Advanced Sabre Fencing : Adjusting Attacks in Advanced Sabre Fencing

JASON SHERIDAN: On behalf of Expert Village,
this is Jason Sheridan of Sheridan Fencing Academy here in New York City. Today, we’re
going to talk about advanced sabre fencing. It may also be the case that as you begin
slide, your opponent tries to hit you in preparation. But again, because you’re starting slowly,
you’re continuing you’re preparation you have the opportunity to adjust you attack accordingly
and make a much shorter attack. In this case, as Emma begins her slide, her opponent tries
to hit her in preparation. Emma starts to lunge immediately without bringing the back
foot in very far at all. Do it again. This time begin to retreat before you do your preparation.
She begins very slowly. Rachel begins [INDISCERNIBLE] and she makes it very short but quick attack
but planting the foot much earlier. When I’m making my slide, as I’m stepping and pulling
the back leg in, I’m watching and determining when to put the pressure on that back leg
to make the lunge. It could be here. It could be here or anywhere in between.

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