ТЕХНІКА ВІЙНИ №161. Авіаційні гармати. Коронавірус і ВПК. Винищувач 6-го покоління [ENG SUB]

Where recognize pilotage qualities of ukrainian pilot? On what mighty cannons of our fighters? These are 4 queues, or one long queue and one short queue By what already equip new spy-ship? How much India spend on arms and technique? On what mighty to play Belorous «Flejta»? And does won F-16 in drag-racing against super-bike? Under time of visit to Ukraine – Turkey president Redjep Tajip Erdogan sign with head of our state Volodymyr Zelenskij agreement about coworking in defense sphere Here, agreed about sending planes An-178, and also warrior help to our Armed Forces with Turkey goods on amount 36 mln dollars. Like this begin Ukraine MIC news for week Zaporigja city government factory «MiGremont» send to brigade of tactical aviation modernized training-combat fighter Su-27UB. To «Spartsi» replace engine and provide line of works, to increase exploitation term more on 12 years It will increase effectiveness of prepare and flying abilities of pilots. Btw, pilot of first class, lieutenant-colonel Urij Boulavko from Mirgorod brigade in Poland – second time recognize as best performer of aerobatics on such plane type Company “Artem” bring on sales three planes of dauther company “Artem-Avia”. It is aerial-vessels for containers transportation An-26B. One from 1977 year release, from 2012 it is exponent in Government museum of aviation in Guljany Two other, made in 80-ss, was in rent at Belorous company, and then repaired. Starting price of planes without tax on added price consist 10 millions and over 700 thousand grivnas. Look like onturn step on waste removing by government defense enterprises GovernConcern «UkrOboronProm» call prime-minister to not allow to factory «Radar» loose two places in Kyiv with common space almost 3,5 hectares Land, what used for producing and repairing production of defense design for needs of MinDefense, plan to build-over by commercial estates. If it happens, factoy «Radar» won’t be able to produce onboard radio-locationing complexes, meteo-navigation stations, aparats of special assignment, etc January 30 in Odessa first by itself go in sea future middle-size Navy spy-ship «Lagouna». Started on factory «Kouznja na Rybalskomou» and released on water April 23, 2019, now it passing driving trials and equiped more on enterprise «Soudoverf Ukrajina» For day in sea presenters of factory common with crew perform different tasks about checking working qualities of mechanisms and agregates of ship, on which already mounted station of radio-technical reconnaissance «Melhior» Ukrainian patrol cutters Island get promised 25-mm automatic cannons M-110, which used in paired artillery-systems 2M-3M. But here on each cutter came by one automate on american mount Mc38 Maximal fire range – 3 km, fire-rate – 300 shots per minute. This film made under time of graduation ceremony of Navy institute coursants. But such arm – short time measure, cuase on path of modernization will be mounted something more powerfull Specialists of Starokramatorsk machinebuilding factory own production of barrels for 122-mm artillery systems. Basic cannon, on which them able to mount is tug howitzer D-30 Also by them might equip SPG 2S1 “Gvozdyka”. So, apart from barrels with caliber 125, 152, 155 mm from present enterprise, Armed Forces of Ukraine get one more, and so – more mights for innovating artillery park. This week became known about accepting on arms 80-mm non-guided aerial missiles RD-80 Oskol for injuring onland targets. They have cumulative-fragment warhead RS-80GMM First missiles from GovernCompany «Artem» pass trial in summer 2018. By them armed planes, helicopters Mi-2 and Mi-8, and also onland platforms with launching blocks. 100-percent ukrainian development wit honor enforce our aviation About MGs and cannons we talk most frequently, when goes about onland technique. But aerial vessels also keep prepared simmilar devices of injury Gennadij Salivon visited one brigade and studying center of Aerial Forces and investigate about them. So, by what our warriors helicopters and planes are able to reply to enemy – watch next… Arms on planes start using from times of First world war. Then appears need – not just find and destroy onland targets, but also aviation of enemy. At start pilots shoot from revolvers. Soon start use of stationary MGs Further enlarged count, fire-rate and caliber of weapons. On modern planes still using cannon armament. But does it needed? Cause missiles capture target even when pilot doesn’t seen it yet Cannons needed for that targets, which not able to nihilate by guided missiles. Foreaxample 200-300 meters at aerial target missiles armament not used, and cannons used. History knows example, when was tries to decline cannon armament on jet planes. This initiative overviewed under times of Vietman war On Mig-21 – first models doesn’t have cannon armament. According to Hrouschov – all solutions by missiles. First Phantoms also doesn’t have cannons. Only experience of fights On second year of war – return to cannons. Mig 21 get new on that time GSh-23. In Ukraine it now remains at onboard-shooter of transporter Il-76 Two-barrels gun not paired. It has two barrels with short move. Goes shot, and for that time in second barrel loaded shell The GS-23 gun was adopted in 1965. Its pair of 23 mm barrels produce 174 grams of projectile at a speed of 700 meters per second. Firing rate – up to 3400 rounds per minute By other way go americans. On thier «Phantoms» they install six-barrels cannons «Vulcano», which «split» shower of fire. Many-barrels cannons in use until now. Foreaxample, in United Sated it is A-10 Thunderbolt-2 with seven-barrel cannon with caliber 30 mm and fire rate 3900 shots per minute and ammunition on 1350 shots At us Su-24 with six-barrels GSh-23-6 with fire-rate 9000 shots per minute with ammunition 250 shells. On helicopters installing MGs. About soviet and american many-barrels they are different by principle of action Thunderbolt, they all have electric driving gear. Here electric driving gear I don’t see. – It is absent. Cause nutrition needed for first shot. Here placed pyro-patrons. By count of giving tension they able to work. Creating pressure and goes first loading of barrel. By costs of powder gases removing goes turning of barrels In Ukraine MG JaKB 12,7 mm and pair of his smaller bros with calibers 7,62 mm install in suspended carriers on helicopters Mi-8. In carriers mighty also install cannon or grenade launcher. Not far I’ve made topic about grenade-launcher AGS-17. It is his aerial variant. He differs with heavy barrel, cause in aviation – vibration not allowed Exist cases of using grenade launcher to injury aerial targets. By unproved data, Egypt helicopter Mi-24 occasionally striked-down from grenade-launcher plane F-4 «Phantom» of Israel AF. But basic aerial arm is cannons. On Mig-29 and Su-27 it is one-barrel GSh-30 The GS-30 gun was adopted 40 years ago. 30mm projectiles weighing up to 394 grams have an initial speed of 900 meters per second. The rate of fire is one and a half thousand shots per minute. Ammunition 150 shells that recharge with barrel recoil energy Cuase of high fire-rate, fire might perform only by short lines, which interrupted automatically By 35-40 shells. It is 4 lines, or one long line and one short, or studying regime by 7-8 shots from one pressure of button For loading cannon usually needed 10-15 minutes. On harborage in first demounted patrons-box, mounted new of equipped own and placed on plane If before 60-ss years, cause of primitive sights, pilots hope only on experience and sixth sense, so now – on modern electronics How show studyies, might to nihilate fighter, any aerial target. Cannon trustfull and sight-system of planes very lucky, as user of cannon might say, that GSh-30 gets there, where pilot aimed We don’t tell about two-barrels 30-mm cannons GSh-30-2. In Ukraine them mounted on assault helicopters Mi-24 and fighters Su-25 them injury only targets on land surface and water. About such aerial munitions chech topic in one of new programs Rise of coronavirus – force some of the chinese warrior technique’n’arms producers pause work. Among projects, that paused: space-rocket products, fighters J-15 and third aircraftcarrier Epidemy might stop also growing of russian MIC. And more valuable gunsmith news of world for week – watch next. Torrent Loading Systems company present rapid loading system RLS-1. It is box, that consist three pistol magazines and allow, for adding ammo, use only one hand Special lock doesn’t allow magazines to drop-off at run, jumps, fall, etc. Device has two movable components, which even after brake allow to pull-out additional ammo. After this – rifles owners also won’t refuse to have simmilar helper USA President Donald Trump remove prohibition on using by american army – anti-personnel mines. Weremind, this in his times bring Borak Obama everywhere, except Korean peninsula In Penragon declare, that will use only mines type, equipped with mechanism of self-destruction or self-defusing, which triggers after 30 or less days after installing. Even at this permission decision about using in this or that situations remain after commanders Canadian Jonatan Tippet create biggest exoskeleton in world, which are in Guinness Book of Wolrd Records. 4-meter metal Prosesis has mecha simulator-games style, has four legs and weight 1,6 tones Two electro-engines here nutritiate 36-kW battery. By words of developer, on its creation came 13 years. In plans, bringing new sport type – run of exoskeletons. By giant for sure will interest warriors and presenters of defense industry On expo of arms and warrior technique in Minsk in first demonstrated 80-shell MLRS Flejta. Battle machine use soviet 80-mm aerial non-guided missiles serie S-8. Effective range from 1 to 3 km Time of Flejta deployment under 60 seconds, and preparing for launch – two times faster. Basis became AV Asilack SHTS, what is rebranding of GAZ-3308 Sadko. Field test of development plan to end in this year France ministry of defense made with Socarenam/CNN MCO consotrium contract on 6 patrol ships POM. Ships will have lengths 79,9 meters and full watertonnage 1298 tones. Maximal speed 24 knots, and floating range 5500 sea miles Crew consist 30 men, and also will be place for 23 passangers. Supplying of vessels will be performed from 2022 to 2025. Considering all, they will replace too-old patrol cutters of France Navy on above-sea territories On Istambul Tech-fest fighter F-16 Solo Turk participate in unbelievable race. Against him on drag-racing bring: private plane, Formula 1 race-car, supercars – Tesla P-100-DL, Aston Martin New Vantage, Lotus Evora GT-430 and super-bike Kawasaki H-2-R In result F-16 get bronze, lossing to motor-bike and F-1 race-car. Time count only on track of 402 meters, but if it was mile, F-16 would force competitors swallow dust In Great Britain reveal secrets of their perspective fighter. If earlier – Temest, in company BAE Systems, call plane of 5 gen., so now it’s already positioned, as 6-th. Model may enlarge park of F-35 and fully replace Typhoon Kingdom plan to spend on actual prototypes 2 bln pounds and get first plane in 2035. In such way Great Britain seriously enters clash on market of fighters, where participate USA, France, China, Russia and others February 5-9 in Indian city Lakhnau passed International expo of onland and Navy arms DefExpo-2020. In it take part 800 indian and 170 foreign companies and delegations from 35 countries of world Ukraine was presented by 8 companies and present new program of tank modernization for Т-72. Valuable to notice, that India for last years actively buying warrior technique and arms. It enters TOP-5 world countrie by warrior spendings with 42,2 bln dollars Next time you will know about perspectives of armor’n’tank technique of world. And on today thats all. Watch us on 24th channel YouTube – MillitaryTV of Ukraine

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