2020 Lexus UX F-Sport // U Don’t Have to be Rich for THIS Lexus!

What’s going on YouTube? So in today’s Auto market brands can simply not have enough crossovers, which is why alexis Expanded into the blossoming subcompact crossover segment last year with this Lexus UX This is actually the entry point into the entire Lexus brand with a starting price. Just a touch over $32,000 and now for 2020 Lexus is throwing in even more standard equipment into the equation Now of course We do want to take a moment to specially thank our friends at Lexus of Lexington for providing this UX today And if you’re in the market for any new Lexus, make sure you stop by their dealership or check them out via their website So with that all said, let’s see if this UX is the best luxury crossover value So like always we’ll go ahead and start off with the exterior styling and this UX has some similar characteristics to other Lexus models But also some different ones one of the similar characteristics is the spindle grille Of course, this is their signature grille and you do have some differences with this F Sport model This has kind of the black mesh versus the other Spiderweb type of design and it also has a different color on the outside edge and a different housing for the fog light now as far as the headlights you actually do have standard LEDs across all the trim levels, which is nice for $32,000 starting price this is the standard version where it’s all LED except for this incandescent turn signal, but you can get Optional triple beam full LED lights with the three crystals and that is fully LED Now one of the things I like about this UX are the wheels because you actually get 18-inch alloys as standard equipment Unlike the bigger NX which comes standard with 17-inch alloys now as far as the designs though You’ve got two different choices. You have a standard contrast design for the non f sport models And then the F Sport models come with this dark finish alloy And then coming up here to your mirrors. You’ve got this typical cool Lexus design As far as the features the heating is standard However, you will have to go up four to the luxury trim if you want auto dimming or power folding You also have the blind spot monitoring integrated within the mirror And that’s going to be available as an option in the premium package until you get up to that luxury model Alrighty. So before we get to the rear design, I do want to point out that the UX does have a lot of these Plastic moldings around the wheels that gives it a kind of distinct and almost rugged look And a heading around to the rear you do – utley have a unique design. This looks like absolutely nothing else on the road Um, it actually looks a lot like Lexuses concept car But as far as the features are concerned you are going to have full-length LED tail lights These are actually fully LED which is a very premium touch And down on the bottom you will have some more of this black molding and on the F Sport Specifically you will also have this kind of dark graphite trim that matches what they grill on the front Now here on the safety front The Lexus UX is definitely going to shine because it does come standard with the Lexus safety sense 2.0 system So beyond the usual automatic emergency braking Lane Departure alert with steering assist adaptive cruise control and automatic high-beam headlights version 2.0 also includes bicyclist and low-light pedestrian detection Road sign assist and an active Lane tracing assist that keeps you centered in your lane now most drivers will Definitely require you option on expensive packages for that and it’s very nice that this is standard across all of the uxs But anyway guys that sums up all of the cool exterior design of the UX struts Go ahead and hop inside and see what’s cool in there as well So on every version of the UX you will have a standard likes a smart entry system as well as their typical key fob Which has some real metal trim along the side now. There is one change for 2020 in this area and that’s let the Lexus enform remote control app that has been expanded to have a Three-year free trial and included within that is remote start system Now, of course to get inside the vehicle itself, all you have to do is just grab the handle and it will all walk All right, so taking a peek inside this Lexus UX As you can tell really the thing that strikes me right off the bat is that it really looks a lot different than the other Lexus’s as far as the design is concerned Now in terms of your color and material options Every single model is going to come with the new luxe faux leather seating and then your color options are going to be a black lace caramel birch or birch with a special blue dashboard If you go for the base of the luxury model, then when you choose this escort model You have the choices between this black here or also a really cool circuit red color Let’s hurry over here to your door trim. It is nicely appointed You will find a leather material here on your armrest as well as all. The rest is a soft touch plastic All four of your windows are one touch automatic You would also find memory seating if you go for the luxury model or option it on to the escort As far as the seats they are 8 way power adjusting with two-way lumbar support across all the models And then like I was saying the seat material itself is the nuluxe But as I’ve said in the past it does an amazing job amazing impersonation Definitely feels just as nice as most the grades of leather on the s4 You also have these special embroidering and the really cool design with the thick bolsters I’m checking out the interior materials I can say this certainly does not feel like an entry-level Lexus. So across your upper dash here This is a soft touch plastic But as far as this more accessible area, this has actually finished in a nice leather wrap material with a color contrast stitching Now one thing that’s interesting about this model is that you can get a cloth fabric through here In a couple interesting colors, so that makes for a really cool Look if you choose to go that route But anyways continuing on you have some kind of aluminum look trim some more soft touch plastic and then along the bottom tunnel here you do have a nice leather wrap which is good to bump your knee against a Standard across all the UX models you do have push button start finished in blue for the hybrid model Now, of course you won’t really hear anything start out here on this hybrid model since we did start up with the electric motor But anyways, as far as the gauges themselves, all the UX is actually do come with a digital display However, on the F Sport you get these specific F Sport gauges like in other Lexus models so the cool thing of course with this as you can press this button here and then the whole panel will slide off to the side which will reveal to you the larger multifunction display where you can see the You know all the details of what you want to look at Whereas when you put it in this mode here you kind of have a more basic version which kind of reduces the clutter down to just the main gauges as far as and the energy displays down in the middle Up above that, you have your traction control button as well as your drive modes and a head-up display is available optionally Coming back to the steering wheel it has electric power assisted steering and obviously we do have the F sport specific steering wheel Very nice feeling in the hand. You also will notice we have rain sensing wipers That’s part of the F Sport Premium Package But all the models will come with paddle shifters, even though this does have a continuously variable transmission As far as the steering wheel is manually tilt and telescoping and on this specific model we have optioned on the two-stage heat Alright so now let’s go ahead and move into the storage component I have to say there’s more storage on board than you would expect for my vehicle. That’s this small So to start out with our center console here This is impressively large for a vehicle in this class As you can see you do have a nice felt lining at the bottom as well as two USB ports in a 12-volt outlet Also, this does open up from both sides, which is a nice party trick up in the front here We do have our two cupholders You have another large area right here to stick your phone as well as a 12-volt outlet Which you can press and have kind of come out of the dashboard there Now coming back to the shifter here this is your typical lexus shifter Now you camp on back to drive and then bump to the left to shift manually through some simulated gear since like I already mentioned This is a continuously variable transmission And when we go into reverse you will also find a standard backup camera up here We do not have active trajectory, but we do have the optional parking sensors on this model and you can probably hear right now There’s a little sound effect playing when the engines not running does have an electric sound effect to let pedestrians know But the engine has just restarted now, so it turns off And then when you press the put the vehicle under park the electronic parking brake Which is located right here this automatically engages on its own You also have a break hold and you have a button here to lock it into EV All right, so now you look over here this is quite a bit different than the other Lexus models You have some buttons that surround this console here that you can use as a roller So this is your volume knob so we’ll go ahead and sample the six-speaker audio system on this model Yes how quality of this system is pretty good Which is definitely good because there is not a mark levinson sound system offered on the UX at this time Of course I’m front about you to have your typical remote touch controller And then we’ll come on up here to our climate controls On every UX you have a dual zone automatic setup. So it’s very simple to adjust just with these little toggles right here You can’t also see the adjustments display up in the top display if you want And then down below that we have our seat heating controls we have the three-stage heated seats These are optional in the Premium Package for the export model the other two trims. They can also have seat ventilation but not the s4 Okay, so now we are up here at our main Lexus enform display Obviously this one is the smaller one. This is the seven-inch display It comes standard on all the models besides for the Luxury trim. The other version comes with a ten point three inch display instead So will basically take up this entire Unit here. Now this is exactly the same as all the other Lexus models So you have it’s not a touch display, of course, so you can just go through your different applications now I do want to point out the one 2020 change and that is that Android auto is now supported in addition to apple carplay and Amazon Alexa With the seven-inch display you do not have navigation, but you will when you get really ten point three inch display I’m moving on up here. We do have the auto dimming mirror with the Homelink Universal remotes and the compass that is optional And additionally we have the optional power moonroof Will come standard on the luxury only but the other two trims include is that’s where it can option it on And you do have a windscreen Okay, so that is everything to look at in the front areas of this UX So now we’ll go ahead and hand it off to my brother. Mason to check out all the back areas So in the rear seats of the uxu are gonna start to see kind of where you’re paying the price for that Small exterior dimensions and it’s actually not going to be in the feature set though because Lexus does equip it pretty nicely You do have vents back here They are pretty small, but you do have vents Which is nice and you also do have two smart charging USB ports that are standard across the board You are not going to have the option of heated rear seats Even though I don’t really expect that in this class and here in the center We do have a fold-down armrest with cupholders inside And then this is kind of where it starts to take a downfall because the materials back here are a little bit Downgraded from the front. This is all I hard touch plastic. I mean in terms of the rear legroom This is going to be a pretty small tight area It’s 33 inches of rear legroom and 36 inches of rear headroom, which does place it behind some of its rivals like the BMW x1 But really none of them in this class are very large So you’re probably going to be okay, as long as you don’t have two big adults in the back So here at the tailgate, we do have an optional power one with the kick sensor under the bumper here That’s a $600 option on the premium and the F Sport And once it opens up You are gonna find 22 cubic feet of space behind the second row seats for the regular model Or the hybrid has a 17 cubic foot capacity Due to that additional battery up under the floor here and you can definitely notice It is a little bit on the tighter side back here. The floor doesn’t actually start until almost up to my hip I’m so definitely gonna your limit your space And in in comparison to its rivals like the BMW x1 that is a little bit less than that But Lexus does finish it pretty nicely. So up underneath of the floor. We do have a little bit of storage It’s pretty minimal but you do have some if you need additional ones and your seats do also fold 60/40 split you just lift up and Fold it like that so here at the passenger seat Lexus does throw in an eight-way power adjusting one as standard across the board and in front of you you do have a Quite small glovebox. This is honestly not very big at all. It is all sewn up felt line, but it is dampened and Up top we do have a Sun Visor with a light mirror and it does also detach and extend But anyway guys, this is a UX hybrid So now let’s go ahead and take it out on the road where you’re really going to be seeing that benefit of that hybrid powertrain And of course when you first take off since this is a high red model You have no sound at all. It’s very quiet. It’s just the yeah operating in evey mode 20 miles an hour still in the evening. Mm-hmm Yes, it’s a relatively small and lightweight vehicle So it will you know with some regular city driving it will stay in the easy mode But when you give it some gas Then the engine kicks right in like that Now this vehicle is designed for Efficiency and not for performance. So it is not a quick vehicle What you’re looking at is 181 horsepower with this hybrid model. That’s with the gas engine and the hybrid component tree Added together the gas powered model is actually a little less powerful 169 horsepower from its 2-liter four-cylinder engine and Then 0 to 60s are a little bit under 9 seconds. So, you know once again it’s not gonna be a fast vehicle, but this is Way more efficient than the competition You know most of the competition just using a standard Four-cylinder think it’s average fuel economy where this Really shines in the fuel economy, you know. Yeah and it’s important to keep in mind, you know cars mission when you’re evaluating it I mean This is not made to be like the sport and around the town or anything It’s really just made, you know, like you said maximum efficiency Driving through the city you’re stuck in traffic You know sitting at a red light you don’t need power for that You just need you know to get from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible And I’m impressed by how much it’s been staying in the evey mode Most of what we’ve done so far Just driving around here has been in the evey mode We empower is really not bad, you know, I’m also impressed by how quiet it is. This is a Lexus Even though this is an entry-level Lexus. It is Alexis after all and you know, it is remain smooth refined Quiet, you know, it’s not like really super loud and strange sounding That’s honestly one of the things that impressed me the most about it last year is I was expecting you know Entry-level luxury cars can they can sometimes really cheapen them down Just because they’re the cheapest one or whatever and I’m really not feeling that with this UX it really rides like you said It continues to write like a Lexus even though it is the cheapest one is still a very very Premium ride and part of that might have to do this car does also have auto or a noise cancellation So you’re definitely going to really have that quiet cabin in here The handoff between the battery and the electric mode is really really smooth You can hardly feel it at all. You really can’t hear it Okay, not bad Now what you probably have never seen I haven’t talked about yet is that this does have a continuously variable transmission There are some gear simulations you can use the paddles when you have the F sport like I mentioned earlier in the review as well And there also is a sound simulating system here on the F Sport model So you’ll notice that you have a little bit of a more aggressive Engine note that is brought in through the speaker system for this F Sport model All of you guys might be choosing between the gas-powered UX 200 250 and 250 H hybrid model, so there are some differences obviously beyond just a powertrain situation One of those is the transmission This is a conventional continuously variable transmission that model the gas model has the D CVT Which is the same as from the Corolla hatchback you have one physical launch gear which is a one speed automatic essentially which hands off to a Continuously variable transmission after that that allows you to kind of launch off better the other thing is that this model has all-wheel drive our the hybrid model because the electric motor is in the Back that effectively makes all-wheel drive, whereas the gas-powered model without the electric motor in the back That is front-wheel drive only It’s been quite a while since we drove the 2019 that was the gas powered model But I definitely think that this is probably the way to go More efficient doesn’t cost a whole lot more. It’s quieter I also like the way that it feels when you launch off using the easy mode It has a more punch to it. It feels faster It is faster actually as well, but it feels like more of a difference than I was expecting to feel As far as your steering and you’re handling a really nice responding setup here When I kicked it in the sport mode the steering firms up really nicely as you could just see just them really responsive really quick It feels nicely weighted but not super heavy because this is a city vehicle And then the whole as far as the whole dynamics this is a small compact vehicle But it’s based on the newest Toyota Lexus architecture. So it definitely feels you know sporty agile and quite balanced as well You know, but finally getting into the most important part about this cars driving dynamics is its fuel economy? So for the regular 200 version that’s going to come in at 29 City 37 highway 33 combined And then if you go for the hybrid Which is what we have here that’s gonna be rated quite a bit better at 41 city 38 highway 39 combined Which honestly both of those fuel economies are absolutely fantastic But this hybrid really knocks it out of the park you know in a kind of SUV type of thing to get anywhere near 40 miles a gallon is Really quite good and just for reference That’s eight mpg better than the NX and just really fantastic for the class So you’re it’s really knocking it out of the park where it matters here with this UX So if you’re wondering what UX stands for it stands for urban explorer, that’s Alexis’s Idea, but I think it really does live up to that classification This really is a great urban vehicle, you know, just driving around the city a lot of cars we drive. It’s like frustrating You’re like, oh I just want to take it out like the open road But you can tell this is designed to be in the city. Like it’s really the way that it stays in Evey mode the time you just kind of go around and perfect peaceful quietness You’re achieving Nearly 40 miles a gallon combined from a crossover and then you owe and then all this is packaged together with Lexus luxury and Lexus quietness and also a price tag that is only a little over $30,000 Alright I’m for the pricing for this 2020 UX for the base model that’s going to start at thirty two thousand three hundred dollars the F-sport is going to be thirty four thousand three hundred and then you have the luxury and that’s thirty seven thousand five hundred dollars Now that is for the UX two hundred and if you want the hybrid model Like what we have here that’s going to be an approximate two thousand dollar additional charge on all of the prices that I just mentioned Now we have the hybrid f-sport with some options So we have the windshield de-icer for a hundred bucks auto dimming interior mirror for 325 Parking assist for five sixty five the power rear door with kick sensor for six hundred the F Sport Premium Package for fourteen and seventy five the F Sport steering wheel That’s heated 150 the all Weather Floor Liners 280 and a cargo mat key glove and wheel box for two hundred and fifteen dollars and then finally when you add in the destination charge of one thousand and twenty five bucks you Come into a grand total of forty one thousand and eighty five dollars Which I have to mention, you know is you know It’s a pretty good price point for all that you’re getting here. You are getting a very nice cabin Absolutely fantastic fuel economy and really a great really compact crossover to drive around the city Well guys that sums up this review of the twenty twenty Lexus u X hybrid if You’ve made it this far that hopefully means that you enjoyed the video So be sure to help us out by hitting those subscribe buttons down below Also, be sure to like and comment and we’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!

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  1. What about the cost to repair to the front end in a minor fender bender? It’s called cladding around the wheels. πŸ€”

  2. I don't get why lexus likes to put F sport in almost all of there cars. I get it that its not a real F car but an F sport. They should name is something else instead of F sport.

  3. My Kia Soul has heated rear seats. Come on Lexus.
    Kia Sportage is a much better vehicle. More powerful engine, panoramic moonroof, more cargo capacity, leg room, much better infotainment

  4. Thank you! I'm tossed between this and a Rav 4 hybrid. coming from a prius yes nerd alert here and love it but used to it's size the Rav is a bit big… but may have more tech… but the Lexus is a lexus and they last forever… ugh

  5. Still not a fan of the Lexus exterior design language, but have to admit the interior is nicely done, and the fuel economy is impressive. I hope to see more hybrid reviews, as they are a good "stepping stone" while the infrastructure is developed to the inevitable fully electric future that awaits us.

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