Intro Good evening friends! We’ve got Bono here with us And Pollly is also with us. The whole gang is here So Bono have decided to make me a present By visiting the Kyiv Collider Where the nuclear particles fly up the sky Well you will explain later This is a particle accelerator Where astronauts were tested It is the thing you can see behind us Will be showing you it in details. And I would also like to mention that it’s radioactive You can’t stay in there for a long time Bono give us a quick word about what kind of devices is this Well almost as Sus said But it doesn’t accelerate ultimate particles, It just accelerates air A pipe for aerodynamic tests Of different objects and devices Oh object I thought that was for people. Well for planes for example and other stuff Well it’s actually still working.I guess so There are a lot of cameras in there Yeah the security is really tough in there so will try not to be caught Is that more a military or a strategic object? I guess it’s more to strategic Maybe strategic-military Because they can beat your f**king face off. -Well I am already broken They’ll break you over the knee Everything is cool, we are not afraid of anything and our gang is awesome friendly We will break through, let’s roll With gods help we’ll sneak into Or with the help of the devil New motoring buildings here and such a shit hole. I haven’t actually seen those modern buildings before Merry Christmas, guys! Thank you, you too! That was my bro gang Vasya, Petya and Petro Holy shit this is big What the hell is that? Some space boiler room It smells so yummy. What’s in there? I don’t know the path in. There’s some stuff in there Something military I’d like to mention that there is no entrance from the outside So the workers Enter it from the building Will be now thinking how to get in Let’s go through here F**k what a structure As I understand this is the central testing block From where the air blows and all the And all the scientific military procedures happen It’s an air intake if I’m not mistaken And does this object has any connection with the subway Well as it said, it may be Well will now check it out maybe there is some way to the subway from here Noticed that it’s about 12 m high Such a big thing And we are in a metal glass You will see some graffiti So it’s a place where young people hang out Oh so drug addicts aren’t our friends, we vote for health But we also like sneaking into places It’s the main thing Will now try to get inside Friends! If you want to emerge your self into adventures full of magic Then I would like to recommend you the game Warface Warface is a dynamic online first person shooter Warface has colourful graphics and has got low system requirements So you can run it almost at any computer There are more than 100 of shooting weapons And there aren’t a lot of shooters I can show you the same result as Warface does In this game you can fight other players Or complete missions together In any part of the world In Japan, Africa, Siberia or even Prypiat Warface has got awesome graphics And new content is always added New maps, new weapons That acts just as good as it looks Just like in the real world And also there is an updated anti-cheat And all this means But there is almost 0% you can meet a cheater in the game Friends if you wanna have a good time With the benefit yourself and also support Super Sus And then visit the link in the description and download game It’s absolutely free So friends, we’re inside With a cunning manoeuvre Here we’ve got a door behind our back but we won’t be showing you where it leads And now we’re inside Such a huge structure I want to mention that the sizes here Are just gargantuan It’s about 20 m high So where are we is this the thing we saw outside No, it’s the side channel It’s all curled and complicated as the doughnut Our main goal is to enter the central part Where the head accelerator is located The big one we saw outside So will be sneaking in there It’s all very complicated here And that will happen to everyone who’s gonna talk bullshit There is lots of garbage here That know one is using And here we entrance door, enormous ventilation Notice how you see through the wall Only one circle forms In the centre in which you can see And you can’t see anything on the sides So what is this thing? Huge ventilation channel? -Kind of, an air intake And where were the people flying, here? Where are the testing camera is The sizes of hall It’s about 10/10 m The mobile phone doesn’t film that good in here Like this with a wide angle lens but the quality will be bad This is where the air flew on high speed This is a special mechanism To control the flow of the air Special stuff To map the air into this laboratory on a special angle Kind of like this. People were trying to become birds But they couldn’t do it and now this place is abandoned Because people didn’t change into birds and the 23rd century And this is how urban explorers speaking to places they need And there are huge fans in there There are other places in Kyiv where you can see stuff like this Just look guys How huge those fans are, twice the height of a person I think they haven’t spin for years now Look, we are entering the fans Between the blades About 10 years ago they were still spinning and now it’s over And they will never spin again There are about 10 rows of blades here They alternate with a rectifier How are you’re doing daddy? -All good Wait, wait I wanna film how are you are crawling And this is where we came next Awesome No this is what I understand a scale 2020 has started very big Powerful 2020 is the year of the digger Year of the underground rat Like scary underground rats The scariest ones Have a look at those models Soviet wooden models That were tested here. Look they tested a car As I understand the model was put under some air pressure And looked at it’s aerodynamics How it holds the wind Lock there are some numbers, those must be the pressure points There was a little pipe on every spot And the pipe leaded it to a pressure sensor And the pressure was measured For every area of the model During the dynamic tests. This is it And you can see lots of little pipes inside Oh yeah and there are the pipes That measure the pressure. Some motors Those are fuselage and landing gear I have a little bit in familiar with aviation Some flying saucer Oh yeah definitely there was some flying saucers that were tested here Yeah! Holy f**king shit We have to pass through… the slot is torn off and here it is fitted with thread lock And we can’t unscrew them And what is behind their Note that these are huge gates Made of aluminium or something And we must find a way to pass through them And there is a lock here What are we going to do Sus? We’ll be looking for the keys I’ll go get the keys We found out that the pass is blocked But we aren’t going to give up We’ve got heavy artillery here We’ll have to do some destructive actions and cut through a screw So, let’s go Come on press it as much as you can through that side Some more, some more The screw is off Saw the bolts off You can’t stop us with this thing I’m going to buy myself one You’re just cutting as it’s crazy What can you see inside I can’t understand from now And what’s up there? There is a bolt just like here So someone has to climb up Hey! What are they doing? Bono, Bono, Bono! Where are you taking that bed to? This is tough Holy f**king shit investigation lead by gingerbread man Done. That’s it? Yeah! Holy fuck What is happening here And it doesn’t give any sparks while cutting This is the main thing of that device It sometimes sounds like a diesel engine starting Yeah, yeah Sus, please! Before entering the facility Please go through the metal detector So this is it. Complete offense We are going in We didn’t break anything just took the bolts off Just no one has any questions we didn’t break anything We just cut off the bolts They cost like 5UAH We will leave them 20 UAH, we are not Vandals Everything is okay and not broken Are there are now models of planes here And this is the monument That stands on Khreshchatyk, the central Stella a copy of it This is where it was tested For aerodynamic suitability. Oh, so it doesn’t fall off Holy shit we won’t be able to pick it up. Is it heavy? Yeah I look a little plane A white plane with wheels This is cool And here are models of buildings And where are those buildings? Somewhere on Pechersk Hello guys, this is Gulliver. If anyone of you knows the building of the Guilliver Little Gulliver of her and this is it’s model So before was built The model was tested in here Awesome, thank you Bono Holy shit This is where we are going to enter now Photos from the time when this pipe was built He is a guy testing a plane And there are those fans Some researchers here Yuri Gagarin and Klitschko Hard workers. Just look at this guys This is the acture from the movie Shurik’s adventure 100%. And this is the flying saucer That we saw a few minutes before A plane If anyone comes he’ll be coming from here There is a security system here There is that electricity block It means it’s connected to the security Look at that Freken Bock Bokanh Must be some lecturer It must be some famous lecturer Is that the Olympic stadium? There is some stadium A stadium at Sydney or something This is buckwheat.people on the stadium I am made from buckwheat So lots of models of buildings and stadiums Add all this was tested here before it was built Cool this is awesome It was my dream to come and see all of So does this thing work still? It’s hard to tell Well are used to work a few years before but I doubt it still works I guess now it’s just warehouse And now where are the models tested Well in the Internet Actually yeah I think they test it in Vkontakte We just have to wring it out Like it’s locked from the other side Now wring out And there is a camera If there is a camera on the right we have to cover it with something The camera is in that corner Is it there? Yeah, oh no it’s okay The camera is looking over here on the stairs There is the camera, guys Wind it up with something Maybe some wire or something I have a better idea. Maybe just go like this We just turned it the other side We are going to have to cut this out, because this is a fail No, it’s okay Is this criminal? Oh f***k criminal Of course we are breaking the law We can spent 10 years in prison Some modern photos from the inside Wow, a soviet construction site Just look at it There is policeman during the time this facility was built Or maybe some guy That has something to do with aviation Look at this friends I will now enter The place where the planes are hanging Look at the respectable people that work into building this facility No joke Postman Pechkin This is such a beauty Some Like this Oh, what the hell This is where the command centre is located of this pressure chambers There are computers and other digital devices Control desks You can start the pipe from here Yeah, turn on the fans They didn’t start A clamp for betrayers Opa opa, the cops are calling I’m sorry I forgot about that I thought the phone was ringing here To ask that why the f**k is the camera turn the other side And the security system worked I am opening the laboratory The secrets of our homeland, a secret laboratory It’s just closed with a little lock Daddy What a sound We are entering the holy of the holy places Oh what a smell in here. We can turn the lights on here Come on in, we will deal with it Moth****cker Yeah, main TestBench Thank you Dimon for this present for Christmas Thank you very much Dimonchik It’s hanging Which is noticed that there is a camera there There it is with red light, looking right at us There are cameras hanging everywhere. This is modern camera And we don’t know are those cameras made for security Or they are made To watch how the tests are going I give 70% that those are security cameras We are now in the view of those cameras There is the Main Square The one we saw from the other side The ventilation And this is a working laboratory All the fans turn on And the testing starts. Bono, tell us where the people fly Well, write over here. These fans pump air in here Over that side How do people not fly into the fans So there is a flow of air in the tunnel Even people can’t come into the tunnel when it’s working And people sit at the control center Like it on here? It’s awesome This is an amazing place, I’ve always wanted wanted to come here I don’t know how to get inside. What did you find out.?No I didn’t No, no this is awesome What do you think about the camera, is it working? Yes it is Oh yeah I want to show you And we are standing right under the camera Well, I congratulate you! We have sneaked into this facility But we don’t know how all this will end The cameras might be wired and the security will come in a few minutes But we are in in the facility is ours Merry Christmas to everyone and happy holidays Best wishes to you and thank you for the present Dima Thank you very much, this is awesome Sawing and breaking, sawing and breaking We actually cut only two bolts so don’t get upset We will leave them 20 UAH for those bolts So you don’t get upset We haven’t done anything bad. What will you say, is the place good? Yeah, the place is awesome, very atmospheric And it is unique. And what do you think is anyone going to come here due to the cameras? It’s the holiday season now so I don’t think anyone is coming But even if the cops come we will talk to them and show that we don’t harm or break anything And I think they’re going to let us free like bros So now you’re a pro to cops? No, what? No, I’m not their bro Guys 20 fans, one fan is 2 meters A little higher than me And there is the camera A security camera Will find out in a few minutes if it works But the tunnel is amazing, it looks like out of space Very beautiful I want to say again that we didn’t spoil or break anything We only open two bolts So don’t get upset, for those who will see the video We just came here to have a look. We’re not even touching anything with our hands If it still works, I don’t know So don’t get upset. And there is this the Olympic stadium? I don’t know, some stadium Hey, Sus Here were going down and the camera is lighted red Here The camera is with a infrared light But I think it’s experimental and it’s just observing The way the experiment is going But this is just opinion Look friends, this is the square we saw from the outside This is the graffiti we showed you Now we are inside, hurray I’ll try to get the camera out And film it To show that thing Having fun Ahaaa, here you are Sergio, is that you? Is that you Sergio? What’s up? Did you find them? Hello? Are you there? Yeah Go from the other side Did you hear them? He’s gonne There was some guy there So, lets carefully head for the exit But let’s stick together Just look at the size of the stick he’s got He’s got a baton shhh quiet, quiet, quiet Serioga is very angry We’re going out, close the door Will you close it up? Can you close them? With the ladder That’s it, enough Dude leave it, let’s go So, I’m going to tell you what’s happening The security is down there with walkie-talkies And we climbed on the top Of the tunnel. So we don’t get beaten by that baton Here is the metal structure The police is going to come We’ll think of something now What are you going to say Sus? Well, I’m okay. Do you think this situation is dangerous? Well, I wouldn’t say so So, we shouldn’t bother. Sus, we shouldn’t bother I’ve got two more bottles of wine Guys get down here, because when the cops come you’re going to be f**ked up Well aren’t we going to be f**ked up anyway? You won’t be now Come on get down We are scared of you, you’ve got a very scary stick I’m going to smash your f**king head Come on call the police already If you’re talking such shit then call the cops And why are you talking like that? Hey, young man!You hear me? Valera! With the stick What an interesting man you are Oh just look at them Call the cops we’re going to wait And where is the police? They are going down there Where? Down Come on guys, come down Don’t be afraid of us, the cops came already I’m going to go talk to the cops Hello!Get down Good evening Get down. Where are the ladders? Okay, we’re coming down So friends. The police came They ask asked to come down And we are coming down in the hands of our valorous police I don’t think we’re going to have any problems. We’re just going to explain everything We didn’t steal anything and almost didn’t break anything The fact that their two bolts came apart that is nothing Just gravity in action Going to have a talk and I think will be released Show them our documents The only danger are grandpas cramps with sticks Some crazy man I don’t know what happened to them but they got a f**ked-up life So friends We’ve come a round the whole And this is the square part we showed you This is the ventilation And there is the police So the security and the cops came We’re going to go deal with it I’m going to go ask them Are they the police or some nasty cops This is actually interesting This is such a contrast. Some rusty piece of garbage and moring buildings Green modern building Hang on your hands and jump down It’s not that hight We’ve got food with us Get it all out I’m going to come to you in a moment And where am I going to put it? Well you got somehow in here. All the doors were welded Well then check your security system Well there is a fence here I’m interested what were you hiding. Well go and have a look So I have to go and look? If I go and look there, you gonna go from here for a long time Don’t threaten me Who are you? A horse ina a coat. Well I see Were there four of you or five? Six I have you got your documents with you? You’re going to give your explanation on that The one who is going to run away is going to be wanted They’ll be looking for you So you better do everything here Get everything clear and you’re free Fans nine meters high 1 hour later So friends, our vlog is over Thank you for watching until the end Give a quick word about how everything ended The police came And the next logs I’m going to be telling you if those were filthy cops that came or was that good police Today came good police They were very kind to us, one of them was my subscriber We dealed with everything Sat for an hour and wrote our explanations That we didn’t mean to do anything at And then they went home.This is how our Christmas went That granpa went to cut the locks with the metal grinder To go have a look if we haven’t harmed anything Again I wanna have a word to the workers of this facility Please don’t get upset we just wanted to make a few photos We didn’t break anything just cut two bolts Don’t get upset about those bolts Best wishes, Merry Christmas Happy holidays the best to you, love you all We had some fun filmed an awesome vlog Thank you for the help in sneaking to such a facility It was nice to go out Subscribe to Bono, link will be in the description Bono also goes out with us Our colleague In this unfortunate situation Subscribe to my channel or I will kill you supersus.shop


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