98 thoughts on “8 Human Powered Aircraft and Pedal Powered Flying Machines

  1. I want one of these.

    Cycling without dealing with hills or drivers willing to kill you because rather add a few seconds to their journey, assuming they don't encounter traffic.

  2. The very first aircraft flaps it's wings yet you don't show it? And how is #4 Human powered? It might as well be a hang glider…

  3. Can someone explain to me why they all have such narrow wings? It just looks inefficient to me, but I guess there has to be a good reason since they all do it.

  4. Human powered flight is the most polluting way of travel, because per unit of mass transported, it uses the largest amount of toxic materials for airframe construction.

  5. Human powered aircraft's are not real. Some of them are gliders. Others are created with the help of modern technology like photosop, graphics, animation etc.

  6. Anything relating to science should be reported in the metric system. That’s what real science uses.

  7. I still don't understand #1. It never had a shot at succeeding. Personally I don't think it should have made the list at all. I can only assume that the uploader has a connection in some way or another to the project and wanted to give it some publicity. The concept itself is pure inefficiency. The oversight of simple muscle structure and efficiency laws is astounding. A 4 year old could have seen it. If you have to travel one mile, are you going to jump or jog? Do you think you could use less energy by jumping a mile versus jogging a mile? The very first thing to avoid when attempting maximum efficiency is upward movement. The energy it takes to overcome gravity is 100% wasted. You want all movement of the propulsion systems to be completely horizontal in relation to the direction of travel. Any vertical movement is a loss of forward motion. To compound that inefficiency is the fact that the same amount energy must now be consumed to counter the vertical momentum in order to keep a forward motion. If you wasted 10 units of energy by jumping up and down you are going to lose 10 more to offset it. That is 20 units of energy lost that could have been used for forward travel. And that is only assuming a 10% loss. It is more likely that you will lose 25+% by jumping up and down verses pedaling with you legs moving horizontal to the direction of travel. You would need another 25% to counter that meaning you are losing half of the energy you put in.

  8. simulatring broken images is not art or design. is a sort of typical american hollywood overdramatization bullshit. it's out. martix was yesterday.

  9. #1? It hasn't been tried yet? To me, that concept is interesting, and is theoretically very possible, as it is similar to the skipper, hydrofoil bike, and functions by up and down pumping using the riders weight and the flexing of a main wing. Also, surfers like Kai Lenny have learned how to pump fixed wing hydrofoil surfboards by using their legs, arms, and torque throughout their entire body to pump the board while standing on top of it, as seen on numerous yt videos. But the major difference is, that they have the wing under water and the craft and their bodies are in the air. Water, below the interface, doesn't compress, is dense, and yet is still fluid, so that lift is probably over a hundred times easier in water, while the human's drag factor by comparison is zero. So, the surfboard hydrofoil has only about a 3 foot wing span and the skipper hydrofoil waterbike is about 4 feet. The problem I see with this last human powered flight craft is that the drag on the human standing vertically could be too significant to allow the plane to be pumped along in flight, unless they build an aerodynamic canopy around the pilot, as in the other aircraft shown. The pilot might also get more propulsion standing like a surfer so they can use every ounce of their body and limbs for torque propulsion. And maybe even having a more compact geometry to the whole rig.

  10. As below, bit of a cheek to include one which is still at the design stage and not yet built – then put it at number one! Plus a rather monotonous droll voice over. Get a pro narrator!

  11. Sorry but the Archäopterix is not a Human Powered Plane in this Way. It is a Foot Started Glider and very Nice One, but not Human Powered.

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  13. LOL, what a wonderful waste of time and money. What is with the first one? It is not human powered, it is being towed by a car LOL.
    As to the future of human powered flight, there isn't any future, never will be. A human weighing 150 pounds, who can put out only a fraction of one horsepower, will never keep an airplane in usable flight. Additional source of power will always be required. Fun as a hobby though, I guess.

  14. Wait… They're seeking a professional mountain biker to pedal it? Maybe one with aviation experience?
    Yamaha pls read this

  15. Correction. Archaeopteryx is NOT a feathered dinosaur. It was proven to be nothing but a BIRD. Academia doesn’t like it nor wants the masses to be aware because it jacks up their evolutionism timeline narrative. Friggin crybabies.

  16. TOO BIG AND AND BULKY lol – gentlemen, let's invent devices and Artificially Intelligent air robotic robots – that have the intelligence to fly us where we want to go – with less bulk .

  17. Number 3 had a bafang mid drive ebike motor it's all with the pedals … fraudulent if I'm wrong I'm wrong but I'm not

  18. Motor Universal Axial-Coaxial

    The proposed invention is the engine, which bases its operation on the magnetic repulsion and the increase of the magnetic field by concentration of the lines of force. It is composed of rotating discs, which can rotate in the same direction, or in the opposite direction (counter-revolution). The discs contain permanent magnets (neodymium) that follow the rotating magnetic field, generated by the stator. It has a variable number of coils according to the revolutions or power that you wish to obtain. The rotation control is carried out by means of a magnetic field detector (hall) with electronic position control.

    The invention was presented on INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF GENEVA INVENTIONS (47e SALON INTERNATIONAL DES INVENTIONS DE GENÈVE), held on April 10-14, 2019, and where it was awarded by the International Jury.
    The status of a patent application is pending and being prepared for publishing (the number is PCT/ES2019/070242). Current invention is the improved version and based on patents MAGNETIC DEVICE SUITABLE FOR USE AS A POWER GENERATOR OR DRIVE MOTOR (PCT/ES2017/070321; published) and MAGNETIC DEVICE APPLICABLE AS A POWER GENERATOR OR AS A DRIVE MOTOR (PCT/ES2019070369; awaiting for publishing).
    The proposed invention can be used in such industries as aircrafts, robotics, transportation, aeration and as electricity generator.

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  19. Nr 1 is bullshit…..how can an imaginary plane hit the charts….. thats a bummer and a bit sad becuz the rest of the work made on the topic was great….

  20. being considering. Couldn't you make a pedal powered Aircraft that has a gear set where you can basically continuously pedal / switch gears and then provide the rotational power of the weight that can achieve flight or as human powered can it be – Can be powered by pedals or something.

  21. At first, I thought the idea of pedal-powered planes was awesome, but now that I see them all towed by standard vehicles, I'm disappointed.

  22. Archaeopteryx is NOT a human powered aircraft. It can't be included in this video! It is one of the best foot launched hill or mountain gliders-sailplanes. Good work on the rest of the video btw…

  23. Most of these aren’t human-powered, as they need to start at an elevated position or initiate flight using an external force.
    Not to mention, the last one was simply concept art and not a functioning prototype.

  24. Hi ,
    i'm an Air Traffic Controller and aspiring musician from Ireland.

    I've just completed an instrumental electronic piece of soundtrack, the theme of which is unpowered/Hot Air flight.

    Would it be possible to use a few seconds of footage from your awesome video on an accompanying video that i would be using
    as background during live performances and maybe as part of a compilation on a youtube video?
    Naturally, full credit would be given to your work and if there are any sections you wouldn't want used, i'd fully understand.
    My email is [email protected]@t Thanks for your time , Michael.

  25. I'm surprised that someone does not just take a light weight hang glider and equip it with pedals that make a propeller behind it spin after it is launched.

  26. How can you even put number one onthere every one of those flu except for the last one number one hit never even left the ground I mean come on you can't put something on there that has not flown and call it number one

  27. The air planes need awheels that will be extended to the ground with some kind of suspension to make the landing easy

  28. It would be cool to have the kilograms and meters equivalent of those values aswell, it will help to figure things out better for the people used to those scales. Very interesting videos, keep the good work.

  29. This reminds me of the time I tried to patent my "water transport tube" I got a letter back that read only 3 words,,, "ITS A HOSE" . I said all that to say this THESE ARE GLIDERS

  30. Do you know what the cool thing about YouTube is? It’s to show videos… your incessant chatter while showing pictures is so idiotic when you actually have video to show…

  31. "Jinker" won't fly because its wing doesn't move in proper (bird) manner. It's a pity, but bird's wings movement is MUCH more complicated.

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