– What’s up, guys? (Jera giggles) I figured today in order to get to– – This is Jera, I’m on Jera’s channel. – In order to get to know me better, I would ask 50 questions
to my ex, Brandon Weaver. Go follow his YouTube channel if you wanna learn about credit repairs. Nothing fun on that channel. I’m just kidding. I’m not kidding. (laughing) Ask him 50 questions kind
of answers stuff about me. So that way it wasn’t just me telling you and also because maybe there’s
stuff that I don’t know about me that he knows about me. – Oh, yeah. – This first set of questions
are, a couple of them are mine but most of them are from a list so they might be a little wonky. – Okay, we’ll see. – And I know this because
we already shot this half and we’re re-shooting it. – I think it’s gonna be good though. – Number one, did you know I was gay? – No. – Really?
– When I met you, no. I had no idea.
– Really? – Did you know you were gay? – Maybe a little bit. – Wait a minute, what? Wait a minute. You knew you were gay when we met? – Not like, ah. – I didn’t know. – Confused. – You weren’t sure? Interesting, ’cause if you weren’t sure, then it was really hard for me to know. I had no idea. – Do I seem gayer now that
I’ve told you I’m gay? – That’s such an ucky question. – No matter how you answer it– – I’m like what is that? – You’re in the wrong. (laughing) – Yeah. No, you seem the same, you
seem like the same person. Which is interesting. Which makes me think that
maybe I should have known. But I didn’t know. How would I have known? It just, it’s too difficult. Someone has to tell you. – I can’t tell who’s gay,
somebody’s gotta tell me. – Yeah, I don’t know. – I think everybody’s gay. – Right, and there’s just no–
– I’m always like, “You’re gay.” – Right. – “They’re gay.” Are they gay? – The minute you look at me you’re like, “Oh, you’re African American.” And I’m like, “Yes, but I’m also Mexican.” ‘Cause my mother is Mexican,
so it’s a challenge. – Are you mad at me for being gay? – No, not at all. I’m actually very happy that
you came out and told me this because it makes a lot more sense. It’s a lot easier to
understand and support you because you’re always asking
for help with your life, your YouTube, with everything. You didn’t know it was a big part of you that was missing or being depressed. Man, I remember being pretty happy. A little bit relieved. I was like, “Oh, my God, this
makes so much more sense.” I don’t feel like– – Relieved. Relieved I don’t have to
be with that girl again. (laughs) – Not what I meant. So relieved that we got
to base the foundation of where we can build on. Is it help you, right? Makes you feel a lot better. – Yeah. – Yeah, right? Feel a lot better. – Describe me in one word. – Bold and beautiful. Bold and beautiful. – Oh wow.
– It’s a TV show. – Number five, what’s your
favorite memory of me? – Okay, um, you… Skydiving. It’s a very challenging question. What’s my favorite memory of you? You doing something? – Again, as we discussed
in the first shooting of this video
– Can you bleep– – There is no right answer.
– Can you bleep out my– – There’s no wrong answer. – How much can I say? – Brandon! – How much am I allowed to
say about my favorite memory of Jera?
– Brandon! (beep) – Tell ya, come here. Cameraman, get me close. – Brandon! – (beep) Favorite memory of Jera, let me tell ya. (beep) – I don’t know. Now I don’t wanna answer this question.
– I’m thinking about that favorite memory right now. – What’s the weirdest thing I eat? – Oh, oh. Oh, oh. Oh, oh. (beep) – What do you admire most about me. – Oh, your humor. You’re pretty funny. Actually, you know– – Wait, wait no. I don’t wanna take that answer. – The thing that I– – The first answer was good. – The thing I admire the most– – The first answer was right. – Is how strong you are
in your convictions. Just like now you’re
like, “The first answer.” You’re very strong in your convictions. – Yes. – And also, I’ll tell you what I admire– – Shut the. Eight, who would play me, wait. Who would play me in a, wait. Yeah, who would play– – Vin Diesel would play you in a movie. – Yes! You’re guessing. – Driving a Challenger. Barack would play me. – Why ’cause you overcompensate? – Kevin Hart would play me in a movie. – But he’s–
– I’d play Kevin Hart. – Much too confident. – He’s very successful. – Yeah, he is. – Okay. He’s older than me so he’s had some time to be more successful. These questions about you? Let’s, Cameraman, let’s
keep it on her, okay? – Nine, what’s my worst habit? – Being afraid of the dark. – That’s not a habit. – Yeah it is. Worst habit? Probably being upset with
me about things that I do and then you do them. That’s your worst habit. – Chop it off at being upset with me. (laughing) What’s my favorite food? – Potato chips, potato chips
are your favorite food. – Oh. – Fried foods. She’s very unhealthy. – I just had, yeah– – Don’t be listenin’ to
her tryin’ to talk nonsense about vegan diets. This lady be eating nothin’ but junk food. – Everything I eat is snacks. – Yeah, you just eat snacks. What’d you have this
morning for breakfast? – Grapes and they were sour. What’s my favorite thing to do? – Go on adventures. You love adventuring. And terrorizing me.
– Yeah but that’s because we asked this question and I
told you what the answer was. And now you’re just giving me my answer. – And terrorize me. – What’s my favorite movie? – Amale meets Fast and the Furious. – Oh, my God.
– That would be your favorite. – Oh, my God, yes. – That would be your favorite movie. – Yes. Meets the Fifth Element. – Oh yeah. – Oo, meet The Girl
With the Dragon Tattoo. Oh, my God, I would watch
the (beep) out of that movie. – So it’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Oh, that’s who could play you in a movie. Who was that girl? Dragon Tattoo girl. She’s driving around
– Rooney Mara? – Fast and Furious in the
future, so it’s Fast and Furious in the future, it’s Fifth
Element, it’s her arriving, and then she’s on a mission. – There’s gotta be a heist. Oh, my God I would watch that movie. – Dude. – These are tough ’cause
you already know the answers since we already shot this. – Excuse. – What’s my favorite band? – Rancid is your favorite band. – And I told you no last time. – Right, a list. – But you answered that because that’s what you thought it was. – ‘Cause that’s what a band is. She says Ninja and Yolandi. – No!
– Die Antwoord is her favorite band. – Die Antwoord. – But they’re not,
they’re a hip-hop group. Do you think if you
met Ninja he’d be like, “Yeah, man, we’re a (beep) band.” You think Ninja would be cool with that? – I don’t think Ninja
would ever talk like that. – “Yeah mate, yeah mate,
yeah we’re a band mate.” – ‘Cause he’s not British. – “I’m South African.” Would you go to them, be like,
“You’re my favorite band.” Would you say that to them? – No, because I’ve learned my
lesson of going up to people and saying stuff. I would probably go up
and like, “I love you.” (laughs) What’s my favorite song right now? – Don’t know, I even– – I even told him this. Still can’t remember.
– You can’t remember the song I am. Go ahead, say it. – Ally Hills Wrong. – Wrong, okay. Ally Hills Wrong. – What’s my favorite non-fiction book? – Thief of Always. See, I got it right. I got it right. – That’s a fiction book. I switched questions
so you wouldn’t do it. – I got it right. She didn’t want me to
get the answers right. – No! – That was the whole thing. I was getting all these answers wrong. I was like, “I wanna get ’em right.” And she was like, “No!” Now I’m gettin’ ’em right, look at her. – Because we’re re-shooting this and I changed the thing–
– Look at this face. Look at this face.
– It’s the wrong, That’s not the right book. Well it’s my favorite fiction book. – Okay great. – But this question I just asked you… – You said I didn’t have to get, you said it didn’t matter
if you get ’em right. So I got it wrong, now you’re upset that I didn’t get it right. – Well now you’re just
ignoring the questions though. What’s my favorite drink? – Oh man. Orange juice is her favorite drink. Orange juice and don’t let
her tell you otherwise. – Watermelon juice. – No, it’s not. – It’s just hard again.
– I’m comin’ right back. Stay right here. What is this? – 32 ounces– – 32 ounces of fresh, pure,
squeezed orange juice. – ‘Cause watermelon’s
not in season right now. – Does this look like a person
who loves watermelon juice or loves orange juice? – Watermelon’s not in season right now! – Is this a watermelon
or is this an orange? – The chop! – Moving on, I got that one right too. – What’s– – I know her better
than she knows herself. If you like this video give a like. Give a like if you like me
frustrating Jera, give a like. – If you had enough with Brandon give this video a thumbs up. My favorite color. – Green, lime green. I almost said green again, lime green. And pink, you like pink a lot.
– What’s my favorite hair color? – You like pink a lot. You have pink hair, you had a pink car. Pink is your, you have pink lipstick. – I don’t even like pink that much. – I don’t know why you wear all this pink. You’re very confusing. This is why it’s so challenging. Natural hair color, I can tell you. (beep) – I’m gonna change this
question ’cause it was what’s my favorite sports
team, but I don’t like sports. Um. What’s my favorite holiday? Christmas. – Yes. The lights. And everybody’s in a good
mood, everybody’s nice around Christmas, for the most part. – It’s not about the stuff though. We don’t really do a lot of gifts. – I don’t do any gifts. – Yeah we don’t do. – What food do I hate the most? – Milk, you don’t like milk. – Oo, I actually yeah do hate milk. – See. – I’m just thinking about milk
and how much I do hate it. Do I have any nicknames? – Jer, Jer-Bear. Do you have any others
that I don’t know of? – I think people call me bitch a lot. (laughs) What’s my favorite reality show? – Below Deck. – Oo, and Vanderpump Rules. – And Vanderpump Rules. – Oo, Vanderpump Rules.
– Actually, you might like Vanderpump Rules more. – Ah, I like them both so much. If they were on at the same time though, I would watch Below Deck. If I could be on a TV show, which show would I want to be on? – You would want to be on Top Gear. Or the touring show
– Oh. – Where you get to–
– They don’t put a lot of girls on there, it’s
always guys on the racetrack. – No, no, no, no, they
have female celebrities. – Not very much. – Yeah, you would wanna be on that show. Maybe even host that, be a host.
– I wanna race. – Race the cars, that’s what I would say. See, I know you better
than you know yourself. – But, but I wanna be on
my own reality TV show. – And that’s what the TV show could be, it could be you racing cars. People– – Why are you acting forever?
– If you wanna see Jera race cars– – I don’t even wanna act,
I just wanna be myself. – You wanna see Jera
race some cars, gimme a, gimme a hell yeah. – Hell yeah. – Hell yeah.
– Hell yeah in the comment section below. Hell yeah. – Everyone see Jera race
some cars gimme a hell yeah. – Hell yeah. If this video gets to 10,000 likes 10,000 likes we’ll go to the race track. – They don’t have to, they don’t– – Don’t discourage them. – Don’t discourage–
– Don’t discourage them. – Please like this video. – Like, comment, and subscribe. – What show do you think
I would be best on? – I don’t know, something
where you’re fighting. Kickin’ ass. – Do you remember years
ago when I told you, I was like, “I want to be
cast as like a badass.” And you were like, “Yeah,
you’re never gonna get that.” – No. – That made me change a
whole bunch of myself. – I said– – Because you said,
“No, you’re too frumpy.” – No, I didn’t say that. This presence here looks like– – Whoop some ass! – Exactly. Did you always look, you
didn’t look that way. – No, but– – Right. – You made sure to tell me that. – No, no. And I didn’t say it that way. – You’re like, ” You’re frumpy dumpy.” – I didn’t say that. No, I was like “You should look,” I was like, “Yeah you are badass “but you just gotta
have the look and idea.” – Do you, you never say
that or you just don’t wanna believe that you said that? – I never said that. – You said I was frumpy dumpy. – Next question. No– – 24, where is my favorite place to go? – Tokyo, Japan. Three times, you’ve been three times. – It’s not my favorite place. – Why do you keep going then? Three times. – Opportunity. I take opportunities, seize the day! Guess there’s a like, a multitude of ways this could be interpreted. Anywhere on an adventure. Food, um– – Food. Favorite place to go, food. – Where’s your favorite place to go Jer? Food.
– Food. That answers that question. What’s something weird that I like? – Come here, man, let me tell
you something weird she likes. – Stop, next question! How many kids do I wanna have? – Zero. – Zero. And then if you could take
some away, take ’em away. – Yeah. – What is the first thing I
would buy if I won the lottery? – Like right now today? You’d buy a Dodge Challenger. Probably buy yourself some
trips to go around the world. Which is counterintuitive
’cause you just bought the car. I don’t know why you would do that. Why would you do that? And you would do that. – I don’t make a lot
of sense and I love it. Which super power would I have and why? – The ability to fly, yeah. With super strength. You like Superwoman, Captain Marvel. Because you’d wanna be able to just travel wherever you want, whenever you want. – Oh wow, that’s a really
good power to have. – And then you could actually help people. – Like, later. – Dammit, through the wall again, Jera. – The Kool-Aid man. – The Kool-Aid man, oh no. – Who would spend $1000 first, you or me. – You would. – Yeah. – Not sure why. Why you wouldn’t want
to invest it or save it. – Brandon, all’s you wanna
do is save money, save money. What’re you saving money for? You gotta spend it. You gotta spend it, have some (beep) fun. What is my favorite time of day? – Sunrise. – Yeah now it is.
– Sunrise. – What’s your favorite sports team? It’s wrestling. Go team, wrestler, woo woo! (laughing) Am I afraid of the dark? – (yawns) Pardon me. – I’m sorry are my questions boring you? – No, no, no, I was up
late, yoga last night. Yes, but not as terrified
as you used to be. You used to be terrified of the dark. – We keep more lights on now. – Yeah. – What’s my greatest achievement? – You don’t have just one. Setting up multiple businesses,
coming out to Los Angeles, being a successful actor,
booking national commercials. – Now he’s trying to stroke my ego. – What do you think you’re
greatest achievement is? – It hasn’t happened yet. – It hasn’t happened yet. See there you go, that’s it right there. – Or being myself. – Being yourself has been
greatest achievement, oh yeah. Really coming into your own, that is your greatest achievement. Are we gonna hug? We’re friends, we’re buddies.
– Are we like sensing a hug? – We’re buddies. – What’s something I’m really bad at? – Taking responsibility for your actions. – I thought you were
going to say being nice. Panic, I was like, “I’m so nice.” – Yeah. – Goddammit, tell me I’m nice! Wait, what did you say? – Taking responsibility for your actions. – I take responsibility. What’s something that I think
I’m good at but you’re like, “Mm, no honey, mm.” – Being nice. – No, no! If I were an animal what would I be. – Nicesaurus. – A real animal. – Dinosaur called a nicesaurus rex. – I’ll take it. – Good. God, geez, tryin’ to tell you you’re nice. See, this is why it’s so challenging. Doesn’t take responsibility,
doesn’t wanna be called nice. – How’s my driving? – It’s terrible, terrible,
terrible, terrible. – Nope, nope. – I didn’t mean ter–
– I told you what to say. – I didn’t mean terrible. – I told you to say I’m
an excellent driver. – It’s terrifying is what I meant to say. Drives too fast, too furious and that’s why she wants
to get a Challenger. – What’s the fastest way to make me happy? – To stay away from you. (laughs) Do what you say and stay away from you. Don’t touch your stuff. – Don’t touch my stuff. – Don’t touch the stuff. – What’s the last message I sent to you? – It was–
– So find your phone. – A vegan message. – Find your phone, where’s your phone? – Excuse me, I know what it was. It was a vegan pyramid, it
was the vegan food pyramid. Right? Vegan food pyramid. And then next to it was
a vegan piece of pizza that looked a lot like it
and it said “Close enough.” And you sent it to me as one
of the pumpa dragon characters and it was Valondra and she
was like, “Close enough.” This is the food pyramid. These questions are better too. Your responsibility to come
up with good questions. – Yeah because I wrote these questions. – Oh, so you were cheating
on these other questions. – Not cheating. – That’s why they were not good. – I’m not cheating it’s just hard to think of freaking questions. – And then she was
like, and then she was– – It’s just hard to think of 50 questions. – Then don’t make 50 questions. This half is what you’re gonna use. You’re not gonna use the other half. – Well I’m still gonna use it. – No. God. – Oh, my God! – The reason I was like– – Listen– – These are better questions though. How’s my driving is terrible. – No, stop it! – Also, you like to drive
without your glasses on sometimes and that’s terrifying too. – I still can see. I just can’t read, can’t read. What street is this? I don’t know, we’ll know later. Which of us is more likely
to have their nudes leaked? – Yours. – Me, I don’t even take nudes. – You did a long time ago. – I don’t take nudes. – A long time ago she did. – No, I didn’t. – Look at this… – No, no, no, no, no– – Yes. – No, no, no, no, no. – Yeah. – Why would it be me? – ‘Cause I don’t– – You get locked of your
accounts all the time. – Yeah but you have nudes. – I don’t have any nudes. There are no nudes,
people, I specifically, every time I see people’s nudes get leaked I’m like, “That’s why I don’t take nudes.” – We should go on to the next question. – Which one of us is most
likely to fake their own death? – You are. For sure. (laughs) I’m more, most likely (music drowns out talking) – That is too dark. Which one of us is more
likely to battle a bear? – You. – For survival. – You, probably. Why would I fight a bear? I’m gonna play dead, slowly walk away. You, on the other hand, hot head. It’s gonna go chargin’ a (beep) bear. And be like, “It’s just a baby
cub, it’s just a bear cub.” – I resent this ’cause I’m vegan. – Yeah you’re not gonna eat the bear you’re just gonna fight it a little bit. – Which one of the Friends am I? – I wanna say Phoebe. – Okay, good. – Yeah. You like Phoebe? – Yeah. – Yeah. You know, they should do a new Friends. You should be in Friends, the new Friends. It should be called New Friends. Just call it Millennials. Millennials and it’ll just be Friends but it’ll be like six millennials. You’ll be one– – It should be called Subbies
and it’s all these kids that made friends by being
subscribers of certain YouTubers. It’s a true thing that really happens.
– I know. I know. – It happens with conventions. – All right, okay. – Subbies. (clapping) Who is my celebrity look alike? – A little bit Ruby Rose,
it used to be Ellen Paige for a while but she’s in Tiny. You look a lot like Geena Davis. Some of ya’ll are too
young to know Geena Davis. – I know, right? – But she looks a lot like Geena Davis. – Thelma and Louise,
people, Thelma and Louise. – Oh good one, love. – Or did they? – I think they were. – And now really kill themselves. Oops, spoilers. – It’s been out for 50 years
if you haven’t seen it by now– – Well, if they haven’t seen
it, ’cause they didn’t know who Geena Davis was.
– 50, 50 years. – New crowd, new crop, new spoilers. – Oh, I know who you look
like, Rampage Jackson. – Who the (beep) is that? – Look up Rampage… – What the, He’s obsessed with wrestling right now. – It’s not, that was UFC. – Oh. (laughs) Sports. Sports. If we could switch places like
Freaky Friday with each other would you wanna– – No. – No. – I don’t think you could handle being me. – I could not handle being him. That’s a fact, I could not
handle, I get why, I get it. What’s the most annoying thing I do? – Not taking responsibility for your– – I always take responsibility, I don’t understand how this is
– She doesn’t think, – I do not
– She doesn’t think what she does… – Say it. – Vampire. – Say you don’t take
responsibility all the time. – Um… What talent do I have that I don’t use? – None. I would say you play the clarinet, right. – But it’s something you see
that you know is there but– – Oh yeah, you’re ability
to consult with businesses and make them grow and
you just don’t do it. I don’t know why, you
just don’t care to do it. But you’re really good with business and you have no interest or
inclination to help people with their companies and I
think you would do great– – Or problems. – And that’s what you do in our company, that’s what you’ve done
for other companies, that’s what you’ve done
for your companies. You’re super talented at it. – What’s the craziest
thing I’ve ever done. – Skydive. That’s about it. Oh when you went on a trip
around the world by herself but even that wasn’t too crazy. You’re not that crazy.
– Have you ever been on a month long trip before? – No. That was probably– – In the MiddleEast. (laughs) – That was probably the
coolest thing you did. I know you think of
yourself as wild and crazy but you’re pretty mellow. But it’s a good thing,
I mean, you don’t drink, you don’t do drugs, you don’t party, you don’t go out dancing, you
don’t go out and socialize, and do events, and– – Have any sort of life,
again, I get it now. Why am I a great friend? – Because we get along. Very supportive, very,
very supportive person. Very helpful, you go above
and beyond for your friends. It’s kind of a situation where you don’t make a lot of friends
because you’re not exposed to a lot of people, you sit and work a lot and you work on our company a lot. So you don’t get to, it’s not like you’re in an environment, work environment. When you were in a work
environment you made friends. Remember that? – Yeah. – Yeah, and you’re funny. You’re super funny. So if you could be funny on
this video that’d be great. (coughs) (laughs) – I’ll try. – “I’ll try.” – If you could change one thing
about me what would it be? – Oh, my God, please
take some responsibility for your actions. – Oh, my God, this cannot be the answer to all the questions. – Just, you would drive safer. – I don’t drive bad. – You’re the only person that
I’m frightened to drive with. – Are you freaking kidding me? – Yeah.
– No way! Are you kid, no. Just the other day we
drove a person I thought we were gonna get killed. – No, I still wasn’t as, I
even commented on it, I think. – You were like, “You
drive better than Jera.” – I wish you could be in a
passenger seat when you drive. You would be terrified,
you’d be like, “Oh, I see.” – I would love it because then it’d mean there’d be two of me. Best friends. – Ask some questions.
– All right guys that’s all the questions
– That’s it? – I have. That was 50 questions. Honestly there was more than that. I’m questioning why I did this video. My fault. You’re right, my fault. (laughs) – Had a good time comin’ on your channel. – You feel like I’ve
sufficiently questioned you? – Yeah. – You wanna follow Brandon
you can go follow him on his credit repair channel. It’s nothing at all like this channel. Don’t get your hopes up. If you like this video
give it a thumbs up, put some comments in the
comment section below, subscribe before you leave. I’m Jera Sky’s the limit, woo! Oh yeah, this is Brandon. (upbeat music) You had food on your shirt the whole time. Great, we’re profesh. Ew. – Yeah, it’s poop. (laughs)


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    36. If I were an animal what would I be?
    37. How's my driving?
    38. What's the fastest way to make me happy?
    39. What's the last message I sent you?
    40. Which of us is more likely to have their nudes leaked?
    41. Which of us is more likely to fake their own death?
    42. Which of us is more likely to battle a bear for survival?
    43. Which one of the FRIENDS am I? Why?
    44. Who is my celebrity look alike?
    45. If we could switch places, like freaky friday for a day, would you?
    46. What's the most annoying thing I do?
    47. What talent do I have that I don't use?
    48. What's the craziest thing I've ever done?
    49. Why am I a great friend?
    50. If you could change 1 thing about me what would it be?

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  5. You remind me so much of Juno hahahaha loved this & your relationship with each other!

    Update: I'm dying this is so funny, nearly spat out the tea I was drinking "niceosaurus"😂😂

  6. Awww man I really really like you two together, I had no stinkin idea y'all split up. You guys are awesome and seem to understand one another much, we could all hope for this when we split. I sure don't, I wanna be done already with my so called husband. Ha ha 😆😆

  7. Brandon is so lovely, what a genuine supportive and great guy. I hope you both find your happily ever after.
    He's still in love with you, quite obviously. Good luck for the future ✌

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