1st-Time Archer Hits Bullseye

When we take Archery Tag to various events around the country, we always get to meet some great people who want to try archery for their very first time. Recently at the Deerassic Classic Outdoor Expo in Cambridge, OH we got to meet the Patel family from New York. You’re fascinated with archery, you like archery… but you’ve never done it. Never done it, I’ve never tried it. How come? I don’t know…I never had an opportunity. I mean, especially if you can go by an archery… y’know, you have to go to a specific spot… Living in the
city, you don’t really have this opportunity So once you’re out here and y’know…we just heard about the Deerassic Classic. And I
saw and was like, y’know, archery! We didn’t want to try; I just wanted to see if you were gonna take like
practice shots! But I didn’t know it was a whole game! The Patels first learned how to shoot a bow and arrow by taking aim at the SAFE Archery Hoverball Target. After they mastered the basics, it was time to get them out on the Archery Tag field. It was a great game to watch, but the most exciting moment happened at the very end just as time was running out. Come on! Hit the center! 5…4… four and a half…three… Ohhhh! One and a half…one…a half…a quarter…an eighth… Yeeaaaaaah! Hahahaha! Your shooting was obviously really
good! Must have had a good teacher today! How about the rest of you guys? Was that fun for
never shooting a bow before? Absolutely! Yeah!
Good, good. What’d you think about shooting
each other? Did that sound kinda weird? No, it’s like paintball! Like paintball when you usually play with that… Now, did it hurt? Did anyone get hit? They got hit, I didn’t but…. Pretty much I got hit by my sister-in-law and it was very fun and we love this game! Hopefully next year we’ll come by to play
this game again. Good!
More family members and so I hope… We can teach more members to the archery and they’ll get used to it.

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