2020 Panigale V4 S Review

I kind of don’t even want to touch it
it’s so beautiful hey everyone I’m bill I’m with Cali moto TV welcome back to
the channel and welcome back to AMS motorcycles here in Sacramento
California and today walking into the showroom we saw the brand new v4 s for
2020 and I knew Randy was gonna let me use it so I didn’t even ask and then he
comes up to me and says hey we got the new v4 s and I jumped on the opportunity
so today we’re gonna be taking this all new refined v4 s out on the road giving
you guys some updates of what they’ve changed in the v4 s and let’s see how it
all performs out on the main road so let’s get geared up take a look around
the bike and we’ll see you guys out on the road alright guys well it sure isn’t as fancy
as some of the bikes keys that I’ve been on but we don’t need fancy key because
we have an absolutely gorgeous fancy bike
the new panigale v4s I am so excited to be on this bike I’ve always loved this
bike don’t get me wrong now I’m gonna talk about why the only
reason why I don’t own one of these $30,000 that’s the only reason why I
don’t own this bike but we got a cold start we were able to get a cold start
on this thing earlier and my goodness so I just came off of the rocket 3 which is
a completely opposite of this bike my feet were way out here and I was way up
here and now we get we get back to home where I’m more comfortable in this sport
bike so I’m gonna let this thing warm up and you guys can see the instrument
cluster it’s very nice we’ve got let’s go over real quick while this warms up
suspension kollene suspension front and rear all
digital computerized so very very nice suspension aleene’s electronic steering
damper right up front a Brembo front rear all the way around
beautiful diff they’ve got the Brembo master for the brakes and the Brembo
master for the clutch absolutely gorgeous love it just sitting in the
cockpit it looks great big nice tall windscreen
which is very nice I’m assuming there’s an even taller but I’m not even sure
that you need an even taller windscreen alright guys so let’s see we’re in sport
mode so you can see here we’ve got our electronic brake control over here and
then we have we can go up to our dynamic trash control dynamic wheelie control so
all of our different gauges over here so we can change this and we can go select
and then change the different modes right the electronic braking so we can
go up to one or two if we want to go and change our dynamic
wheelie control we can change this and turn down the wheelie control or turn up
the wheelie control this is what was missing from the BMW s1000 Thank You
Ducati for allowing me to go in and change these particular settings because
for a sport bike rider that is trying to benefit from the electronic aids
absolutely a must so thank you we got our high beams over here and then we’ve
got our our off and then we can turn on our automated lights or our trying to
say our daytime running lights so very nice let’s go ahead and turn on the
daytime running lights without the high beams good god such a different feel
such a different feel from sitting on that rocket 3 sorry that Rocket 3 kind
of took my kind of blew me away it took some words out of my mouth this
thing is definitely also so I got the opportunity to ride the first one of the
first V 4s is out it’s a mirrors adjusted so when the v4s came out a few years
back I was able to get on one at Thunderhill and I really enjoyed it I
really enjoyed it now I have been on the v4r and that thing terrified me honestly but what they’ve done here in 2020 and
what’s been nice about the 20/20 is they’ve taken a lot of customer feedback
and a lot of race feedback and they have refined this bike to have better
throttle response better thought mapping with the fly-by-wire better shifting which is already the
shifting I’m gonna put this shifter up on the top
of the top of the bench because it is a flawless if there’s no clunk there’s no
nothing the thing just shifts very very nice except for that one but I didn’t pull it
very hard so that’s my fault so vibration 5,000 rpms and second gear
a little bit in the thighs but nothing major not too bad
seat is hard hard hard hard seat but it does kind of have a suede style grip
material so I think when you are on when you’re on this thing on the track I
think you guys are going to enjoy this seat because it kind of keeps you a
little bit more planted as you can see the daytime running lights up in the in
the front very nice add a nice man just so so the electronic
suspension they did did a fine tune on the electronic suspension nothing major
but they did raise the bars up a teeny bit for a little different ergonomics
for the steering so it’s supposed to help you get into the corner a little
bit better when you’re out on the track so that’s nice they kind of brought that
up the sound of this thing is record now it’s clear we don’t need to talk
about the horsepower too much because it is one of the horsepower kings 214 horsepower
which is just insane and I feel like you know what I and I
did my homework I’m sorry guys I want to say ninety-four foot-pounds of torque is
too high I think it’s 74 but I apologize it’s either 74 94 put the feet for
because it brought up that horsepower it really brought those torque numbers down
because the tortes not as needed but very usable power and torque
fifth gear 4,500 rpms it’s got a decent roll on nothing major
obviously in fifth year that’s stupid and I don’t need to use your clutch so I want to check out because one of my
gripes with speech shifter quick shifters
is can I be on the throttle a little bit can I be on the throttle a little bit in
order to shift down or do I can I be off the throttle a little bit to shift up
now some you guys are gonna be like why is that important because look we’re not
always on track with this thing I know it’s a track monster but let’s face it
we’re not always on the track with this thing so when we are around town it is
nice to kind of have some nice smooth shifts and sometimes we don’t need to be
in the extreme you know full brake position in order to be down shifting or
full acceleration to be up shifting so I would like to be able to you know be in
a corner and know that all right I got a downshift right now so I’m about medium throttle and it
shifts just fine but like right now I want to downshift it won’t let me so I gotta be about I got about a
quarter throttle on and it’ll allow me to downshift on the throttle
and it won’t allow me to so about a quarter bottle so that only interested
guys is questions if you guys have if you’re concerned with that if you’re
about a quarter of the throttle it will allow you to up or down ship now some of
you guys say why is that important well BMW allows heat up and down ship while
you’re on the throttle and off the bottle
but when you were on the Yamaha r1m
it doesn’t allow you to downshift unless you’re completely off the throttle or
you’re on the throttle like about halfway and again I’m using my clutch
what am I using my clutch for just sitting back and looking at this thing
guys so let’s go into our different modes so we’re gonna go into so we got
our different modes down below so we can scroll through our average speeds so
this is our little clock down at the bottom
average speed air temperature 53 degrees our trip ometer number to 8.4 fuel
consumption settings total miles trip so and then of course you can reset that so it was kind of a little odd while I
was sitting there it sounded like the bike kind of went into uh that the
exhaust valves definitely closed and quieted this thing down but when I put
it in first you can hear it open back up so maybe an idle mode will see it the
next stoplight it sounds like it kind of goes into that kind of kind of a quiet
mode not sure why you want it to be in quiet mode you’re on a Ducati v4s so
some of the exterior features that they’ve added to this obviously you guys
have clearly seen the the winglets up in front and they have added them they are
not carbon fiber so I think the price of them are going to be relatively cheap
for you droppers but the front end is a plexiglass front end and they say that
the website says the nose and windscreen so obviously the windscreen but I’m not
sure about how much of the nose is plexiglass maybe just the light assembly
but they have added the winglets upfront for added stability at high speeds
they found that these winglets really do help with the drive down of the nose
which is real nice at the high speeds and I will tell you that you know around
town there did it’s not doing anything this doesn’t do anything while we’re
around town so it’s not gonna affect you and I will tell you when I wrote the v4
are on track I could only really feel the winglets a couple times you really
really really have to be booking on this thing in order to get these winglets to
kind of work for you so it’s really I think a lot of people liked and liked
the style of the winglets so for 90 percent of you it’s an aesthetic thing
the aero package that they put on this thing it’s not a functional although it
is very functional but ninety percent of us aren’t going to be able to get this
thing to function because although I wrote the v4 are I was terrified because
obviously I didn’t want to wreck someone else’s bike because Jerry let me ride
his bike but you know I was on track and I was you know kind of getting looking a
little bit on that thing so so I think really aesthetics is is most
of what you guys are going to get off of the aero package the looks the fact that
it looks like a v4r with the price tag of b4s but I really like how Ducati and and
they say this on their website that they gathered a lot of information not only
from customers for pro riders and amateur riders to refine this fight to
make it even better BMW I hope you’re listening because I still the the buzz
of the BMW s1000 has just there’s just nothing nothing out there
about the BMW s1000 anything good at least some people are just starting to get
their bikes so I know alright let’s let’s talk about the v4 and the bumps
that it had when it was released I hope that
BMW looks at what Ducati has done to make this bike what it is because it’s a
very very nice bike and they’ve made it so rideable get out of here on the freeway so they’ve made this thing so rideable
in so nice so the power just doesn’t even come on
into 8000rpm but holy mother is this thing a rocket all right little breather we’re back to
Earth after slightly taking off I apologize for
five miles an hour over the speed limit back there Wow
so suspension is is decent sport bike suspension I don’t think it’s too too
major I’m not sure that I would necessarily change it right now but
getting into it you obviously you can get into your the electronic brake control ABS I think
it’s the name extraction tool so I believe it is in here and the different
settings and suspension settings but they changed it a teeny bit they change
the menu just a teeny bit on here but the TFT display is absolutely beautiful
on this thing and if we push and hold the mode button and we can go into our modes and we can
go into race mode exit Street sport race over here close the throttle we’re in
full race mode our ABS is only engage for the front so now we’re in full race mode so let’s see what we hear with the
exhaust and maybe that was because it was in that kind of sport mode race mode
maybe it keeps open now on their website it says that this is a capo vaq
exhausting and I’ll tell you that the it doesn’t it doesn’t say it anywhere on
the outside that this is an apropos vaq exhausting
so I can’t confirm or deny that this is actually an acrobatic exhaust because it
really doesn’t say it anywhere although the website says that it is so
Akrapovic may have just teamed up with Ducati as they usually would to put a
nice exhaust on this thing and what gets me about the Euro 5 and
the sounds of the BMW and why the BMW had taken down the throttle response was
because of the noise this thing is so noisy so I don’t I
don’t quite get it I don’t quite get it I’m baffled by the BMW s1000 it quite
disappointed and I’m glad that Ducati has really kept up and figured out this
thing and made this thing not only look as gorgeous as it does but to run as
well as it does because it runs very very nice so race mode definitely definitely a lot
more throttle response to the race mode definitely a lot more thought or
response so again we can get in and we can push our mode buttons and then
what’s nice is we can also go over and Michael loves kind of got them away is
you can get over and you can change your dynamic wheelie control in your dynamic trust control if after the normal gauge cluster but
yeah you can change the cluster quite a bit now I’m gonna ask Randy about this
because I don’t know if it’s just simply an adjustment but this front brake is
like nothing it is like jello I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like that or
if it just this has got a little bit of air in the line but I’m not impressed at
all by these brakes in fact I don’t like the brakes
they should feel like you’re breaking and you can see that they’re just there’s a
there’s a squish before the gate the brakes engage so again I don’t know if
that’s how they’re supposed to be but I
wouldn’t expect the brakes to be this way so I think it’s a one-off thing so
it won’t i won’t bash on the brakes too much not too bad comfort wise on this
thing really it’s it’s a the seats a little bit hard but when you’re on it
kind of for a little bit of time it it starts to feel a little bit more
comfortable and the clutch lets out about midway
through it’s not a it’s not at the bottom so I
kind of like the clutch to release a little bit more on the bottom yeah I like to clutch a little bit a
little bit just almost immediate and then I also I also want the brakes
pretty much immediate so two things that I’ll slightly complain on this
particular bike but again it might just simply be a hydraulic or a pressure
problem so get this thing up on the pad next to the Rocket 3 which I just demoed
off we go I like it
I like it Oh one thing I want to gripe about is the kickstand they put the peg
for the kickstand kind of up here in front of the shifter which you’re going
to scratch your boot or your boot is going to scratch the paint you’re gonna
want to kick it behind but there’s not much room so kickstand design not on
point off we go beautiful tale with again that the arrow
cutouts for aerodynamic flows single-sided swingarm
beautiful wheels Diablo super courses we’ve got a 260 17 in the rear and then
of course the 120 in the front very nice very nice but $30,000 is what’s keeping
me from this bike 30 grand but I guess you can also get the v4r
which is just right inside let’s go ahead and walk in here real quick what’s
up guys the v4 are they still have one here in stock ready to be sold so you
can see the you know that obviously where the aero package combine but
you’ve got the carbon fiber aero package we’re at a $10,000 more for the actually
wait wait wait did you guys know we is this is this right $35,000 but guys if you guys have been looking
for a v4r they’ve got this thing down $35,000 give them a call but a lot of
the refinements from the v4 s to the v4 are are from the v4 are to the v4 s has
taken over again the winglets and whatnot so all right guys well thanks
for watching hopefully you guys were a little bit informed a little bit of the
newer stuff that’s going on the refinements of this thing it’s a
beautiful bike but if you guys are interested in the v4 are let them know
here at ans or if you’re looking for an S they have two S’s in stock ready to be
sold and price tags about $30,000 so for $5,000 more you can get an are coming by
that our guys but until then we’ll see you next video make sure you hit that
subscribe button and smash that like button and give me a comment down below
let me know what you guys think of the refined 2020 Ducati v4s see you guys
next video bye guys

10 thoughts on “2020 Panigale V4 S Review

  1. Hey Bill it’s James again…it looks like so much fun riding motorcycles. I wish I had the courage to do it. Stay safe.

  2. Buy the darn bike already!! I known you felt disappointed with the BMW but you clearly have ridden the V4 and it’s a good fit for your skill level!! Do it!! Do it!!

  3. When they put a V4 into a Pikes Peak Multistrada, I might reconsider my current relationship with my Multistrada Enduro 1200. I had a Honda Magna V45, years ago, first bike, 19 years old. V4’s are cool engines.

  4. Cylinder deactivation is what you noticed at the lights. I'm not sure what the circumstances for the bike doing it are but I think it's a temperature management thing.

  5. Ducati are nice bikes… most who have one just look at there bike it's more of a trophy, and I'm just surprised how many recalls where on the V4. I would like a V4 dont get me wrong but man like you said… 30k

  6. Been saving for awhile for a litre bike. I was set on the 2020 S1000RR but with all the drama, I don’t think it’s the right bike atm. The Ducati V4S seems to be ready now with all the refinements. Now I’m ready to take the plunge with the V4S. Thank you for your honest review.

  7. The back two cylinders switch off when the bike is stationary to help with the overheating issues that the first V4 from 2018 suffered with. There’s not much room to spare with the v4 and heat build up is a major problem trying to evacuate it from the bike. My previous bike a 1299s ran warm but nothing like a V4. I had one of the first V4s bikes in the uk 2018 it had a major recall at a cost of over £1500 under warranty and among quite a few updates this rear cylinder deactivation when stationary was one of them. Got to say though it still runs bloody warm 😩
    Hopefully the 2020 bike should run cooler now it has the V4R side fairings with the vents in. I’ve just ordered a 2020 V4 so time will tell. Your right about the side stand Ducati never get it right going back to my first 916 through all the other Ducati superbikes I’ve owned always the same issue most of the time it’s easier just to flick it our with your hand😩

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