Acrylic Speed Painting | How to Paint With a Palette Knife (Tutorial)

Prime your canvas You can also use black canvas instead Use the general to specific rule Apply each brushstroke as if placing tiles To create more depth in your piece, start with the darkest shades and then add lighter and lighter shades as you go This will give your piece a multidimensional look Clean up the edges of the tiles to create more definition by applying black acrylic with a small brush For this type of painting, it’s important to develop a lot of texture by applying thick layers of paint without using water The farther we move from the center, the broader the brushstrokes should be Acrylic paints don’t blend after they’re dry, so don’t be afraid to layer brushstrokes Use the same method to create the dark side of the mask Done!

100 thoughts on “Acrylic Speed Painting | How to Paint With a Palette Knife (Tutorial)

  1. Which side are you most drawn to? The cool-toned blue side or the warm-toned gold one? Comment 💙 for cool and 💛 for warm!

  2. Hello I am from Kristin Kay's channel and watch her use your products all the time. I would love to try your paints.

  3. I came here from Kirsten Kay's channel and would like to enter the giveaway. Like the idea of using a pallet knife.

  4. Thank you soooo much for these tutorials! They have inspired me soooo much! And, on top of that im learning a new craft…
    It actually is calming and helps with anxiety/ depression.
    I have purchased your acrylic paints, tons of chalk markers, and the huge roll of black chalk paper (thats what i call it) its AWESOME that you can literally just stick it to anything including your walls!! I just found out you have products for a cricut!!! Which i so love mine!!!! I love ARTEZA!!!!

  5. I've always been afraid of painting, but this makes me want to try! Maybe not so complicated to start though haha

  6. Watch iij ng this video was mesmerizing! CV came over from Kristin Kay's YouTube channel to enter her giveaway and I am so happy I did! I love watching these painting technique videos! I'm hooked and cant wait to do my first acrylic pour canvas! 😊

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