Be careful ……………… Jake Paulers, what’s good? Homies! We got Tessa here. We got a house here. We have a sweatshirt here That’s all we got though, and we’re about to go to the store to get supplies to do the 1000 degree knife thing Yo I’ma stab some stuff with a thousand degree knife, later on, we are going to Announce the winners of the giveaway by the time you’re watching this it’ll be a Friday. Happy Friday. Go enjoy yourself You know hang out with your friends Or if your like me and you don’t have any friends you can just vlog your whole entire life life and then just… Tessa? Exactly what I was saying, so I guess I’m going to the store by myself. Jake Paulers let’s do this thing bruh. So, if you don’t know what the thousand-degree knife challenge is to basically heat up a knife and [Tessa] Oh Jake! You came, who are these people okay? Oh ok. You want to do this challenge with me? I mean, I guess we can do it. All right let’s go. So, If you don’t know what it is, basically heat up a knife to a thousand degrees and try and like cut through stuff So we’re gonna try and find stuff in this store that we can cut through Hi, uh I’m single. I’m single. I meant I’m just, uh Shopping, but we got a balloon to cut through so that’s cool. Item two is a coca-cola bottle no free brand deal, except for this one. Just for make an exception for this. We’re gonna do this brand deal for free. EGGS! [yo], that’s gonna blow up or something, you want to get tampons? Yes, we’re doing this. Tessa, I have something to tell you I’m pregnant. Ah, not again. Are you a Jake Pauler? She’s not a Jake Pauler. Okay, like and subscribe. Hey, she’s a Jake Pauler. It’s every day bruh. I can’t believe how yesterday, we built a massive fort in our house. It was so, it was like my dream come true. If you haven’t seen yesterdays video, its pretty awesome. You guys should go check it out. We are stacked up and ready to go we got bleach watermelons bread ham pineapples chocolate syrup baby powder butter tide eggs peanut butter and Coca-cola, and this balloon pun intended but to get hot Super Hot Boy Yeah, may look it may look weird what we’re buying, but it’s it’s fine for a video. He’s we’ve got it, tessa You got it. Are you a Jake Paul, Er? No, well you better start don’t subscribe to me right now when you get off of work. Just go home Type in Jake Paul on YouTube and you’ll find me there always plug Peace out store. I’ll see you next year literally in like two or three days because these leopard No All right I was doing my little joke thing over there and this man asked for a shout out Welcome to a blog and I see you later on hey My man is a jake taller. You’re like. It subscribe my opinion man. He’s out yes, my boy. That’s my boy What’s poppin you came to our door? You should point easy from be trimming am over here in California my boy You’re a rapper. I got some stuff bro. People are watching let’s go come on CD Eat salt flip bridge while on program just ahead of tuile You know what that is is fo 6 I’m off to bed time in the game four-Point game? Gee did what hey walk in a whole lot of creepy? Let’s talk a little later what you know y’all are being living you right? You doing it big oh? Yeah, that’s good boom this is freestyle men like right now. I you ready it’s my turn Jake Paula’s for life We’re about to do a thousand degree night. We’re chilling. I’m flying high like a kite We do this at night because it’s too bright during the day. That’s all I gotta say. I’m not a horse. I don’t eat Hey, I’m be making that bray. I’ll be getting this every single day Thank Paul is make sure you subscribe and do it every single day. We don’t do it till we die. I got man here He’s wrapping his booty clapping oh Hey I’ll see you guys make [new] name Detroit. That’s right. All right. Let’s do this challenge, bro We got all of our stuff that up here. Nick’s back from the uk hi, Nick Tess is ready. We got the knife’s heating up look at that. They’re like turning bread savage We’re gonna do we’re gonna do the chocolate first in the sink. This is gonna create such a mess also Don’t try this at home guys. It’s really dangerous with the hot knives So if you’re gonna, do it make sure a parent is with I’m just can’t do it kids do it. It’s completely fine It’s just a little burn oh Oh my God Yo, it’s gonna smell so bad yeah, oh It’s like burning it smells so good hey cut through so easily though. Just like I’m Gonna cut you nothing Got the tampons next yo what are these? How did you work this thing you put up your nose 40 not too much? Yeah, oh, that’s nasty. Oh it smells. Oh my God come on, Joe This is actually not said if champions in your eyes this my eyes won’t need eggs What it’s cooking the eggs? Yo, it’s fried egg Oh, it smells so bad bro all this smells terrible anyone want some breakfast sambal [oh] Butter this one’s Gonna be so sick yeah Oh my gosh sheds. I love this one. I’m gonna make me some buttery toast Bread I’m sorry, Spongebob. Oh It cut right through oh my God it smells amazing. Oh my God. It’s like coach pineapple. That’s crazy Sorry Spongebob. I love you All right, you got the coke ready Be careful No, it’s corny everyone. Oh my God, not gonna Lie Shake it up your savage Sorted like all the way over here and back in our ham. Oh I want you to cut through it. This is nasty oh What alone? It cuts so easy One thing that we learned about this challenge. Is that it smells so bad It’s like giving me a headache just from the smell It’s nasty that is it for the 1000 degree challenge guys Giveaway winners about to announce those all right So I did some hard studying I scoured the internet I made sure that everyone who subscribed and retweeted the tweet And I also and so now going to announce the giveaway winners. Let me pull out my handy-Dandy sheet of paper Oh, did you see that now? You did it okay? So winner of the negative stuff, right? Oh, that’s right here winner of the iPhone 7 is Sam Soltani from Orange County Congratulations center the winner of the Gopro is Becca Ginyard from Reno, Nevada Congratulations, Becca The first one plus which is an Android phone goes to pat for life at pat? underscore four underscore life Patrick from [Visalia] good job Patrick and the Behemoth the Iphone 7 plus it goes to my keep you waiting and waiting osmeña He goes to chantal and free from, North Carolina Congratulation gentile Pepe no Whoever got this one was lucky and the last phone the one plus the second one plus goes to Nova gamer at Youtube know of a gamer. He said he didn’t have money anyone this one So hey got you bro, and jake parlours remember I’m gonna be doing a giveaway every single month, so the chances are Increased the giveaways are getting bigger every single time so stay tuned for those right now [I] have to go to the gym and do acting class, but it has been awesome hanging out with you guys today I will see you tomorrow I have a special vlog for you guys if you aren’t already subscribed to it now, and I will see you later. It’s everyday breath

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