5-min Lower Body Mobility Flow – Stick Mobility Chair Exercises

Hey everyone. So what we’re gonna do in this series here is we’re going
to show you a little bit of lower body extremity work that you can do if you’ve been sitting at a desk a lot. Grab a short stick, here Neal has the four foot stick.
Use whatever you have at your disposal. We’re gonna show you how to open up those lower
extremity tissues from sitting down too much. So Neal’s in front of his chair, imagine he’s pushed
away from his desk, his computer’s in front of him, he’s grabbed his dowel or our stick, he’s going to stretch, right now he’s gonna be
concentrating on this right anterior tissue line right here. So he’s gonna put the top of his right foot on his chair.
He has the stick in front of him at 12 o’clock position. The stick is gonna add some extra stability
so you have three points of contact, so falling over shouldn’t be an issue right now. He’s got the bottom of the stick slightly angled
towards him because what he’s gonna do is, he’s going to push at about 30 – 40% tension,
he’s gonna push the stick into the floor and that’s gonna engage his lats. The lats are gonna engage and this deep front line
is gonna turn on to give him proximal stability and it’s a nice solid core in that vertical position. He’s then gonna take the top of his
right foot and he’s going to push it at about 30-40% intensity into the top of the chair. He’s gonna activate this whole anterior tissue line. He’s gonna squeeze his right glute and
he’s going to give me a little posterior pelvic tuck. You saw the glute contract right there, Now he’s taking the bottom of the hip,
he’s pushing it forward, and he’s taking the back of the hip
and he’s rolling it backwards. So it’s like a doorknob. He’s turning it this way,
counterclockwise, on the right side. So he’s gonna hold that for whatever he feels like.
If it’s ten seconds, twenty seconds, his brain is gonna let him know
what feels good then he can ease off. Now let’s add some rotation to that. Same requirements, push down on the stick,
get your proximal stability, push that back foot down into the chair,
squeeze his glute, tuck his pelvis, and now he’s going to slowly just rotate the stick. Watch the fabric on the shirt. Remember the skin mimics these same lines of pull, so you can see where the obliques
are gonna get stretched out right. He’s gonna come back and
add that rotation in right. So do about three or four reps. Once again, do whatever
you feel is appropriate, what feels good for you, gives you a nice little break from being in that
shortened angle of sitting in flexion all the time. Let’s bring those hips into extension, alright. Alright, so now what we’re gonna do is
we’re going to address the posterior line. So we’re gonna get what we call the
posterior sling from the back of the leg which runs up through the hamstring,
through the glute, into the opposing lat. So Neal’s right hamstring connects to his left lat. He’s actually gonna use the chair as an anchor point
here, so hopefully you have a chair that this works in. Anchor the back end against the back of the chair,
the stick is up against the side of the hip right there and what he’s gonna do is he’s going to reach
out with this opposing arm palm facing the stick. For some people this may be plenty of stretching okay. He’s gonna dorsi flex the ankle which is gonna
lengthen that posterior chain a little bit more, so pull those toes up towards your shin
bone, that alone may be plenty of stretch. If it is just stay right there, breathe,
and let the tissues lengthen. For others that have more range of motion, what Neal’s
doing right now is he’s gonna take this left hand, he’s gonna push the stick up
against his torso even more so he’s pulling the stick against his body,
across his body, he’s gonna release that right hand, and he’s gonna reach back at six o’clock. So here we added some rotation. Do you see the lengthening of this anterior line? So the opposite line is doing the same thing,
it’s lengthening back here. He’s gonna look now at about 30 to 40% tension, pushing the right heel down into the ground
to now activate even more that posterior sling, So he’s starting to bring a lot more strength and
neuromuscular control in this elongated position. He can hold out for six – ten seconds, maybe
a little bit longer if he feels that it feels really good. His brain is gonna let him know
I really dig this, I like it, I need it. Once again make sure that you’re breathing. Do about two or three reps and then go ahead and switch sides. Give this lower body a little bit
of a couple reps, give it a shot.

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