100 thoughts on “2020 Iowa Caucuses: Watch Live Results And Coverage | NBC News (Live Stream)

  1. Of course the Bidens, Democrats, votes not working. Go figure someone doesn’t like Biden’s not winning.

  2. Bernie and Elizabeth 2020. Hope they get it right this time. If Hilary and Bernie would have run together as Pres and Vice they'd be in office now. Democracy United, we want all of our rights. We're only as strong as our weakest link. Lift up this nations little guys first rather than compromise with big wigs and silver spoons (they're already good). Help is for the poor and struggling working families not for Wall Street and other corporate brats.

  3. Попросил бы экс президентов Саркози и Оланду через Европейский Союз вести санкции экономического характера к анти демократическим режима Киргизии, Узбекистана, Туркмении, Таджикистан и Армении и Белоруссии Казахстана

  4. МИР ждёт большие преображения уйдёт Путин, Сицынпин, Макрон, Моди чита Клинтонов а Трамп это историческая фигура которая сыграет ключевую роль в мировой истории

  5. No matter who wins this, it is another bad look for the DNC and this will turn people away or towards Trump. The corrupt nature of the DNC is handing Trump and even easier victory than he would have had if the race was fair. Good job DNC and IDP.

  6. The Democrats can’t even get their own votes right! And these are the people that want to run our country? I heard the app was recommended by AOC.

  7. 🇺🇸 The only winner in Iowa is President Trump. He will be reelected in 2020 by a landslide.
    4 more years of MAGA 🇺🇸

  8. Democratic Party should use 'Three Stooges' song as their theme song. Maybe they can get someone elected who can drop off a 'pallet of cash' on Iran's runway……shows how STUPID millennials are….They are backing a communist. Idiots…..One day, they do get a socialist in office, and fast forward four years later, they are sitting in FEMA camp wondering, 'how did this happen?'. Wake Up!

  9. What, no results yet? Oh that's right the Dems are too busy fixing the results. Nothing to see no voter fraud, nope!

  10. Why don’t you democrats just accept the country had its liberal moments-8 years worth and had enough of that garbage, and we were all ready to get back to business and greatness! Go TRUMP!

  11. Democrats – chaos happens all the time with your organization. 2000 election in Florida, the chaos occurred in a Democratic county.

  12. The fix is in for Biden, they know he lost the caucus and now they want to count them by hand? ANDREW YANG is winning but they democrat politicians want Biden.

  13. Don't let these news organization black ball ANDREW YANG! It's a new age! We need a NEW AGE POTUS! YANG IS THAT NEW AGE POTUS!.

  14. Iowa Carcasses. Jockeying for position to see which Socialist slimebag will get DESTROYED by PRESIDENT TRUMP. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  15. We need a much better national voting system and direct elections for
    the president. Maybe apple could develop something secure that takes a
    super computer minimum to change 1 vote. Seriously 2020 no flying cars
    and the world is run by the morons.

  16. We need a much better national voting system and direct elections for
    the president. Maybe apple could develop something secure that takes a
    super computer minimum to change 1 vote. Seriously 2020 no flying cars
    and the world is run by the morons.

  17. We need a much better national voting system and direct elections for
    the president. Maybe apple could develop something secure that takes a
    super computer minimum to change 1 vote. Seriously 2020 no flying cars
    and the world is run by the morons.

  18. We need a much better national voting system and direct elections for
    the president. Maybe apple could develop something secure that takes a
    super computer minimum to change 1 vote. Seriously 2020 no flying cars
    and the world is run by the morons.

  19. BOOM!! (3) Senate Committees Currently Probing ‘Obama-Biden Solicitation Of Ukrainian’ Election Interference In 2016.

  20. Dear Humanity!

    I am a Creation of God. 2 years ago after 6 and a half years of devoted prayer day in and day out, from morning to night fall, I call on God. You see I am a sinner as we all are sinners. The problem is the sin has become so thick, so common in our country our children do not even know what sin is. During that time of calling on my Creator, with the help of those physical entities on this realm, the evil one. Government and Religious leaders. God answers my prayers! Today because of that, finding the true nature of my Creator who is above all, even Jesus Christ, has left me without that of my own family. Still though standing in grace to my Creator. When you find God, the Father it seems all of this world will abandon you. You see the superficial very plainly then. And its sad to see how dark then members even of your own family are on this realm here. As Jesus said I am not of this world but the world after. Its very clear then there is another place, another dimension beyond this one of the physical world.

    My Father did not answer with words but with a vibration. God is light! He is the white light, "THE' wholly spirit that all information comes from, "THE" wholly spirit that moves all things into place. God is the atom/Adam, and the "WHOLLY SPIRIT" inside the atom. Why does science want to understand the forces of the unseen world. What is so significant to see that countries spend billions of dollars on programs like CERN. Why? Why are we smashing atoms into one another and reviewing the information they give? Why?  

    When God separated the light from darkness in Genesis Chapter 1:3 that day. It was the light and darkness of good and evil, and had nothing to do with the physical light as we understand light in this world realm, because darkness has no light at all, not even a soft barren light will exist in darkness. As so the parable with Jesus when He says if thy eye is full of darkness then how great is that darkness in you! This is a dark world consumed by darkness and it is only God that brings the true light of justice! Only God! No man on this earth brings the true light of justice that God will bring at judgement!

    Today in our Justice system the American people are paying for yet another scandal. The impeachment! Isn't that a peach. American's have been paying for scandals since the beginning of our independence, which by the way has completely been stripped from the American people. And each day you allow more of your "GOD" given rights to be stripped from these parasites, these principalities. These lower dimensional beings. Those that have made money their god. Its why its on the back of the dollar bill. America misses the true meaning. Goes right over your heads. 

    This is why I come to you the American people directly. God has purged my soul and when doing so it felt as being hit with 50,000 volts. It felt as a part of me died and I was purged with the light! When this happened I saw how dark the world is on this plane. The existence of evil is everywhere around us. Entities moving around us influence those that will allow them to do so. This is a spiritual war as it is said in the bible. Ephesians 6:12 It is not against the flesh and blood but against the "principalities." For those of you that don't know what the principalities are, maybe you should look up the word. You would be terrified to know it is the BRITISH WALES in the sixth meaning of dictionary.com and we along with Israel and other liberty fighting countries are the principalities that rule the people.

    God has shown me the forces today and I must stand up and shout!

  21. Seth Klarman and Pete Buttigeig are the Rudy and Trump of the Democratic election of 2020. Sleazy, uses money and ignores the American people. Bernie, I am so sorry we are failing you again. They know you can change this democracy and are terrified because it does not benefit them.

  22. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  23. I would have been a good Lady President. Mrs Roosevelt Jefferson Washington, ps I would nominate Sarah Palin now that dead weight McCain is dead.

  24. Pete Buttigieg invested his money in the app that counted the votes in caucus. Everyone knew that many people in Iowa would vote for Bernie Sanders. No one expected or heard about candidate Pete.

  25. Heres a thought, as well as, a challenge. What happens to a society that can’t say the unspeakable? The answer is both simple and obvious, my friends: the unspeakable does. Hence, if like me, you’d lived through and studied social collapses, America’s systemic inability to speak the unspeakable means there would be inevitable, very real and horrifically destructive consequences. The bad guys will keep winning. BTW, who are these bad guys again? Society will keep on collapsing. Democracy will keep disintegrating. The things we Americans couldn’t say will keep on rising and take control of our lives. What is it called when…? You see, all these rhetorical questions have the same answer. A set of words that we Americans can’t say or remain silent, because America’s thinking class, leaders, politicians, and so forth, won’t, can’t use them, to begin with. You know the words. The words are ones like "fascism" and "authoritarianism" and "theocracy" and "concentration camps" and "crimes against humanity" and "genocide." They are terrible words, yes it’s true. But they are nonetheless accurate (for example, "family separations" are a literal form of genocide.) What else do you call it when a society has ethnic bans and kids in cages? Shouldn’t you use these words? Heres our challenge. Start using them! Besides, isn't this starting to repeat 2016, yet again here? When we don’t speak the unspeakable, we are defeated before we have even begun to fight. Those words are the living expression of democracy. When we don’t say them, we have become the silent, pliable beings that authoritarian fascists make easy meat of us. They know we are intimidated, cowed, frightened, baffled, confused. And in that vacuum, they can get away with whatever they like. Haven’t they so far? They know that reality can become whatever they define it as. Hasn’t it so far? Think about it and you be the judge. ~T.Bone~

  26. Dems eat their own…and everyone else. I was a progressive dem, but the party went nuts. Now, I have NO party. Our politics(ians) are disgusting…NOT working for Americans. I have no pony in politics any longer.

  27. Trump did it with the Russians help!!!!!!!!!!! I've heard Don and Ivanca were seen starting fires in Aussie land!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. What a,second rate news station no graphs or wrong graphs bad numbers they don't even know who there talking about .lol

  29. It's over a day later and they still haven't reported all of it. This is nothing but a bunch of cheaters attempting to draw things out by flipping the card table to get away with it.

  30. First they blame Russia for hacking the election, now it a apps cause by pete? Democrats party is collaping with all of them fighting with each other. Lmao 🤔🤦😂😂😂

    •Mayor Pete gave 40 grand to the app maker Shadow Inc
    •The app developers were former veteran's of Hillary's campaign running her tech
    •Mayor Pete's top political strategist Michael Halle is married to Tara Mcgowan
    •Tara Mcgowan is the Co-Founder of ACRONYM – Shadow Inc's parent company

  32. So #mayorCheat had the most votes calculated by the app that he invests in, which was created by his campaign adviser's wife just 8 days before he announced his candidacy. Wow! I have to say I am totally shocked. Who could've seen that coming?
    #rePETE is now #cheatPETE

  33. I watched this event from the U.K. and I never laughed so much in my life. It made the UK Labour Party look competent – not an easy thing to achieve but the Democrats achieved it. They can’t be serious about beating Trump in November. 😂

  34. You traitor and the white board that tells lies, give it up, we are watching the destruction of the democratic party and its mistress Piglosi

  35. You traitor and the white board that tells lies, give it up, we are watching the destruction of the democratic party and its mistress Piglosi

  36. Who cares? There aren't any dems to win against Trump anyway. Just skip all the charade and go directly into election with all candidates on the stage, Trump will rip them a second one, and that will be the end.

  37. The Democrats are a disaster. Who wants to vote for this? Cointossing, glitches, abuse of power in The House, a made up Russia Hoax. no real ideas or candidates that can stand up against Trump. Just virtue signaling, corruption, powerplay and chaos. The Democrats have become a parody of themselves. The only talkingpoints they have is how mucht they hate Trump and how they want to get him out of office.

  38. Iowa & NH dont mean sh!t. Focus more on SC because the dems NEED the black vote to win the WH & it aint looking too good for any of these candidates.

  39. I know the Democrats are in trouble when Democrats are leaning towards Trump. Nice going Democrat Party. Get rid of those far left morons before it's to late and Trump gets electeted again.

  40. I realize this is a predominately democratic viewed media outlet; however, for those willing to listen let me say that my 401K has doubled in value since 2016 and my salary is up 15% since 2016. I don't think I am alone on this. Just wondering what happened in 2016 to make this possible?

  41. Any other Democrats or Independents find it ironic that we've spent months trying to impeach Trump for "violating the sanctity of our sacred elections" because Trump pointed out that this mess with Joe and Hunter Biden really looks bad (it looks frankly, criminal to any honest person)… meanwhile, the DNC is cheating Bernie in Iowa, right in front of your face? Paying for the fictional Steele Dossier from a foreign agent isn't getting foreign interference for an election? The DNC is the biggest bunch of corrupt cheaters. See them cheat, LIVE right now.

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