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hey guys me host supersorrell the mirror
machine so today we’re gonna go on a toy hunt and I want to show you the whole
stuff we got at the end of the video so stick around in the video for that also
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of the video for the haul of stuff that we picked up today but for now let’s
roll today’s vlog so guys this is Avalon Avalon collectibles is in Meadowhall
shopping center in Sheffield and they have a bunch of awesome collectibles
including these great Dragon Ball Z statues if you’re a fan of Dragonball
definitely go and check out Avalon they do do a lot of the conventions as well
around Sheffield in the Yorkshire area so if you do see them tell them
supersorrell centium this is an awesome awesome store and I love coming here
every time I come to meadow also I’m gonna definitely check out the whole
store for you but this is just the Dragon Ball Z stuff as we’re moving
through guys you can see they have an abundance of NECA McFarland’s and
everything in between the very bottom shelf they have all the
board lines three stuff along with the four and I figures but I’m not
interested in those today I’m here to look at the horror stuff as well as the
Predators and things they have Turtles on the top shelf
Oh including the movie version of shredder that’s the cheapest I’ve seen
it at 3499 and splinter at 30 very good deals could definitely pick those win
the future they’ve also got a load of tankards and things on the sale here and
the Harley Quinn mugs and a boatload of pops here at the bottom but dope seems
to be selling very well they’ve been in the store for quite some time now and
we’ve also got it as well from chapter to the clothes on I believe days and the
shining Living Dead doll as well as a bunch of other stuff including this
replica of the Jumanji board I’ve not seen 9 in ages in the jungle
you must wait until the date with five or eight okay let’s move on down a
little bit here and as you can see they also have some
yes from Game of Thrones things I’m Harry Potter things I’m Lord of the
Rings moving on to men kind guys and they have
these really cool display in the window that I love how they’ve displayed is it
levy thon that figure I may have got that skin name wrong but the dole also
have some Dragon Ball Z statues and the McFarland’s DC Iranian stock but they
want 25 pounds for them in here are you insane Amazon has them all for about
$19.99 some of the fingers are 2299 in-game so I mean even game is cheaper
moving on to the boy who lived under the stairs it’s a Harry Potter collects as a
fan store and they have a boatload of stuff from everything from the noble
collection to pop vinyls to Funko’s to everything in between including that the
new McFarlane figures as well this is super easy super Sarles favorite shop to
go into usually as they have a lot of Harry Potter goodies and they do deck
the store out real goods you’ll see in a minute when we go inside and they do
really try and tell the story with the store they have a win never and a mirror
that has written on it and the the Chamber has been opened by the heir of
Slytherin I think he says so they’ve gone all out with this shop really as
you see the goal the Harry Potter ones here in the display cases as well as the
pen versions that you can pick up usually in London at the platform 9 and
3/4 star and they even have some of the newer ones from the fantastic B series
me and Miss Supes all were just saying the other day we’d like to pick up
Bellatrix Lestrange as wand as well we’d also love to pick up the wand of
Grindelwald as well I think Rindell will be a great ones I have a Johnny Depp
wand in the collection I love the Deathly Hallows displays stand as well
that you can get on the bottom the big triangle that’s pretty cool and you can
even get a personalized letter to Hogwarts as well in here those sell
really well usually I can’t wait to get out to America hopefully coronavirus you
know bugger off by then we can get our trip to America sorted and we’ll be
going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios so we’ll get
to see all the awesome stuff there as well including probably a big haul of
goodies for mr. supers are all there step all the board games and then
all the statues you see all the framed photos that are 3d ones I’ve made myself
a bunch of those on Instagram if you haven’t checked them out please do
supersorrell check as our an instant as well they’ve got the big limbic large
cutouts from a cardboard as well I would love Draco Malfoy is very loose Lucius
Malfoy Kane one it’s definitely one thing I want at some point in my life
but I want the act yeah the actual came that he used in the movie with the wand
in the hill at the top I think that would be six I’m a proper Kane in that
style with the wand in top that is the geekiest Kane I could imagine other than
other than candles so those are the McFarlane fingers there’s Harry Potter
in the collection you can also get Hermione Granger and you can also get
Ron Weasley as well as Voldemort and I think book book week is available now as
well I like those creature statues as well
they’re a lot of fun and a load and a load of new merchandise has come out for
Harry Potter as of late from different companies so this person Ellis as is
levy Othar I’m not Olivia thought I was pretty cute moving on the HMV geysers II they have
these awesome Mego figures in stock including monster classics like
Nosferatu the Invisible Man Dracula the Wolfman of Frankenstein which glows in
the dark and they even have Freddy Krueger and
some more modern ones there as well these aren’t lis badly priced either and
just a quick look around lego star before we go guys these are the new
disney sets that have come out there in the style of storybooks which is pretty
nice reasonably priced as well at $24.99 for Lego I don’t think that’s bad for
what you’re getting the amount of Lego in that say it’s quite good look I think
these would be awesome for you’ve got small children and you’re introducing
them to Lego I think that’d be a great way of doing it um so yeah $17.99 for
that one with the Bela beast and of course they’ve got the bigger sets from
arendelle frozen too in the but they’re they’re in there like French style of
Lego which I’m not I’m not a fun fun of I think those minifigures are an
abomination and they should go back to the original minifigures that’s just my
opinion I like traditional Lego but they do have the trolls as well which is
pretty cool I just wish they had more of the rock and roll trolls available to
buy run the main characters I would army build those Rock and Roll trolls mm-hmm
and then they’ve got some Harry Potter stuff as you’ve seen is the night bus
and there is the end of Tom Riddle but they don’t call it that I think they
call it something else but I call it the end of Tom Riddle
look how cool that is it’s where Voldemort finally comes back isn’t it
it’s very cool set to have yeah there it is the rise of Voldemort such a cool set
having the series guys and there’s a night bus box as well that’s another
cool but it’s not was because I thought I was gonna be you know I’d like to see
them recreate that if the Linden style of the London bus the big one and some
event just set skies as a whirl with Stannis and Hulk and everything not too
bothered about those some more Marvel sets here including the new Mexi has a
fan off Mac and a spider-man net currently available and a bunch of
others they’re pretty weird I never got around
to reviewing those if you’d like to see me do some more Lego on the channel let
me know I used to really enjoy doing the Lego
Star Wars stuff it just got out of hand and I started getting too much Lego but
yeah the Lego Black Widow set looks nice as well with that chopper that’s a
pretty cool set it’s got a taskmaster and black widow in it that could be cool
but let’s see what else we can find oh here we are in the Disney Store guys
they do have that exclusive special pack now from under Lorien which is two of
the basic pops put into a big box and they’re 125 pounds of the privilege it
would only cost you 20 to buy them both individually so I don’t know why they’ve
done that but guys let’s go back to the main come and finish off today’s video
hey so I hope you enjoyed today’s vlog stuff and as well don’t forget about the
25,000 subscriber giveaway all you I do like this video leave a comment down
below and make sure you subscribe to the channel
alright guys as you can see I picked up a boatload as that will wear out today
and I want to share it all with you as to what we picked up so as you can see
we’ve got quite a bit of stuff first thing that we picked up manisha get my
hand on a 3rd Danny moon star very happy guy last now I’ve got three truck and
have all three bodies displayed plus I’ve been working on a a custom where
I’m gonna use these for the Cuckoo’s as well so I can replicate the early the
early look of the Cuckoo’s when they’re all in the New Mutants style outfits and
I’ve got three of the short head Emma Frost heads to put on them so that’s
gonna look interesting I’ll feature that the the Emma Frost customs of the
Michael who’s in a separate video I’ll feature those in my next custom
video um but yeah so god Danny moon star guys and I did get this from a gentleman
on the Marvel Legends community UK board and was Jordan thank you very much
Jordan for booking is up with this awesome Danny moon stuff
sorry that’s a good things over there next up guys I went to entertainer any
mainstay now I was able to find myself a man-bat these were just eight pounds at
the Smith store it has a logo on the back here that says
the creature chaos I haven’t seen that local thoughts I think that’s maybe a
new kind of line maybe for these but we asked the one mission one apparently as
we’ve still got the same four missions on the back of the packaging as you know
this is a part of the first editions line and there are three accessories
included inside so I’ll be doing a review of this and I’ve call so got the
armored Batman that I picked up last time I’ll do both of those in one video
very soon for you as well as in there I’m not gonna be reviewing this but I
did pick this up for my own my own enjoyment I got the rock and roll troll
from trolls we’ll talk lazy’s Bob from the trolls world tour movie
I couldn’t resist picking this up so I’m not reviewing it I’m just gonna play
with my own I think I pictures of my own enjoyment it’s a less yeah look at that
they just got big long lasting moon can go up sure
I love trolls I have another troll since I was a kid I used to Club I just have
the original trolls when I was a child there’s nice sea trolls are kind of
coming back a little bit even if they are a little bit different but you know
I’m loving this gothic rock troll she looks awesome and I hope they make more
of this line in this style cuz I think will look awesome I’ll put some pictures
on Instagram guys so make sure you are following us on Instagram
supersorrell the link would’ve corpuscle by during this video and there will be a
link below as well check out the Instagram link so check us out on
Instagram we will see some awesome photos yeah I said dude mind off the review I
just bought off my own personal enjoyment
I thought share that with your camera my next thing is an exclusive that I picked
up it’s Bray Wyatt this is the fiend and I got this from Smith’s here in the UK
so Smith’s I’ve got the exclusive I believe the original a squeezy in the in
the United States was on Amazon and I was I had read pre-order on Amazon not
Cody K for this and it seems that the Amazon UK orders got cancelled
and so I was looking to get it on amazon.com but then recently sorry in
Smith’s so picked it up from there guys just $9.99
grab yourself down to local Smith’s to pick with these bad boys up it is the
theme is the first piece of feed merchandise we’ve got really and it has
I mean like in Toyama because we’re gonna know about the masks and stuff but
this is the first like toy we’ve had no I’m still wait for the FDA action figure
as soon as they release an action figure of this bad boy I will be reviewing it
because I love the theme even if they and the history light has dropped off a
cliff at the moment he’s gonna be facing John Cena at WrestleMania apparently and
he’s just come off the championship so not sure what’s going on there but
either way the fiend is an awesome character I can’t wait I can’t wait to
review that I’ll be reviewing that on Instagram guys as you know I do all my
do all my is pop vinyls on Instagram these days and I went to hey Jimmy next
and the works not the works and what stones rather and I got two books so in WH Smiths I managed to pick up
Harleen the hardback this is the Black Label comic book of wax series black
label boy label and this is Harleen it collects all six and they were six
issues the doc dr. Harleen Quinzel story it’s like a prequel but how she became
Harley Quinn young psychiatrist with potential cure for the madness that Hans
Gotham City dr. Harleen Quinzel must prove a revolutionary theory it’s a
skeptical establishment by delving in the disturbed minds of Arkham Asylum
deadliest inmates but the more time she spends with her criminally insane
subjects the closer she’s drawn to one patient in particular and the further
she falls away from reality the birth of legendary auntie here a Harley Quinn and
the shocking origins of her twisted romance with the Joker I revealed in
howleen I got this like I said from agent V guys $24.99 Brees a big hot box
I don’t think that’s a bad price for that and the hottest the currently I’ve
seen that there is a paperback version but the paper version I believe was in
German on Amazon there is actually you came home yeah or an English version and
the paper one is coming in the paper one will be about $12.99 but you know what I
thought on this nice hardback I’m big fun of Harley Quinn so thought I’ll look
nice on my shelf in the collection of stuff anywhere but yeah fab you are
packs are left and then guys to prepare myself for the New Mutants movie I did
go ahead and pick up there it was called New Mutants the entire the complete
collect collection vol 1 and this was 29 pounds 50 so a little
bit more on the expensive side but it is Waterstone what you expect very
expensive comic but it’s guy I know I’m not not in my day it’s collecting quite
a few issues is this collect quality New Mutants 25 through 37 I’m journey into
mystery dead 632 so a few colleagues in there the New Mutants have a new agenda
Cyclops is sick of unfinished business coming back to haunt the x-men so he’s
tossed the New Mutants to finish it their first mission find Nate x-men grey
so this is gonna be cool to read because there’s a fair few characters in here
like the sugar mallet stuff like that that’s
gonna be featured as a back piece real soon
there he is so he’s gonna be a bath of the Apocalypse wave that’s coming very
soon and there’s a bunch of cars in here like Nate and some of the new Valkyries
and stuff like that the you know I kind of enjoy I’m gonna join reading up on
these stories in preparation for reviewing the figures plus I have all
the New Mutants now and I want to know more about them so I was I was never big
on New Mutants when I was growing up so I want to give them another read
especially for movie comes out so that’s the books then I got a bunch of
deliveries arrived guys as well a bunch of boxes first box of that that came
across was this it was a very weirdly packaged box so I gave it a quick home
you see what it was and oddly to my surprise it is from the hook group they
do the deep Mikey box and see box they’ve given us and a shirt so this was
my geek box issued 15 men’s X at Al’s obviously those are sure some point I
was wrong ha it’s been missing that I didn’t know it’s apparently I don’t
remember not receiving a shirt but then I’ve looked at this I don’t I don’t
remember getting this one either so I have no idea and it’s a bit late to
receive this one now for what it is to be honest I think this must occur around
Christmas it just says you better watch out and it’s like a zombie Santa so
interesting concept for t-shirt it’s pretty cool I’ll put it away from next
year obviously and it’ll will be a cool geek t-shirt to wear around holidays but
yeah it’s a bit late to be wearing that now it’s not almost coming up the spring
summer time but either way we’ve got a new shirt there now speaking of peat bogs ZBOX and all
the usual bum they have sent as a threads box this
month as well so we have got this month red box
let’s give it open again it’s t-shirt and comic that you get every single
month the t-shirt this time what is that oh it’s Batman is the Dark Knight don’t
even see that design it’s very nice though it’s a black and white Batman
this is the Dark Knight it’s got the Joker there it’s the official Batman
t-shirt and as an XXL so that’s decent no bad
I like t-shirts t-shirts like I said I always hard to find in my size so these
geek boxes not usually help me get some good geeky shirts like the one I’m
wearing this was a Z box one there’s transformers and the comment book this
month it isn’t Eagle Moss which is kind of
annoying I hate Eagle Moss they are worthless but either way its brightest
day part 1 from people Moss which is a Justice League normal from DC I don’t
think I’ve ever read brightest day this collects issues zero through twelve one
one’s dead twelve heroes and villains have been resurrected by a white light
expelled from deep within the center of the earth called a miracle by many a
sign of the apocalypse by others the reason behind the roots rebirth remains
a mystery now Aquaman Martian answer firestorm
Hawkman Hawkgirl dead man Jada Cyrus Hawk Captain Boomerang unzoom
must discover the mysterious reason behind their return and undiscovered the
secrets that buy more so is this the star then of the DC rebirth Lian is that
where this comes from cuz I’ve never read it I’ve never read
bridesdale I’ve heard of the name we’re bright these day but nothing I’ve I’ve
never read it interesting so that was at this one Z box
a Batman t-shirt ala DC comic not bad I wish it was a Batman comic well you know
you know my feelings on on regular DC I like regular DC but I prefer that
another box here this is from comics and cocktail guys since she was five I
already know what his idea just reveal oh yeah this was my
additional Hulk Red Hulk I got a second one by accident I picked up one when I
was in Middlesboro with my brother this is an additional owner how we’ll be
shipping pond to another collector suddenly I’ve already worked worked out
with you the collector so it isn’t up for grabs anymore guys this is going to
a hole and then last box and other comics and cocktails delivery and this
one is an exciting I’m so excited we’ve got the cuckoo’s guys we have Emma
Frost sisters all affectionately called the glue cuckoos I need to read look up
the modern cuckoos cuz I remember when the cook the cookers you style has made
in them and I believe as maze now dead was really five of them three survived
and they were featured in the gifted television series you remember but as
May was featured in the gift of television series but I believe she’s no
longer with them and this is three of your sisters so very happy to have them
guys I do have three I’ll be doing a review of these very very soon
very very very bracing cuz I’m stupid excited to open them up plus I want to
try all through those bloom heads on the other figure as well you think me or is
not just as likely from Magic’s head repainted how they look like it right
guys that’s all the stuff we have this week for you I hope you enjoying these
little haul videos that keep doing every now again with a bit of luck footage I
hope you kind of enjoy them if not let us know in the comments and if you do
want to win that competition you guys if you do want to win that the gift card it
is gonna be an Amazon gift card so anybody in the world could win just make
sure you hit like and subscribe in this video and leave a comment down below
saying you want to win guys thank you very much for watching as always I’m
your host supersorrell I’ll choose a winner later next week it’ll be on
Tuesday I’ll announce it on the community page here on YouTube and I’ll
drop it into the video that I do on that day just saying who the winner is
but guys thank you very much watching as always I’m your host supersorrell and
I’ll see you in the next video good luck to everyone
that into the competition I’ll announce on Tuesday thanks very much for watching
bye you

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    Originally calling themselves the Five-in-One, with the deaths of Esme and Sophie the remaining sisters are now known as the Three-in-One.

    Sophie died when the mutant named Quentin Quire started a riot on the Xavier Campus, Sophie was "inspired to heroism" and used the drug named Kick to strengthen her powers and fight him. The strain killed her.

    Esme died when she had developed a crush on the mutant Xorn. However, Esme turned on him and tried to destroy his mind after he rejected her affections. Xorn, hopped up on the Sublime contrived drug Hypercortisone D at the time, angrily killed her by smashing her metal earrings through her skull. She died in Emma Frost's arms, who tells Esme that out of all the Cuckoos, she was most proud of her.

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