Новый Бюджетный Электроскейт Backfire G2T всего за 40к! [Electronews #2]

hello the other day I found out that the backfire company introduced a new electric skater called g2t in general, it is not particularly important she presented it turns out he was back in December but plans to start sending it only at the end of March more precisely from March 31, 2019 therefore, in the free market it has not yet been sent to anyone for review yet so in fact I was not late for three months no I probably wriggle out like this so it’s not me brake this I wanted to do this on purpose, but how could I warm up some interests closer to the exit? overview reading characteristics call it what you want First, let’s run through the specifications Naturally then I will say what is different backfire g2t new model from old models backfire So in the complete set to this board goes two sets of wheels alone eighty-three millimeters second ninety-six millimeters is not something or something to choose from as usual for all manufacturers and two pairs of wheels also have two motors 350 watts each maximum speed this baby accelerates 38 kilometers per hour grabs his plus or minus for 24 kilometers it weighs 6 half a kilogram and charging from zero to one hundred occurs in two and a half hours what do manufacturers boast about us unlike their old boards g2 Firstly, this charge now takes you a charge not for three and a half hours as it was before, but two and a half they also have a new remote that looks something like this on there is a little alef screen on which will be shown speed board status battery charge distance traveled everything is all in this spirit that is basically enough information is useful because actually convenient to know when do you understand that now you have 50 percent of the battery left now 70 and you don’t need to look at the controller precisely by dividing there everything will be written exactly in circuses as we are used to on the same smartphone for me, so cool and worth this board is not so much by the way about the cost it costs 599 dollars is equivalent to which is equivalent to almost 40 thousand rubles, in principle, the price is more than adequate I do not know what is there with the delivery, but if you do not live in the cis, then I do not think that there will be any problems delivery neighbor can not drill so loud Also, manufacturers have increased the width of the tracks by one and a half centimeters, which will give you that will give you more stability when driving they also write on their website that they use such a suspension with the help of which you will feel as comfortable as possible and on 38 kilometers per hour which is the highest speed for this board they also say that they added the so-called turbo mode on their repair controller ie they had three modes now become 4 you will need to hold a special button to enable this mode and I thought that this would be an additional speed increase, that is, there is 38 at most, but if you are extreme then can go and 45 everything turned out to be a little more interesting turbo mode gives you a 20 percent boost to acceleration that is, you will simply start faster but at the same time the maximum speed will not increase It sounds interesting, but I don’t understand why there is a separate button for selecting separate modes because but the person himself is probably able to control the acceleration of his electric skate by pressing more or less trigger on repair a la la The last thing I would like to say is that the board comes in two colors and both look quite interesting. one yellow with black that looks strictly enough, and their second brand colors the colors of the cosmos on this I have everything because a neighbor hesitated the information seems to be over waiting for reviews on this skit when it comes out see you soon hears him

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