100 Layers of Duct Tape vs Cardboard! – Challenge

this is the 100 layers of duct tape
versus cardboard challenge we’ve got tons of different gadgets that we’re
going to be using to try to break through all 100 layers we’re going to
see which one is the strongest my great assistant will now hand me a level 1
weaponry I thought it would go high oh yes the ACE what am I missing wrong
we’re gonna throw these so I don’t know how to throw cards well not from that
close imagine if this this actually might do enough damage car you can get
easy paper cuts I don’t know how to throw them I don’t know like what’s the
method here yeah oh not bad let’s try it this way I can’t even get to the car
board yet I look pretty far down backwards
do you play what is this these cards suck I didn’t get a single one to stick
nobody ever ever ever try this at home ever only someone like myself trained
professionals should be handling throwing gadgets are we actually gonna
use these the spy ninja gadgets this is something I would see in the anime
Naruto well these are they look like tiny Forks okay sit stand very but back
further back further back turn up for the viewer okay I want you guys pissed
it there you go there you go look at safety first okay don’t throw
whoa I’ve never seen anime and doing it in anime they don’t throw it like they
go like this no no don’t put on father oh well try so I’ll try it over him okay
I feel like a grandma threading overhead Oh what was that about being a
grandmother I feel like a grandma when I throw like that here let me see if I
want to get in between kay and the I almost I almost took out
the Gopher bra throwing them sideways is way better
it’s like when you have a you know it’s like the gangster shot you know you’re
like no wait okay so now we have to inspect we damaged oh my gosh this one’s
stuck in perfect oh look at this we got like two layers I think it’s like maybe
not it’s like two to four layers now right now we’re at this one I think
doing them sideways is not to play because it doesn’t it doesn’t penetrate
deep enough like we needed to go we need to go deeper into the layers I’m so
excited for today the bag that I get to throw gadgets at duct tape makes me
incredibly happy but I’m gonna do it close like you don’t like super close it
might bounce off yeah probably staying back wait okay throw all at once this is
okay get ready ready I’m not ready oh my god I brought them over hands yeah actually this one went in really deep
look at this one and it cut through one of our colored pieces of duct tape Wow
wait a more confident now that throw it really hard yeah more like it oh that
made good sound Oh everybody watch out I’m actually really nervous about this
this stuff’s pretty sharp Oh you missed your guy by like three
feet it’s the time I get the touchdown all right I don’t throwing star before
I’m going for the GoPro on top of the cart no don’t aim at the GoPro aim right
for your little guys I look I got him right and I how many layers do you think
you got that’s like at least six layers on a throwing star you don’t think I can
get through a hundred layers with what we have stacked up next oh I bet I could
get one to go through ten layers deep I’m gonna jump okay Oh in the anime they
jump and throw okay okay there’s no dog back there oh oh what’s the damage this
one didn’t go very deep the jumping strategy is not the wave but look at
this one whoa oh my gosh all right you gotta take
a look at this one come over here this one is really deep I actually cut a lot
of the bottom of this one oh my finger can go we can fit my finger in the duck
day that’s so funny I’m low-key out of breath and all I did
was throw gas are you ready for the next gadget I am ready for the next gadget so
we at level one or a real still one we’re so my gosh oh my gosh this is
level one yep considered what is level two hook like the strategy for these
I’ve been told by my safety team is wrist
yes don’t try to throw it like it’s close its close all right first one
second one oh okay we need it you’re you’re throwing all
right flick of the wrist you’re dang it come on they can’t all
they’re literally all bouncing okay let’s not get frustrated dude I
should not have this much power I really don’t like this idea this is he’ll
approve this let’s send it into the layers all right
Cyclops mr. Geralt does anyone know how to throw home this one’s harder cuz limo
obviously from that on that thing right here we go oh okay it’s not as easy you
should have quit while you’re ahead oh dude what come on I got it I got it
okay I’m ready I’m feeling this yeah that’s just it
mm-hmm clothes only come on I can do this I get it is we got to get one good
one I want one of these has to go in it’s cuz somebody out there watching
didn’t leave a like come on dude
Nikki’s betting me five bucks he can get one it you want a filmer I’ve been
booted to a filmer Nick I’d see it go go go all right wait wait the wrong hand I
used the wrong hand I forgot about this hand this one let’s see it lets see a
big boy that was your second try that was your second try we’re moving on
we’re moving on cut the camera the championship in 5th grade for slingshot
targets no you didn’t know no you didn’t call it I’m calling her and I want to
ask her okay I’m calling it right now there’s no way you are such a liar
what’s a slingshot competition yeah slingshot a competition in fifth grade
it was a Boy Scouts thing hey Musker how you doing good good I need you to back
me up here Nick doesn’t believe that I took the championship in 5th grade for
slingshot targets in the Boy Scouts so bad mom we got a little too weapons guys
starting off with the slingshot like I said champion fifth grade Boy Scouts mom
almost backed me up and we got these hard glass balls this is gonna be
interesting Oh I really do it it not much damage the
bounce off it on this horse here fingers oh that’s like maybe two layers
honestly Keith how we gonna get through probably gonna get through a hundred
layers if you keep thinking it with a slingshot
I thought you do hook first place yeah why he hit the target I hit him right in
the mouth look dude what’s it called what’s it once it was it his reveal on
bro his woolly uvulas messed up the first level two weapon and it is my very
own paintball gun I love paintball so I’m very excited to get to use this in
fact I think that there’s a really good chance this is going to go through all
100 layers of duct tape and if it doesn’t I’ll be actually a really
surprised and just a case I brought just a couple of extra paintballs with me
just a few look look what I was told I had to break a hundred layers I had to
come prepared we’re turning on our gadget ladies and gentlemen
everything’s on there’s no okay come on come on for this mm-hmm – first shots
coming in three two one oh wait I don’t think it broke oh I’m going to use it on
the cards from earlier what it didn’t even do one layer of damage hold on all
100 layers of duct tape Oh 100 layers of duct tape yeah stand back I got way more
paintballs all right so we’re gonna try we that was one paintball we’re gonna
try five all right five paintballs one layer has got to be broken come on no
there’s this is like this is literally impossible
there’s no honey given one layer of duct tape what I’m really shocked I’m
surprised that be like the throwing gadgets we had did more gamers in the
paintball gun I thought for sure the paintball gun would break through the
entire thing first shot five shots there we go we get up at like 50 yeah sin if
one in five didn’t break through this we’re no way 50s you can do it guys haven’t made much of a dent yet but
look what I got in my hand right here this is a cutting gadget it’s a chain
gadget Keith so try this I think this is gonna get a wild do not try this at home
kids are you guys ready that is doing some
serious damage I think we’re like at least 20 layers deep right now if we
take this start from up here never mind we’re like 6 layers deep stuff let’s get
a little deeper guys that’s one layer two layers he put three
layers I think you’re supposed to do the whole the whole layer not just a little
tiny square we’re gonna have to go to the axe we got through some layers hold
on how do I get through this oh my going in I feel like a surgeon oh
my goodness do we only do one layer think okay two layers that’s it’s 50
paintball shots 50 so if you guys had no paintball guns shoot at 200 miles per
hour 300 feet per second and we hope we managed to break through like two or
three layers of this duct tape what I thought pretty sure like it was gonna be
just God’s ode oh my gosh okay so we just got a slingshots with is this still
level two yes a slingshot with not just regular these these are glass marbles or
ceramic hold on what is it they’re glass glass slingshot ammo you know when they
call it ammo this is this is not a toy this is dangerous
gonna store to these extra glass marbles and my Preston Stiles fire smile hoodie
and then I’m going to begin all right here we go
so you gotta pull back really far right get a lot of get a lot it yep what dude
I swear duct tape is not normally this strong what are you saying that we got
extra strong I’m just saying that this is like a duct-tape family okay it’s
like a family of a hundred people you know like one person in the family is
not strong but you’re putting 99 more of them and they become beefcakes
come on beefcake I’m going far on the draw what this is not real this is not
real life there’s no way I’m not even breaking one layer useless what kind of
level two weapons are these huh bring me the level 17 that’s all we did the glass
marble put the smallest dent in the world on the duct tape and that was it
no no like didn’t even go through one layer I’m so mad oh yeah dude this is
going this there’s no chance this doesn’t stand
chance Oh guys literally one whack it’s stuck oh one whack and that went deeper
than the chainsaw Oh oh my god you’re doing damage right now dude I told you
guys it gets compact in there though that’s the challenge as I’m whacking it
the cardboard is pushing back towards the back and it’s creating like a layer
of insulation it’s really getting in my way like all this stuff is just packing
up into a small compact piece to make things a little easier I’m going back to
my big hole and just continuing the progress right there starting with the
chainsaw finish with the hacking gadget dude if I get a slicing motion on it
just like this it goes really good oh oh oh
I’ll be honest man like yes it’s impressive watching you swing the axe
you’ve only gotten through like 20 layers section kind of tiring let’s try
the machete finally some close quarters combat
I’m literally Dwayne the rock Johnson from Jumanji right now so what’s the
strategy here do I like oh that’s not what I thought you’re gonna go I think
if I did this for long enough we would get through a giant steak knife it’s
like it’s sharpest this thing is as sharp as a butter knife
it is not very sharp it was just like 10 bucks on hips come on what about if I do
like a like a stab like a meat are you kidding me try again harder why won’t
you open I feel like I had the world’s dullest hatchet and I’m like trying to
chop a tree to keep my family warned and like warm and the Siberian winter I said
I’ll come to other youtubers make it look easy dude because they’re faking it
because they’re probably stronger than me I know what you want this is
ridiculous I can’t even cut through the e oh oh oh okay
so we need you if you cut it at a name you can shave away the layers away look
at that on peeling the layers this is like Shrek yeah take that yogur after I
get through these under layers making waffles Eddie Murphy where are you when
I need you the most time for an upgrade babe can I throw it wait Katie : hon
this is the real test Oh reminds us got through a layer wait
why are you not using it like oh but getting duelers okay this is sharper
this is definitely sharper Titus walk it no harder than that you why are you
being so delicate because you’re so close let me just let me just okay they
I’d feel more comfortable already buzz yeah oh whoa whoa okay this is not like
a regular axe oh my gosh I think we just cut through 20 layers of duct tape and
I’m not even kidding I mean killers back so you guys could
see look at how many layers of duct tape that is we might actually be able to get
through this with the axe I’m gonna swing sideways like it like
it’s a log you know yeah okay the duct tape is really strong sideways I
wouldn’t recommend something like that wait maybe I could keep chopping through
this this is the sticky pokey side oh are you
ready yeah all right careful careful Oh oh my gosh it’s done okay so the back
of this thing is very sharp just in case you’re wondering Lutz
Oh Mike wait did we go through it no not not even once
not even close we got ourselves the slicing gadget right here shiny in the
Sun I can reflect the hundred thousand degree heat if I just angle it just
right we could burn a hole right through 100 layers this is the proper way to use
a slicing gadget so you’re moving on the bottom right no no it’s right down here
at the bottom right bottom right I’m gonna burn a hole right through there if
I had a magnifying glass we’d be able to get a hole through these higher layers
and a good easy easy for why don’t you try swinging the
the guide was it sharp I’m gonna snap this thing it does not feel sturdy this
thing I’m gonna break this blurs Preston getting his gadgets just dude this thing
it’s the worst this thing sucks so bad dude let’s go back to the axe it’s time
to go through the layers harder layers here I come
the chainsaw only reaches halfway that’s cuz it’s a lot of you got to cut a big
hole and then get in there relax come back to the axe I quit I’m
that deep up to the circle let’s go as outside
not even close dude under the light as a calm one is there some sort of editing
trick we can do to make a look like I got through no is this real hey wait so
if this is leveled – that’s three we may level through for a while no way this is
level three yeah this thing is trash are you kidding me
I really get to use this do I really get to use this did you sign the waiver you
know how to work it oh oh oh time to meet your maker this duct tape is
honestly live for way too long all right it’s at least 24 hours old
it’s time to get through oh my god oh my gosh wait we threw
sticky lairs this is the middle of the duct tape we’re going all the way I want
to get through all 100 layers there’s no way I’m letting Keith beat me it’s up
it’s it’s not Oh nope no wait okay so works wait if we get through if we made
it all the way through you need to grab this card on the other side and pull it
through do you see it I don’t see ya do you see the card what card I dropped it
it’s in there wait I can see this bust of my fingers stop is it actually stuck
actually this Doug I can’t get it out I want you to cut it out are you kidding
me you like a child so while I’m cutting the rest of this duct tape down because
somebody’s got to clean this up don’t forget to comment within the first 16
minutes of a new video being uploaded because for comments grouping features
right here and I’ll see you all next time

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