1000+ BATH BOMBS CHALLENGE **EXPLOSION** (Bath Bomb Experiment)

– Argh, oh, oh my god, guys I’m gonna tip them
in three, two, one. Hello guys and today I’m
gonna be filling my bathtub with 1,000 bath bombs,
this is gonna be crazy. – [Mom] They smell gorgeous. – So guys in this box I
have loads of different bags of bath bombs, loads
of different colours, loads of different smells, I’m pretty sure these are
strawberry or raspberry. We got some blue ones, which
are gonna be blueberry. Oh my god, mom smell that,
mom what flavour is that? They smell so good don’t they? No, no, no, no, no,
you can’t eat them mom, you can’t eat them, I
know you want to eat one, but you can’t eat the bath bombs. – Excuse me? – Oh my god they smell like, like flowers. That’s amazing, oh lemon! They are so good aren’t they? Now that’s just some of the flavours, but we’ve got hell of a lot more and what I’m gonna be doing is getting in my bathtub right here and then letting mom dump
the box of them on me and seeing what reaction we get. I’m thinking it’s gonna
gonna explode like, this could be really crazy. Think of the reaction you
get from one bath bomb, yet alone bloody 1,000? Now guys if this is the first time you’ve seen me on your screen, remember to go down and
smash that like button, let’s try and smash. – [Mom] 50,000. – 50,000, that’s a high like goal guys, if we could get 50,000
that would be amazing, but I’ll need all of you
guys to leave a like. And while you are down there
remember to hit that subscribe if you are not already for
daily content just like this. And also turn on my channel notification by clicking the little bell, but I wanna take a look at
more of these flavours mom, like take a look at these. We’ve got some nice green
ones, I bet they are amazing, you all look at them like purple colour, oh wow even more purple right there. Oh my god mom, it’s a bath bomb, it’s a bath bomb, look, oh my god. – [Mom] that’s styrene, that’s
the protector in the box. – And then we got loads of bags of like loads of mixed ones all together. Look at the size of that bag
of the pink ones, like wow. Digging down deeper we’ve got some really
nice looking pink ones, but mom do you know what we need to do, we need to get these
all out of the packages and into the box, don’t you
know what this calls for, it calls for a little bit of magicting. Magic and editing, so we
have the power of magicting, I’ll magically make all of these appear out of their boxes in three, two, one. Yo, oh my god guys, that’s a
load of them we’ve expected, we were literally stuck
there for about 20 minutes, but look at this, oh my god, I can not even describe the
smells I’m getting right now, like imagine just headfirst
diving through a field of like a million different flowers and just getting absolutely
obliterated by them, that’s what it smells like, it’s smells like an obliterated
by flowers, but seriously. Usually the smells we get in the bathroom are from that down there, but today, it’s coming from this and it’s
actually quite nice isn’t it? – Yeah. – Now just before we start,
we need to take a moment to remember some of the
previous occurrences that has happened in this bath. Ah, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. See you guys, this bath
has been through a lot, so this is kind of like our reward to it, we’re making it smell really nice. Boom, now it’s time for the moment you have all been waiting for. Argh, the bottom of it is wet. – [Mom] Oh you’ve been working out Morgan. – Obviously not. Okay so guys, I’m gonna get
into the bath right now. Okay so let me move these
out of the way into there, because guys I’m getting into
the bath, oh my god, wait, oh, quite nice temperature. – [Mom] It’s not cold? – It’s like, it’s not
cold, but it’s not hot, it’s just nice, it’s
just good temperature. Oh, I’m not gonna lie, I do
love our little bath time. Bath time is like my favourite time, if you guys have me on
Snapchat, you all know I love, I freaking love a good bath, like it’s my favourite thing to do. – [Mom] I recon you had
about three baths today. – My third one guys. But without a further ado,
mom is gonna hand me the box and we’re gonna get this started. Guys leave a like on the
video if you are exited, subscribe if you are new,
tell me what you think is gonna happen in the conversation below, but mom let’s get this party started. Okay guys are you ready for
the first tip, let’s do this. Aaaaa, okay stop now, oh, oh my god, yo, yo, yo, she only did a few. She only did a few, oh my god. – [Mom] Wow, it’s incredible. – Mom, you know that was
just a little sneak preview, but are you ready for the big thing? I’m gonna tip them all at once. – [Mom] Oh my god. – Right into the middle,
mom are you ready? Oh, oh, okay, guys 1,000
bath bombs right here, are you ready for this? To tip them in three, two, one. Oh my god, oh my god,
oh my god look at that, look, yo, look at the blue ones down here. What the hell, shish,
shish, shish, oh my god. – [Mom] This is crazy,
oh god you’re stained. – Ya all should I go under? Oh, ho, ho, ho, oh my god,
it all went in my mouth. Ya all look at this. – [Mom] They are going mad. – That is actually crazy. Yo, yo casually just chilling there. – [Mom] I can’t believe the noise. – It’s like steam of the entire room. And look guys this slowly,
slowly disintegrating, crushing them into bits. – [Mom] Oh my gosh, did you
leave me some for my bath? – Look at all the small ones,
look at all the small ones. Mom are you surprised at
the colour or is it just me? – [Mom] It’s just some purple. – Some purple, it’s basically all purple. – [Mom] I knew it was fizzy,
but gosh that’s amazing. – It looks like I’m
bathing in a glass of wine. I’m bathing in your dream right here. – [Mom] God aren’t you? – This is how every bath should be done. – [Mom] It looks disgusting to be honest. – It doesn’t look very nice, but trust me it smells beautiful. – [Mom] Morgan what
are you doing in there? – Aw, hey, mom seriously
look at this colour, look it’s like I’m actually, it fully is like I’m bathing
in blood at this point. – [Mom] What’s the water
smell like, is it really nice? – I can’t smell anything,
I can get closer. Now it just, it just smells like flowers. (upbeat music) Will this count as a bath or
will I have to have a bath after this bath to get
this bath off of me? – [Mom] I think to have
a bath after that bath. – Bath after the bath? – [Mom] Yeah. – So I’m gonna bath myself to clean myself from the bath that I had. – [Mom] Yeah, yeah, have a normal bath now
after the fizzy bath. – Well what was the
bloody point of this then? – [Mom] Just in case you, you might be allergic
to these nice smells. – What if I’m allergic to it? I think I’m gonna get out mom. – [Mom] Okay Morgan. – Jesus, well guys this was probably one of the most random
videos I’ve ever done. I ordered loads of bath bombs and I just thought it’d be cool to test out and see what the reaction was and it was freaking crazy, I
mean it was like a massive, it was like a massive
fizz with all the noises, it was pretty crazy. The thing I’m surprised, it
was the colour and everything, and all the colours and just
the smells, it was really cool. Guys if you want me to do
another bath challenge, firstly comment down below what you want me to fill my bath with and also leave a like
on the video down below and subscribe to my channel,
that would mean a lot to me. Huge shout out to mom on the camera. Remember to check out
my other social media, all the links will be in the description and my merchandise of course, but guys thank you all
so much for watching. And as always, I’ve been Morgz,
you guys have been awesome, but instead of peace out, oh! Oh god. – [Mom] Shit. – I guess we’ll just go with a peace. – [Mom] Out. – Out. – If you have enjoyed the video, then remember to subscribe
to Morgz’s channel. And don’t forget to leave a
like if you have a big penis. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, thanks for watching, peace out.

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  2. After the bath I’ll have a bath and maybe after that I’ll have another bath to the wash the thing off from the other bath that I had if that makes sense

  3. If you are watching this in 2019 and u watch morgz u will realize he sounds so different and he is so much nicer to his mom like if you watched this in 2019 and if u agree

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