adidas Running adiZero Javelin SKU: 8881324

Hey everybody! My name’s Richard from and this here’s the adiZero Javelin, it’s from adidas Running Now these javelin track shoes here are definitely gonna help you take your game to a whole new level and make sure they stay as comfortable as possible You got textile mesh back here around the heel to give you excellent breathability with this supportive synthetic forefoot up here in the front it’s got a reinforced to give you excellent durability up there and I’ll saw some perforations along those toes to give you breathability as well Lace-up system run up the front here with that super-strong hook-and-loop strap there to keep everything locked in super tight which is important Beneath all of that though, you have this really thick EVA midsole now that’s where you get that lightweight cushioning that you need to help your feet spring forward it bounce back, and just feel nice and energized Then down here on the very bottom, we have that shark skin texture outsole with those 11 holes throughout for your
spikes, put those in place Take your skills up to the next level these awesome shoes here from adidas Running

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