1,000 lights in Korakuen Hall

Do you guys like the team of EVIL and SANADA? Thank you very much. Is that all enough?
Is that how he’ll end it? I don’t think so.
I think there should be a bit more. The crowd won’t let him leave.
Big SANADA chant. He’ll take to the mic, once again. I guess we should do this in Tokyo,
for the first time, shouldn’t we? Korakuen has a magical feeling to it. Today… This gift for you is in appreciation of you,
for coming out here tonight. KORAKUEN, SEE YOU TOMORROW! Don’t hurt yourself. また負けた
まただ またSANADAに負けた! This is bull.
This tournament is bull. It’s irritating.
What’s the point in doing this to us? 落ち着かないと
ちょっと待っててくれ They beat up my precious Zack… What should we do? How could you do this to us?
Huh? 落ち着いて
落ち着いて 怒りをコントロールできるように
鍛えてるんだ Did they break it? You punks.
How will you pay for this? Hey, where’s that bald doctor.
Bring him out. Damn it. They keep putting us at a disadvantage. Are they that scared of us winning? ごめん
ごめん We are the scariest around, right?
You’ve been watching us this whole time, right? This is crap— 俺たちが優勝するはずなのに どうして
こんなことになってるんだ? 俺たちが最強チームなのに
何故勝てないんだ 他のチームは揃いも揃って
クオリティが低過ぎる きっと相手にならな過ぎて
些細なミスを犯してるんだ 他のチームは相手にもならない…
多分…もう分からない… まともに考えられない 頭がおかしくなってきた
正気でいられない もう出よう Now we’re over, aren’t we?
Are you guys laughing at us? So, it doesn’t matter if we
win or lose the rest, right? Then we’ve got just one thing to do, Just one thing to take care of, We will destroy everything,
because winning or losing doesn’t matter anymore. こっちの脚は大丈夫だけど
反対側はヤバい Today was all about SANADA.
Remember that.

24 thoughts on “1,000 lights in Korakuen Hall

  1. Zack may need something more than the chill pill or the sedative to calm down and rationalize like a civilian of good faith. Poor wooden bench. 😆

    EVIL & SANADA = 7: 1: 14
    ZSJ & TAICH = 3: 6: 6

  2. I hope zsj legs are all right,sanada moonsault directly landed on them and zsj was grabbing one of them after the match.Once again an amazing match delivered by tekkers and lij

  3. Hey Miho Abe, I saw what you did. You were checking out SANADA. Is there something going on that I dont know?? Anyway, Zack you tosser. You lost to SANADA again!!! You and Taichi are supposed to save this tag league by winning!!! Don't let me down, now.

  4. このままだとロスインゴタッグが3年連続タッグタイトルマッチかな…

  5. やべーサイコーだ。

  6. 来年のG1横浜大会のメイン勝利後にやってくれたら嬉しい!!!!


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