8 ‘Challenge’ BFF Elimination Face-Offs | Ranked: The Challenge

– I think Jenna feels
the same way that I do. It’s gonna suck but I have
to go in there and do what I have to do. It’s more than just an
alliance member, she’s one of my best friends. But um I gotta do what I have to do. (tense music) – Good luck fam. – Good luck brother. – It’s no surprise. I’m public enemy number one. You know it’s been like that all season. I mean you can see that the
house wanted me and Hunter to go against each other. He’s coming for me the same
way I’m coming for him. And at the end of the day
we’re still gonna be friends. So may the best man win. – This is my first true elimination. And I gotta go in against
one of my best friends in the house. It sucks. I knew it was gonna happen. I think they’re all pussies. Jordan, I’m coming for you. When I win tonight, I will
do everything in my willpower to send you home. – All right boys you ready? Go! (crowd cheering) (tense music) – Hunter’s been my number
one since Are you the One? I love him to death. I don’t want him to go home. He completely has my back 100% in this. – [Man] C’mon Hunter, go. – I’m going, I’m not paying
any attention to Cory. I don’t wanna look over there.
I wanna focus on what I do. I need to pick up the pace a little bit. I feel like that I’m
through some of the dry wall and I’m not moving up. – Watching Cory and Hunter
go at it, I don’t wanna see them go against each
other but this is the Dirty 30 all I can do is
cheer for both of them. – Up, up! I’m obviously pulling for
Hunter to win this one. I think if Cory loses
this, it’s gonna just be another nail in his
unimpressive elimination record. (intense music) – [Woman] Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. (crowd cheers) – [Man] Wow! – Good job boys. That was neck to neck,
I don’t know who got it. – This is another photo finish. It looks like we’re gonna
have to go to the tapes. I can’t believe how close this is. – I don’t know if I’ve ever
seen a more competitive season of The Challenge. Congratulations you guys on that. Thank you. (group applauds) For the guys. So close. Cory. You tried to swat at that
rope at the very last second. But Hunter you rang the
bell so you win tonight. (upbeat music) – I just won my first elimination. I’m super stoked but
at the same time I just went against one of my
best friends in the house. – You here. – I know. – I’m not gonna be able to do this. – And now I don’t know what to do. I don’t know whether or not
to battle as hard as I can in the exile or give up
and let Danny win ’cause I, I don’t know what’s more important. A friend or staying an extra couple days. Listen, if I go, you stay
here and you be strong. You don’t give up, okay? – Yeah. – It’s very important for
me to come back from exile. I do not want to go home. I want to win this thing. I do not wanna say goodbye to Melinda, I don’t wanna leave her here. (upbeat music) – As soon as the car
stops we have to jump out and the race begins. – Going into the exile, I’m nervous. Danny has packed a lot of Melinda’s things in his bags and that
has left us with a lot of weight to carry. – C’mon run. – This weight is so heavy. It’s miserable. – Remove three sticks to
leave three squares remaining. Once you move a stick
you can’t put it back. Okay we. – [Man] Once you pick up a
stick you can’t move it again. – [Cameraman] You can’t
do it you’ve got it wrong. – (beep) what? – We got it wrong. I get disqualified because
I miss a part about not being able to move
a stick more than once. – C’mon Kasey. There’s TJ I can see him. Let’s go Kasey come on. They’re right there. They’re right there. Don’t look back, just go! – Good job man. Good job Ev. – Right now I just feel
cheated about what happened and the fact is we got screwed. – All right Wes, Kasey,
you guys won today. You guys are safe from exile. The car’s waiting for you guys. Go right up that trail right there. – I’ll see you when I get back. – I have to go back to a house now with a bunch of annoying, obnoxious,
back-stabbing people and I have to basically say
goodbye to a person that wants to be there. It just sucks. – We just have to go
into this light-hearted and together do it together. And whoever stays up last
is the one who will stay, but I mean I’d rather go
into this with someone. It’s just gonna be difficult
if I do stay without her here but at the same time
it’ll be difficult for her as well. – This sucks. – It sucks but in a way it’s
good because there’s no one else I’d rather lose to. – [Christena] I’m scared
to go home you know? I’m scared. – I know. – But you help me pack my
bags, I help you pack yours? – [Mallory] Exactly. And whoever stays stays til the end. Does not go to another (beep) Inferno. – I know. – Wins the entire thing
and we fly each other to wherever we are. – Going against your friend
in the Inferno is probably the worst scenario
possible because one of you is gonna go home. (tense music) – Three, two, one. (gong chimes) (car alarms blares) – When this is done I’m
not gonna be able to sleep. This is so nerve wracking. – Terrible. The baby crying is driving me insane. It is like screeching
and it’s not stopping and I just cannot take it. (sounds blaring) – [Man] That’s it John. Take ’em off, take ’em off. (crowd cheers) – [Woman] Yeah, that’s the
last thing they wanna hear. – This here is the sudden death block. – Two hours have passed
and they have to go into sudden death. Christena and Mallory have
to stand on a little block and basically balance on
one leg while listening to the torturing noise. – Okay ready, three, two, one. (gong chimes) (sounds blaring) – This is really the worst
feeling ever because I’m focusing so hard on just trying to
stay on top and I really wanna stay here. – [Woman] Breathe. (car alarms blaring) – [Man] No, no, no, no! Oh! (crowd cheers) – That was unbelievable. – Good job baby. – I’m so proud of you
for staying up there. You feel bad about sending the person home and you want to celebrate for winning but, the reason why I was
enjoying myself here was because of her. – I wanna stay but I mean
I think that everything happens for the best so I’m really excited that Christena
gets to stay and I really hope she does a really good job because she’s such a great person. (crowd applauds) – So I’m going against Laurel. Didn’t see that coming. But I’m here to compete. This is fun. I’m thankful that I’m even
here in the first place so whatever will be will be but I promise you I will give a million
percent if I have to scale the wall with one hand. (tense music) – Unfortunately this is a game and I’m not thinking about who I’m going against. I’m thinking about
beating myself and doing the best that I can. My focus is not on Cara, it’s on this game tonight. Ringing the bell. – All right girls, ready? (horn blares) Go! – (beep) – [Man] Go girls! (intense music) – (beep) (beep) wall. – Do I hold on, cross over,
try to hit with this hand? Or start working the elbow? Time is ticking and I
am not figuring it out as quickly as I should. – My strategy is always
never look at your opponent. At this point it’s all game. It’s no friendship, it’s no feelings. It’s time to eliminate you. – [Man] Go Cara! – I feel so bad for Cara right now. You can tell that she has
a lot of heart but her hand is definitely you know holding her back. – [Man] Cara, keep pushing, keep pushing. – Ow. (horn blares) – (beep) you wall. (gentle string music) (beep) – I really have no idea
what’s going to happen when I get home and if
Cara Maria is going to want to talk to me. But I don’t want her to be sad. She played a great game
and I’m proud of Cara. – Good job. – Sorry. – When Laurel says she’s sorry, I know it’s not about her
beating me in the elimination round I know she’s got a good heart. She’s a good person. And she cares about people. The apology is there. The understanding is there. But for me the friendship regardless it can’t be what it was. – You guys are down here
on the killing floor with me no matter what. But, we gotta get you guys some opponents. So, you can choose any team you want, except for Hunter and Georgia
’cause they hold the relic, or any of the tribunal. – Well TJ, they say
that uh one fake friend is more dangerous than 10 enemies. And if it wasn’t for the ill-advised move of this individual we wouldn’t
be down here right now, so Zach and Zahida let’s go. – (beep) (crowd cheers) (tense music) – My jaw drops because
I did not think that was gonna happen whatsoever. – I didn’t see that coming bro. What happened? – Unfortunately, he was you know, cutting deals with the enemies so that’s why we’re here. What goes around comes around. – How do you feel about that, Zach? – I’m just ready to compete. – Go! (crowd cheering) – There is a big climbing wall
that is a map of the world. You have to take 20 flags and
in 15 minutes put these flags on their respective country. I think a lot of this
is just gonna come down to who knows less about world geography. – [Man] Zach, let’s (beep) do this man! Zahida come on! – [Woman] Let’s go. – I’ve never rock climbed before. The hardest part is getting
my big hands and feet on these tiny little rocks but I have to redeem myself somehow and
there’s no way I’m losing this one tonight. – It’s looking pretty tight,
tighter than I want it to be. It’s hard to say who has
more flags and so I’m biting my nails. – [Woman] Yes. – [Announcer] One minute guys, one minute. – Turkey. Where’s Turkey? – The brown right of Italy! Down, down, down! Yes! Get Egypt, quick Egypt right there! (horn blares) – Yes, oh my gosh. – So, Bananas and Morgan,
you guys got 15 correct. Zach and Zahida, (tense music) you guys got 18 correct. (crowd cheers) – It’s one thing coming on
to a challenge and knowing who your enemies are. It’s another thing when you have enemies in your own camp. We were working against a lot of forces. We’re just gonna have
to regroup and hopefully come back better sound
mind and body next time. – I don’t wanna be here but I don’t wanna have to throw it, you know? That’s my dilemma. – Evelyn doesn’t feel like
she has a reason to stay. At the same time, she’s not a quitter, so I know that either way,
whatever decision she makes, I’m gonna be putting up a fight. – I don’t want to win. I want you to win. I want it to be something
where you’re gonna kick my ass that’d be ideal. Could I possibly hang up the
whole competitive Evelyn? Put the visor aside, go in there, not give it my all, let KellyAnne win? I think I could, but I don’t know. – So good luck to both
of you guys, let’s go. – Man I’m disappointed in my
team so it’s like you know if I win, what am I going back to? At the same time, she’s
in a way worse position. If I do win, I gotta win
the whole thing for Evelyn. – All right ladies, you ready? Go! (gong chimes) – I’m pulling a full
KellyAnne card right now. She’s blue I want her
to win, end of story. (crowd cheers) (tense music) – That’s what I’m talking about! That’s what I’m talking about. – It’s hard to know
what Evelyn’s gonna do. She vacillates between
being a good competitor and pandering to her best friend. It’s difficult to know whether
she’s gonna purposefully lose or whether she’s gonna try to stay. – [Announcer] Score is one zero. – [Woman] All right let’s go. – [Announcer] Go! (crowd cheering) – Come on KellyAnne. Come on. (crowd applauds) In all fairness, this is a good matchup. KellyAnne’s not very
confident right now because Evelyn’s got one heck of a track record. But, KellyAnne could beat her. – Okay, so the score is one to one. You girls ready? Go. (crowd cheering) – [Woman] See, there you go. C’mon Evelyn. – Okay, the score is two to one. Evelyn, all you need is this one. KellyAnne, you need this
one to keep competing. You girls ready? Go! – Good job KellyAnne. – Stay low KellyAnne and pull her! Stay low and pull her. Pull her off. – It’s really sad when
you see one individual not even moving or budging and the other individual damn near killing themselves. – Pull her off right now. Thatta girl. – I’m looking over at Evelyn
like have you made your mind up yet? If you’re gonna knock me off, knock me off. Don’t make me just stand here and suffer. – Okay the score is two to two. Whoever wins this one is
going back to the house. Go! (intense music) – Pull her off! Pull her! Don’t sell yourself short. – C’mon. – Finally. – If I do what feels right
to me then that’s all I can really do. I’m not gonna help these
people win another challenge. I could have fought her and
comeback and thrown challenges to the end. I wouldn’t feel right
helping you guys win anyway. This is. – I ever knew Evelyn was a quitter. – I’m glad everybody
sees what’s really going on here is a bunch of bull (beep). What would be the point
of beating up your friend when you’re gonna quit anyway? It just doesn’t make sense. – Congratulations, KellyAnne,
you win a very interesting elimination round here in the ruins. You definitely tried your
hardest no matter what. (crowd applauds) Whether she gave it to you
or not, it doesn’t make a difference you tried your
hardest, you did great. You not only win tonight’s
elimination round here in the ruins but you’re also taking
her entire bank account, $2,800 will be transferred
directly into your individual bank account. The only one over here
with The Challengers with a bank account congratulations. You makin’ some money. (crowd cheers) Go ahead and rejoin your group, great job. – Evelyn’s been the most
honest, awesome friend I’ve ever gotten to know. She’s a really funny girl. A lot of people don’t get to
see that in here right away. I’m gonna miss the girl a lot. – Which girl are you gonna
send into the elimination round to go against Kailah? (tense music) – Jenna. (group gasps) – Nice. – First, I’d start off with this. I did her a favor the first challenge. She shouldn’t even be here. – Jenna, there’s two
girls left over there. Which girl is leaving the game? – Letoya. – Okay, so Jemmye, you’re saved. You owe her.
– I owe her one, I know that. – You owe her. – I know. – I don’t owe anyone in this
game anything, Jenna included. – She just stabbed me in
the back and put me in. – Cold blooded, damn. – She’s a lying back-stabbing bitch. – I’m completely blind side. Jemmye throwing me in last
second is just really shady. But Kailah’s a little
badass, I’m a little nervous to go against her I’m not gonna lie. It’s gonna suck that
one of us is going home and the other one’s not gonna
be there for the other one so. – [Announcer] Here we go ladies. – It was a dirty move on
Jemmye’s part and I don’t know if it was the right
move to make so early because she’s got the
rest of the game to play ahead of her and I think Jenna
feels the same way that I do. It’s gonna suck but I
have to go in there and do what I have to do. It’s more than just an
alliance member she’s one of my best friends but um, I
gotta do what I have to do. – [Woman] C’mon girls. – All right girls, you ready? (funky music) (horn blares) – Both these girls are
gamers and Jenna just has this amazing ability
when it comes to game time to just focus and do what she needs to do. Up! Keep going. Put your left foot, left foot on the peg. – [Woman] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Johnny] There you go. There you go. – It’s a little harder than I thought. The fact that you have to
constantly stab the wall a bunch of times to find this
one hole it’s really tiring. – Find a hole, it’s gotta
be around there Jenna. – I want Jenna to win. I don’t think she’s as big
and as bad as everybody else says she is, so. It’s not a threat to my game. – Dude, what the (beep). Why won’t you (beep). – My forearms are starting
to get sore and I’m panicking a little because
I feel like I’m taking forever to get the pegs in
the wall and I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing. (beep) – Kailah is frazzled 100%. She didn’t want to be going up against her best friend. I think that’s really messing
with her head right now. – Stop, grab the one by your right hand. See if you can reach up there,
there you go right there. – So it sucks that everyone
is cheering for Jenna. Pretty much everyone
showed their true colors. And now I hate all of you. – [Johnny] Now jump down
Jenna, jump down, grab two. She has no hand holds. – Keep going up. – C’mon Jenna you got it. – I have a really sick
happiness inside me to see best friends go against each other. I mean it’s a dirty game
it’s great, I love it. (crowd cheering) (crowd gasping) (horn blares) – Great work, Jenna, woo! – [Man] Great job girls, great job. – So (beep) all of you go
(beep) you’re (beep) (beep) all of you. – Kailah’s upset because
one she got voted in, two she had to go against Jenna. Now Jenna’s going home and
she has to live with us. I’d be kinda pissed too. – I won, yeah, great, I get
to stay in the house, but, I just sent my best friend home. So um I’m like a free
agent, one man band now. I love you. – Good job. – Thanks you too. – Well, unfortunately, I’m leaving Kailah. – It’s the end of the road. – But you know she’s coming
back 10 times madder. – I have to. – She’s trusting nobody,
she’s gonna kick ass. – I’m doing it for the both of us. – Hey, we sent Amanda home so. – That’s true! (both laugh) – Wes, you and Nany are going
against Dario and Nicole. And for the first time ever,
we have blood lines facing off in elimination round. – Cousin versus cousin,
this has gotta be a hard one for Nany. She’s kinda brought Nicole
into this whole crazy world. And now she has to fight
against her knowing that you get something and they don’t out of it. – This should be good. – Nobody knows the feelings
that you have going into elimination against your own family. It bothers me it doesn’t
sit right in my stomach. It doesn’t really feel like
I’d be winning if I won. – I’m feeling anxious. I wanna get this over with
and I wanna get to Argentina, but at the same time obviously, you know, sad because it’s unfortunate I
have to go against my cousin, but it is what it is and I
just gotta do what I can. I gotta get back in this game. – If Dar and I win this,
we’re going to Argentina and it won’t be with my cousin. And I don’t like that knowing
that we won’t be together. – Hey, Nicole! One more. One more, just get it to me. – Wes and Nany, you need this
point to stay in the game, you guys ready? (funky music) (horn blares) (crowd cheers) – [Man] Great job, Nicole. – It’s really hard to move
around in the sand but going to the second round I don’t
care how tired I am. I’ve got to win this. – [Woman] Faster! – [Man] Now go, go, go, go, Nany, go! (crowd cheering) – If I was going against anybody else, I would absolutely make
sure that they were not going to pass me in this cage. But because I’m going against my cousin, I feel bad, I’m not gonna toss her around. She’s just little. – Nany you got it go! – C’mon Nany! Touch me, touch me, touch me. – Wes, get going! Wes, get going! – [Woman] Go Dario go! (crowd cheers) (intense music) (bell chimes) (horn blares) – Ah! Let’s (beep) go! Woo! Let’s go. (Nicole sobbing) Good job, good job. – I feel 100% guilty that this
happened the way it happened. It’s just the most awkward
feeling of having a win under your belt but at
the cost of my cousin not being here. I don’t wanna go against my own cousin, it’s bull (beep). (somber music) – Good job. You did good. I’m proud of you. Would I like to go to
Argentina with my cousin, absolutely but we can’t have
everything that we want. – I know, I know. I just don’t want you to go. – You’ll be fine, all right? – I wanna say so much
stuff to Wes right now but Nicole is crying and it’s
just a weird eerie moment. – I’m sorry. – Good job. I can’t talk right now. – I think it woulda been
really disrespectful if Nany had pushed Nicole to the end. You know there’s a whole
lotta things that are more important than this. Blood is one of them. If she’s even remotely
doubting herself for doing the game the way that
she did, she shouldn’t.

54 thoughts on “8 ‘Challenge’ BFF Elimination Face-Offs | Ranked: The Challenge

  1. #6 christena & mallory had the dumbest challenge ever. They literally stood in one spot for a couple hrs. And absolute waste of time and an episode.

  2. You asked your viewers a poll question.

    We answered

    You responded with what the vast majority wanted. If only all things were this smooth!

  3. KellyAnne was such a gem of a challenger. It's a shame that when she was on, she was put on the Island and the Ruins, probably the most unfair seasons of the Challenge ever. With the living conditions and the constant torture from Johnny, Evan, and Kenny, she was so over it and I don't blame her. She easily could've been one of the best females ever during that era but decided it wasn't worth it. Then when she came back finally, she was put on another 2 horrible seasons and was put into BS crapshoot eliminations. I really wish she was given a true shot as she was one of the most entertaining and endearing castmembers ever.

  4. Cara has totally and completed changed for the worse since her earlier days on the challenge. "I'm here to compete. This is fun. I'm grateful and thankful to be here in the first place"

  5. my favorite people Kailah, Jenna, and Tori wishing them well hope to see them in the next challenge doing their thing and having fun

  6. Aneesa can stfu and go back to leg surgery. Wouldn't she be upset too if she had to face a close friend of hers? Her nonchalance riles me up

  7. I miss the old challengers! Evelyn, Kellyanne, Susie, Derrick. I miss the old Cara and the old Laurel. The challenges are more intense now but the show is more about the stupid drama than about actually competing.

  8. I miss the old challenges, 10 years ago right when TJ became host, i just want to buy them on DVD and watch those instead of the new ones with all the weak Brits

  9. How could you leave out Sarah vs Rachel on The Gauntlet 1?!?! They were best friends and both cried and hugged after Sarah won.

  10. I get that it’s a game but having caramaria break that wall AFTER breaking her hand is just cruel and brutal. Wes went against his friend, his friends fiancé and then his girlfriend…what a weird game at times.

  11. Nicole wakes up with make up, falls asleep with make up, does challenges with make up, eats with make up. Dammmm girl do u

  12. The last one Nicole and Dario are a whole lot smaller then Nany and Wes if I was in the hole or whatever cage thing I wouldn't be able to craw in that thing it's so small

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  14. I like Evelyn but kind of shitty that Evelyn made KellyAnne look that weak. Like if you're going to quit, quit. If that's your real friend, don't make her look bad to the rest of the house and make her struggle just so that everyone can see "yeah she could've won it if she really tried."

  15. What about Aneesa vs Svetlana? They were best friends Svetlana was crying picking a higher number to have Aneesa lift, while Aneesa didnt refuse because she wanted to win by lifting.

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