airoh 2020 Commander Helmet Colours | Adventure Moto Australia

– Hey, it’s Steve from Adventure Moto and I’m here with Ryan from Moto National. He’s introducing a couple of
new Airoh Commander helmets to the range we already
carry here in Adventure Moto. And how are you Ryan? – I’m good Steve, how are you? I thought I was coming to Dural this morning but it looks
like I’ve come to Miami. – Mate I’ve even got
the music to go with it. (rock music) – That’s it! Where’s the hat? – That’s it, I’ve hidden
the hat, but listen I prefer Magnum, but he’s
six foot five and I’m not. And he’s got hair and I don’t. But don’t worry about that. Hey, let’s have a look at these helmets. This is the the new,
it’s, it’s the same range as the existing Commander range. – Yes, correct yes. – And this is the Progress
Orange, I’m thinking KTM 790 with this guy here. And this is the new
– Yeah along with that this is the Blue Matte. – Blue Matte, and I can’t help think of Tenere 700 when I hold this helmet. And It’s got the standard drop down visor. What’s in the box, Ryan? – Yes so it does come with a pretty comprehensive spares kit. So you’ll get a chin
curtain in your spares kit. You’ll get a separate
little rubber bung on the side here for running your wires through on your Bluetooth if
you choose to do that. And you’ll also get some
camera mounts which, do you wanna show these guys? – Well you’ve already taken the little thing off the top there. – Correct, so that comes
out of the top here. So my understanding is that
we clip this guy in here. Squeeze that and that creates
a platform for your camera. And it comes with a couple of,
this is a GoPro mount right? – Yeah, that’s a GoPro mount. – So peel it off, stick it on
and you’ve just automatically got your GoPro mount and
you can quickly take it off. Now if you’re running this as a road helmet without the peak, that’s what that’s for is that correct? – Exactly, so that’ll screw in in place of the top screw on the peak. – And it’s got to run that way, yeah? – It’ll run forwards.
– Run forwards. – There’s a locating pin
so it’ll only go one way, so that’s easy. – So that’s exciting, you’ve got the drop down sun visor with these helmets. You’ve got a nice peak so it’s a proper adventure dual-sport helmet. Got camera kit and spare parts in the box. – Yup. – Two new colors,
Progress Orange, KDM 790. – Pin lock included as well. – Pin lock included. Matte Blue, think Tenere 700. Happy days. You’ll see them soon at Adventure Moto. Cheers. Thanks, mate. – Thanks, Steve.

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