2020 Wonder Murphy Bed

Hey, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. We’re very excited to show you the brand new 2020 Wonder MB. What a fantastic motorhome. If you’re looking for something,
small, compact, huge bed, huge bathroom and lots
of exterior storage. And it’s powered by the
Ford Transit chassis with a beautiful little three
point two liter diesel engine. Lots of power and great fuel economy. Look at this beautiful exterior. Look how stealth it is, look how beautiful it is, look how everything is
integrated together, all the fiberglass, body design,
into the Transit chassis. What a beautiful color, this is our Bordeaux exterior color. Hey, let’s have a look inside
the Wonder MB for 2020. Hey, we are inside the 2020 Wonder MB, you’re gonna absolutely
love this motorhome. And I’m so excited. I’m gonna show you the bed first, because how many 24 foot
motorhomes have a queen size bed? And look how simple this
is to make into a bed. Boom. Hello. Full, queen size bed,
60 inches by 80 inches. Simple to slide off, full walk around. Absolutely fantastic. Look at that. Full sized queen bed. Great for kicking back, relaxing in bed. You got your head rest back
in here for just relaxing, watching TV, which is
absolutely fantastic. But look at the size of this bed area, this is absolutely fun. You can leave the bed down. You can still walk around the bed. And it’s an actual queen sized bed, it takes queen sized sheets. 24 foot nine inch motorhome. So the house itself is about 19 feet long. How many small motorhomes
have a queen size bed? So a great new feature on
all 2020 Wonder motorhomes is we’ve multiplexed with the
Firefly Multiplexing System and we have a main
Multiplexing system over there and we also have sub panels
all throughout the motorhome, where you can control the light. You can see that, I can turn
off everything, if I want. Look at that, turn off all
the lights in the motorhome. Or I can turn on selective light. Outside light, galley lights. I can control whatever the area is, or off the secondary control panel. We have other control panels
throughout the motorhome. So multiplexing, brand new feature on all 2020 Wonder motorhomes. And you can see how simply
the bed just folds back up. Look at that. No cushions have to be moved. I’m borrowing my camera guy’s brand new, what, Apple 11 and 1/2 pro? Look at this. We’re gonna see if we can
smash it one time for him. Here we go, he’s gonna be really mad. You should see the look on his face. Look at that, don’t even hurt the phone. That is so cool. But look how simple that is. Everything just knocks back in place and now I’m back into a dining room area. Got some lovely storage
bins underneath here which is really cool but
you’re gonna love this. When you want to have dinner
look, these cushions slide and turn and now I can play cards, have dinner, face each other. Absolutely great use of space. This is a non-slide motorhome. It feels huge. So let’s talk about some wood colors on the Wonder motorhomes. We have the Natural
Rift, that’s our color. We also have two glamor packages. We have the white, we have the gray and you can leave it Natural
Rift curve cabinet doors, brand new change for 2020. We’ve gone curve, upper doors. They look absolutely fantastic. This one has our optional glamor package in the white, FENIX material. We also have three Ultraleather colors. This is the Mountian, we
also have Earth and Fog. So you can custom your motorhome to exactly the colors that you want, seven different exterior colors, three different leather colors, two different glamor packages and of course the Natural Rift
curved upper cabinet doors. So lots of great choices
that you can have. So to find your favorite
color combination, please check out our Build and Price on our Leisure Travel Van website. You can build and price
your own motorhome, with all the colors that you want and you can see it live. Very cool feature. We wanna be small, but we wanna live large in an RV and the Wonder MB is
not gonna disappoint you for interior storage. Look at this, great little storage areas in here, we’ve kind of use every
little area that we can. We looked at this a little earlier, nice little hidden storage in there and then we can put
these back in place here. And look at this, upper
storage, up in this area, we also have on all of our motorhomes, we have the Leisure pouch with all your warranty information. So you have that there. We also have MyLTV, where you can watch different videos on different things
throughout the motorhome and over here, great hanging closet. Great place here for your shoe storage, absolutely smart. Here’s another one of our
multiplexing control centers right there. Up here, we’ve got a little
service control center, this one has our optional
400 watt solar panel, we also do optional 200 watt solar panels, for your control center right here. This has got the energy upgrade package, so we’ve got our 2,000 watt
Pure Sine Wave Inverter, so that gets turned on here. So over here, we’ve got our
Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus hot water heater settings. Nice little service center
right there, easy access. And I really love the grab handle, all done in Ultraleather
and you can see it’s lit up, very nice at night time or at night when you’re getting
in and out of the motorhome. You’ll love this, look at this. Pop up TV, look at that, absolutely fantastic for watching TV. Watching in bed, watching
it from the dinette area. We’ve also got a smart
Sony Blu-ray player, makes the TV smart. Sound bar and once again,
lots of storage space. This is really cool little option, if you want a little
ottoman, look at this. You have this built-in
ottoman that you can have, put your feet up, kick
back and relax, watch TV. Nice little option to
have, built-in ottoman and look at the storage
area underneath here. Lots of storage, more
storage over on this side. I love the LED lighting in the cabinets and look at this for storage, European hidden hinges, right. Look how nice and deep these cabinets are, absolutely fantastic. This has got our optional
glamor package in the white, we also do the Shadow Gray,
which looks fantastic, or you can leave it natural as well, new standard feature for
2020 on the Wonder models. Now we talked about multiplex in here. So we’ve multiplexed all
the Wonder motorhomes, so you can control the
entire motorhome, right here. I can control all the light, I can turn certain lights
on, certain lights off as you can see. Another great feature
is the Auto Gen Start. So when you order the
optional propane generator, you have Auto Gen Start. So I can set it by temperature, so if I have a pet in the motorhome, turn on the Auto Gen. If it gets too hot in the motorhome, generator will come on, air
conditioner will come on, keep the motorhome nice and cool. I can also set it for voltage, so if the batteries get
low, generator will come on, charge up the batteries. I can set it by time as well, certain campgrounds, you
can only have a generator come on at a certain
time and it has to be off at a certain time. So Auto Gen Start when you order optional propane generator, you get
Auto Gen Start standard. So that’s actually a great feature. Here I can setup my air
conditioner or my heat, it can set it by temperature. So basically anything that you
wanna do with the motorhome, you can do right here. I can check my tank levels, you can see I’ve got 52%
propane left in this motorhome. Black tank is empty, gray tank is empty, the fresh water tank has
little bit of water in there. So everything is digital, as you can see, I can just check right here on the buttons for my air conditioning, how much temperature
I want it to be on at. All my lights, everything
runs right off this system, it’s called multiplexing, it’s standard on all Wonder motorhomes for 2020. I love how much natural light we have. So we have our beautiful
picture frame widow, awning style windows, look at that. Open them up, get some cross ventilation
going throughout the motorhome and we’ve got a privacy
blind built right in with the built-in lock inside there. Look at that, I can actually
have the windows open, get a little bit of fresh
air at night and no light. I love above the Murphy bed, we’ve got a landscape window. Once again, awning style. I can open them up, get
lots of cross ventilation in to the motorhome. It even has a privacy blind. We always talk about storage
being really important in a small motorhome. Look at this hanging closet slash pantry, very, very nice. Look at that big hanging closest, great place for shirts
and clothes and shoes, whatever you wanna put. That’s a nice, beautiful, hanging closet, plus as you can see, we’ve
got a pantry built right in, absolutely fantastic. Locks in place, driving down the road,
it’s not gonna pop open. Let’s have a little look at the ceiling, once again our vacuum-bonded,
fully insulated ceiling, LED lights, of course
those are dimmable lights that go through the ceiling. Great option is the fantastic
fans with rain sensors, so when you order that
option, you get one here in the galley area and
one in the bathroom. If you don’t order that feature, you have a 12 inch fan here, fantastic fan and a seven inch, six
inch fan in the bathroom. The great thing about
the rain sensor fans, is that, if it starts to rain, it will automatically close. If you’re doing a lot of dry camping, this fan moves a ton of air. When it starts to rain, it
just automatically closes and turns itself off. So great feature to have. Over here we’ve got our
15,000 BTU air conditioner, with a heat pump. So it’s a full functional,
15,000 BTU air conditioner and on a cooler day and you’re paying for
the campgrounds service, you can turn the heat pump on and it’s gonna give you some
heat inside the motorhome. So great little Dometic, fantastic, 15,000 BTU air conditioner. If you love to cook, you’re
gonna love the Wonder MB. Look at the size of this galley area, I can almost lay on this galley and sleep, that’s how much room you have. And two great choices of
solid Corian countertop, Antarctica white and Stone. But look at this size of this galley, two burners, spark ignition stove, built-in back splash. Beautiful picture frame
window, awning style, opens all the way up. We have the built-in,
night time shade as well. We’ve got beautiful LED
lights in the cabinets, look above this, look at the storage area. Look, most of my arm
goes inside this cabinet, great for pots and pans and dishes. Remember, if the dish doesn’t
fit, you must’ve quit, people like that. And look at this, solid, beautiful, soft Corian countertops, with deep stainless steel sink. Solid countertop cover there and this is nice too, so you can actually be pouring water and working on your food preparation. Chrome faucet, built-in
stainless steel back splash, inverted plug, coffee maker, very important to have one. Once again, order the
optional 2001 Inverter with AGM battery, it’s gonna
make you very happy. Accessory channel, right here. Below this galley area, look at the pot and pan
drawer, look at that, beautiful storage area,
utility area right there. And look at this, built-in garbage can, look at this, easy
access to our water pump. And easy access into our furnace and all of our plumbing lines and our Truma AquaGo Comfort
Plus hot water heater, right there as well. So beautiful, big galley area with tons of storage. So over on the other side of our galley, of course our little
built-in pantry on the door, very smart and our convection microwave. Once again when you order
the upgrade, power package, this is inverted. Which that means is that
I can warm something up in the microwave without
turning on my generator. So that’s super smart and the new 3-way Dometic fridge. This is really important,
the 3-way Dometic fridge runs on one 10 power, propane power and 12 volt power. Three different sources of power and you’re gonna love this
new fridge and freezer. Look the door opens up this way or I can open up the door this way, which is absolutely
fabulous when you’re cooking in the galley area. Look at that, six point seven cubic feet, beautiful, brand new, Dometic 3-way, two door, swing fridge. This is really smart for cutting boards or your sink cover, look at this. I can slide the sink cover
in there and store it. If we thought the bathroom and the galley and all the exterior and
interior storage was fantastic, wait till you see this bathroom. Sliding pocket door. Probably one of the biggest bathrooms that you’re ever gonna find in a 24 foot, nine inch motorhome Come on in, let’s have a look at this. Okay, so we’re in the actual bathroom, now it’s a three-piece dry bathroom, so it’s not a wet bathroom that you’d find in a van, where you sit
on the toilet to shower, no, no, no, no. Big, standup shower. So I’m normally six or six one, I got my shoes on, so
I’m probably six two, I know my mother would be mad
at me for having my shoes on. But look at this, I can go all the way up to the top, probably six three, six four to the top, absolutely fantastic. Lots of room, I can
turn all the way around. Built-in LED light, shower door. You can see how we’ve
integrated the shower head, you can have a place here for
your soaps and your shampoos. We’ve got a little on-off switch here, that kinda slows the flow of water down, to conserve water. But this is a huge stand-up shower. I really like this featured little handle for getting in and out of the shower. Nice little feature to have. Let’s have a look at
this beautiful vanity, of course we’ve got our chrome faucet, stainless steel sink. We’ve got a beautiful
storage area underneath here. Once again, this is done in the Antarctica white countertops, we also do the Stone countertops as well. Solid Corian countertops, I love the accessory channel here. Nice big, dressing mirror here. You can order one of
our Leisure logoed stuff on our website. You can go to our Leisure store, you can get a beautiful
Leisure logoed shirts and hats and cups and all you can make your
Leisure Travel Van all Leisure. You’re gonna absolutely love this, look at this storage space, we have here for towels and linens, wow. Look how deep that is, it goes nice and deep. Little place here, medicine cabinet, absolutely smart. Of course multiplexing, I can control all the different lights
right here, look at that, turn on my water pump. Now over here, we’ve got our china toilet, with a built-in washer, it’s not a bidet, but some people do, it’s just a little bit of cold water, that will wake you
right up in the morning, absolutely fantastic. I love this little feature, look at this. Great in the morning for getting ready to put your towels on here. You can actually just us it
as a seat, just to relax, if you want, but just
a great use of space, absolutely super smart. Also have our GFI plug there and of course we have
our privacy pocket door. So I have my own, private,
bathroom, so smart. One of the great features
in all Wonder motorhomes, is the opening skylight, I absolutely love this, so some beautiful, natural light. If you happen to live in an area where you have bugs, I can stop that. We’re down in California, it’s
gonna be like 96 here today, I’m probably gonna leave that
open and just close this, so I can get some fresh
air in the motorhome and not the sun, so absolutely fantastic. That’s standard on all Wonder motorhomes. I love when the Wonder
motorhomes have the seat on the Transit chassis, turns and swivels. So a nice little sitting
area, sit back and relax. Actually have a little
bit of storage in here, as we mentioned earlier, if you wanna grab something under there. We also have our privacy blinds, that come across here, to
block off the motorhome, very nice to have that. Of course we have the
beautiful Ford Transit chassis. Let’s talk about that right now. Okay we’re inside the cockpit
on the Ford Transit chassis on the Wonder MB, absolutely fabulous. You’re gonna love it, if
you’ve never driven one, I suggest you take it out for a drive. Let’s talk about the power. So it have a three point
two liter, five cylinder, turbo diesel Ford chassis, six
speed automatic transmission, 185 horsepower, 350 foot pounds of torque. Torque is what pounds you
down the highway, baby, and this thing will roll and you get fabulous fuel economy as well. So it has all kinda of
the standard features, with the power brakes
and the power steering, power windows, power mirrors,
it’s got all that great stuff. And you’re gonna love the
six speed transmission, you can actually up shift and down shift the transmission right
here on the gear shift. We have of course the incredible Ford SYNC 3 navigation system. You can talk to it, it will
find you a gas station, it’ll find you a campground,
anything you want, you never have to take
your eyes off the road, you can just talk to it and it’ll find whatever you’re looking for. Set the navigation and take
you wherever you wanna go. It also got a built-in back-up camera. You can leave the back-up
camera on all the time, when you’re driving down the road. You can see I’ve got a Wonder behind me as a matter of fact right now,
looks absolutely fantastic. So if you’ve got bikes in
the back, or tow vehicle, you can watch it right there. We talked a little bit earlier, we built all of our Wonder motorhomes on a 178 inch wheelbase. So the longer the wheelbase,
the better the ride, so you gonna want the longer wheelbase on the Ford Transit chassis. Couple little things, all
of our controls systems are built right into the steering wheel. I can see exactly what’s going on, my average fuel economy, how many gallons I have of
fuel left, before I’m empty, my speed, everything is
controlled right here on the steering wheel, which is absolutely easy to use. Your eyes never have to leave the highway. We didn’t mention that we can also can have Apple CarPlay and we
have Android Auto as well. So a couple little safety features that we order on all of
our Wonder motorhomes from the Ford, on a Ford Transit chassis. We have lane keeping
assist, with driver alerts, so if you’re getting a
little tired from driving, it’s gonna warn you and
tell you to pull over and have a cup of coffee. We’ve got some great charging areas, where you can plug in your
phone or your charging systems, here and here and of
course that runs off the Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto. Have a little remote
for your back-up camera and once again, you just
turn that switch on there and you can watch your back-up camera. How about the really
cool features that we do on all of our Leisure Travel Vans, is we have our roadside assist, that we provide for the first two years, which gives you technical
support, roadside assistance, tire assistance, emergency fluid delivery, lockout service, jump starting,
mobile mechanic service. Also has a concierge service as well and the other great
thing is to join MyLTV, that’s a great program once
you own a Leisure Travel Van. It has a lot of great
programs, has Travelers Clubs, it has product information,
different things you can look up on our
videos, on how to run your hot water heater or your solar panel, of if you’re confused
about something else. We do some great photo contests every year and we also have a rewards program. So make sure that you join MyLTV and don’t forget you’ve got a standard 1800 roadside assistance for the first two years, that you can renew later on as well. So a couple other little great features, telescopic steering, beautiful. And let’s talk about the big thing, the panoramic view,
right, this is a big plus. So no big tunnel, lots of freedom, you can see the entire road, you can see the mountains and the ocean, everything you want, that’s the cool thing about the Wonder motorhome
on the Ford Transit chassis. Hey was that not fun, what an incredible interior. That great big queen size
bed, that huge bathroom, lots of interior storage,
multiplexing, fabulous. If you love the inside,
look at the outside of this motorhome. The beautiful curved wall,
the integrated fiberglass front mask, side mask, rear mask and look at this paint, full-body paint. We have seven different
exterior colors of paint, we have the Bordeaux,
we’ve got the Silver, we have the Graphite, we have the Denim, we have the White Suede and
we have of course Champagne and Euro Sport. Seven different exterior colors and this is full-body paint. Don’t get fooled by other guys just putting an FRP or exterior wall. This is all paint, each
color painted three times, two coats of clear. It’s gonna last forever and look at that, it looks absolutely stunning. Hey, we’re up on the roof of the one and we don’t often get up on the roof, but you can see this is
fiberglass, one piece, Flexroof, it’ll expand and
contract with heat and cold. You can see that every single screw head is completely sealed, ’cause
water can work its way down through the screw head. No exposed screw heads. This one has the optional
400 watt solar panels, these are flex panels. As you can see we’ve
got four of them here, we have the Winegard 2.0 Wi-Fi
booster with 4G capability. TV antenna, radio antenna here and here, we’ve mentioned earlier,
we have the optional T4 satellite dish, that does
direct dish and bell systems. Everything is absolutely beautiful, you can see how clean the roof is. You can see how everything is sealed. This is a roof. Okay let’s work our way
around the passenger side or the camp side of the chassis. I like this, how the mirrors come in, we’re seven feet, 10 inches wide. We also have the nice
little courtesy lights, that come on when you open your door. I love that. You can see how we contour the fiberglass into the chassis, so it’s all integrated, the beautiful, curved wall. It looks absolutely fantastic. As we work our way down, we’ve got the great
option of keyless entry, where you can lock it Hear that? Locks the door and you can unlock it,
right off the key fob, so nice little option to have there. So we have a step in camping mode, I can take this step off of camping mode and then the step goes in and out, but don’t ever panic if the step is out and you turn on your ignition,
it will always go in. Another nice little feature to have, we have the multiplexing system, I can turn on my assist handle or I can also turn on my
outside baggage lights. And you can turn on your porch lights, so I’ve got both lights on and I’ve also got LED
lights on the awning. So you can have lots of lights at night, awing light, patio light handle or you can simply turn them all off. Lots of great LED lights. So nice little area there. Let’s talk about some storage here, look at this, nice
storage area right here. This is all galvanized sheet metal, we spray foam it all, so it doesn’t have any stone damage, when you’re going down the road, also it keeps it quieter,
all lined and lit. I love this beautiful fiberglass door, built-in strut, so it doesn’t fall down and hit you on the back of the head and you can close it,
it’s very easy to close. See how it’s contoured down on the body and it comes in around, actually it makes it
look absolutely stunning. More aerodynamic when you’re going down the road as well. As I work our way down over here, we’ve got our batteries. So standard, we have two
deep-cycle, six volt batteries, with a 1,000 watt Pure Sine Wave Invertor, or we have the energy upgrade package. That’s a great little option package, we’re we go with AGM batteries and a 2,000 watt inverter, which also inverts the microwave. So if you’re a dry camper, I suggest that you get this package, where you get the AGM batteries, they’re maintenance free batteries. You get the 2,000 watt
Pure Sine Wave Inverter and we invert the microwave, so you can use it without
turning on the generator. Great little package, great little optional package to have If you do a lot of dry camping, you’re gonna love this little option, because you have your
own small, little table, you can take it with you all the time. It just locks in place, right here, excellent, solid table. Okay as we work our way down, we’ve got our beautiful,
sexy frameless glass windows, absolutely beautiful. These are awning style windows, so the windows open out, the advantage to you, as when it’s pouring rain outside, you can still have your windows open for some cross ventilation, ’cause it can still be
a beautiful hot day. Little bit of rain is
not gonna make us sad and I can have my windows, I don’t have to worry about
water going into the motorhome, so very important. Have awning style windows in an RV, it’s gonna make you super happy. You’re also gonna love this feature, on all Wonder motorhomes,
is our power awning. It’s a box awning, it’s
all enclosed in a aluminum, it’s gonna come out over seven feet wide and 12 feet long. So nice, big awning. Windy day, you can bring the awning out and if I was on a sand area,
I could just knock it in with some tent pegs into the ground, or I can lock it into
the motorhome, like this. You can see how simple it is. Now it’s locked in, do both
sides, very simple to do, as you can see and I can lock it in here, this is actually fantastic. Lock it up, nice big awning and a little bit of wind blowing. If it’s a super windy day, you wanna make sure you
leave your awning in, but look at this, nice big awning. Just 12 feet, seven feet, a beautiful little optional
camping table here, enjoy RVing baby. Okay, let’s keep working
our way down the motorhome. Here on the passenger side, look at this. We have our optional LP
Generator 3.6 kilowatt propane. So that’ll run your air conditioner, run all of your electrical
inside the motorhome, that’s a great, great option to have. Runs of the main 15 gallon propane tank and over to my left side here, we’ve got our propane quick connect. So you wanna carry a
little barbecue with you, you can run that off the main
15 gallon propane tank too, you don’t have to carry a big 20 gallon
propane tank with you. So let’s check out this big storage bin. Once again, we’re only
24 feet, nine inches long and storage is always important. And look at this, once again, we have our optional table here, but this is some serious
storage space in here. Look at that. That fits me in here. That is very cool, that
is some serious storage. You golf or fish or need to
take a lot of stuff with you, look at this, got some
adjustable shelves in here, beautiful adjustments here. We have our control
for our awning as well, but lots of big storage,
absolutely fantastic. It also have a nice LED light in there, in the baggage area, so you can find whatever you’re looking for at night. If we work our way down at
the back of the motorhome, full fiberglass, rear
mask, fully insulated. Once again, full-body paint, absolutely, looks fantastic. Integrated back-up
camera, LED marker lights. Down here on the Wonder MB,
you can tow up to 3,200 pounds, you have a class three
receiver hitch on there. Looks absolutely fantastic
when you look at the rear mask, absolutely gorgeous. See how it’s all fiberglass, that’s very important. It’s just not a thin FRP wall, solid fiberglass. Then we work our way down the
driver side of the motorhome, we have our outside service center. This is a great little service center. Everything is all in one place, you’re absolutely gonna love it. Great, little option
is the Macerator pump, so everything is all
connected, as you can see here, you’ve got an adapter, if you wanna plug into a three inch line, make sure you take this end off, otherwise bad, bad things will happen. So great little option to
have, the Macerator pump, you can actually pump uphill,
everything is all connected. So I’ve even seen people that pumped into their toilet at home,
when they gone RVing. That is what is great
about a Macerator pump. So we always include the
three inch standard dump, so you don’t have to
worry if there’s a failure on the Macerator pump, you
can still dump your tank. So when you’re dumping your
tank, let’s talk about that. We always wanna dump our black tank first and then our gray tank, that
washes out the hose line. As we work our way down, we’ve got our outside shower. I really like this little feature, hot and cold running water outside. Great if you have little pets,
wanna wash your hair outside. Some of our RVers love to fish, you can actually clean the fish outside. Another nice little feature over here, is we have our pick up
line for RV antifreeze so simply winterize the motorhome, you can put this into the RV antifreeze and you can suck it up
through the water lines or if you run it a fresh water, you can get a jug of
water, put the hose in and you can run water
into fresh water tank. So that’s a great little
feature to have here. So right here we have
our water pump switch, so if you forget to
turn on your water pump, you can turn on the switch right here, to run your outside shower, you don’t have to go all the
way inside the motorhome. That is a great convenience feature, all motorhomes need to have that. So when you wanna hook
up your fresh water hose, you get a fresh water drinking hose, your run it up through
here, plug it into there, then you have your valve here for turning your water to pure water
or to fill up the tank and then you can close this down, nobody can tamper with your area. But you’re gonna love how everything is so convenient and it’s all in one spot. Okay, 16,000 BTU furnace, so it’ll keep you nice and warm. Runs on propane and then we have our Truma AquaGo Comfort
Plus hot water heater, that’s standard on all Wonder models. And what makes this water heater fantastic with instant hot water. It has a one liter hot water tank here, that it holds one liter of water, keeps it nice and hot. When you have it on Comfort Plus, as it uses that one liter of hot water, the heat exchange gets hot and then you have continuous
unlimited hot water. Absolutely fantastic hot water heater. Truma AquaGo Comfort
Plus hot water heater, comes out of Germany, the best hot water heater on the market. Wow, I’ve got some beautiful sun here, you can see, look how beautiful
the Bordeaux exterior looks. That looks absolutely stunning. Hey, but let’s talk about
this wall construction. Vacuum-bonded, two pound
density polystyrene, blocks aluminum. The reason
why we use blocks aluminum, welded together, it’s like
an egg on it’s end, baby, it is never gonna break. So that’s what makes
the wall super strong, vacuum-bonded aluminum frame floor, once again, super strong. Vacuum-bonded aluminum frame roof, fiberglass flex roof all
the way around the top. So as we keep working our way around, you can see the molded fiberglass comes back into the chassis. This is a cutaway chassis. I like this little feature from Ford, so they have our diesel fill here and you can use up to 20% biodiesel, which is fantastic and then
our DEF fill right here, so both fills are very convenient and I like this, see that? We can have the door closed, fill up, no fumes go into the motorhome. When you close the door and close it, now nobody can tamper with your DEF or with your diesel fuel. Step for getting in and out of
the motorhome, super simple. We’re now at the front of the motorhome, with the beautiful Wonder MB and as we mentioned earlier, we power on the Ford Transit chassis. We have 185 horsepower,
350 foot pounds of torque, six speed automatic transmission, 178 inch wheelbase, we go
with the longest wheelbase that we can get, more stable, softer ride, actually very, very important. You want a nice long wheelbase, but the chassis is absolutely fantastic. So if you’ve never
driven one, it’s a dream to drive, lots of power,
great fuel economy and I mean, look at it. It looks outstanding, it looks stunning. Hey, thank you very much for watching the 2020 Wonder MB video, we do appreciate everybody who watches. Make sure you subscribe
to our YouTube channel, to get all the latest videos. If you’re looking for a small motorhome, with a queen size bed, big bathroom, lots of interior, tons
of exterior storage, fantastic fuel economy,
you want it to be small at 24 feet nine inches. This is the motorhome for you. You gotta go and see your local
Leisure Travel Van dealer, take one out for a test drive, you’re absolutely gonna love it. Hey, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans, remember life is short, enjoy your dreams. You should be driving one of these. Dean from Leisure Travel
Vans, see you next time. You can configure your Leisure Travel Van today. We have Build and Price. You can compare floor
plans, you can pick colors of exterior, interior wood
colors, leather colors, plus you can pick all of the options and you can price it out and know exactly what you’re getting, in
your Leisure Travel Van.

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