24 Slot Teal & 6 Slot Canada Floater Decoy Bags

hey you gotta come check this out to see
what we just got in all right good afternoon
Rogers customers teal season is coming up here early goose season is coming up
we just got in a nudie club bag for both of those situations I know you guys love
our decoy bags we make them strong tough durable and a good affordable price so
what I have here in my hand right now is a 24 slot teal bag and then what I got
right here is a 6 lot Canada Goose floating bag specifically designed both
these bags for floating geese on this one and then for 24 pack a teal on this
one I’m gonna open this up right here and just so you guys to look at it so
there she is there’s 24 slots right there this is not a very big bag but
it’ll hold a ton of little teal there that’s got shoulder strap here when
you’re carrying it in or if you’re walking in and it’s got handles too and
it’s always got that little side pouch right here but just overall great bag
get a bunch of teal out there without wasting any space with the with the 12
slot floating duck bag what you see here on the bottom is on all our floating
bags is this mess right here so when you got put wet decoys back in this bag
they’re gonna drain out you’re not gonna have a bunch of water sitting at the
bottom then I’ll eventually hurt the bag as far as dry rot the same thing on the
six slot floating goose bag so you’re floating geese a lot of times you have
flocked heads so we’re adding we have the cinch top up here and then a pretty
basic these are the slot dimensions are designed to fit I think every floating
goose that we sell I don’t think there’s one that we don’t we can’t get fit in
there from dakotas the Bigfoots the Avery a V and X all that stuff so six
locks right there pretty basic and then again it’s got the mesh bottom so we can
get this thing drained out without it sitting there keeping the bottom wet dry
rotten you know setting it on a concrete floor things start rusting it just about
bad deal same thing on this side shoulder strap and handle strap
good thick padding on the side durable great bags that’s all the bags only bag
all use but yeah that’s it brand-new they’re on the website anything over 100
bucks chips free these bags are $50 each so other tote 24 slot 2 bags are about
like 65 and 80 bucks and same same same thing with the six foot floater Goose
bags so there’s gonna be a better better price point than some of the competitors
out there and a very high quality bag so check them out on our website remember
everything over 100 bucks chips free thanks you for watching we’ll see you
next time

3 thoughts on “24 Slot Teal & 6 Slot Canada Floater Decoy Bags

  1. I have some RedHead long tail duck decoy that are pretty small, do you think they could fit in this 24 slot teal bag ? Or do you have the measurement of the decoy that could fit in there ? Thanks!

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