AGV PISTA GP RR. The perfection of obsession.

What is obsession? It’s the precision of a detail,
the ecstasy of materials. The thrill of performance. It’s the journey towards
an extraordinary finish. Obsession is overcoming limits,
redefining time and its divisions. A clear and deep vision,
to feel beyond what you can see. Its aerodynamic profile
cuts through the wind, stable and fast. The air is our opponent
in challenging speed, but the breath it gives allows superhuman feats. At 160 km/h, it’s weightless. Its shell is pure carbon fiber,
titanium, magnesium, aluminum. The same field of vision as the human eye. Dreams come reality in performance. Rise, accelerate, go faster, curve space, spread your wings, give it your all. Excellence is not enough. A record is too small, push further,
become a legend. Become invincible. Obsession,
the very essence of perfection.

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