Битва керамистов (субтитры), S03E01 (третий сезон, первая серия)

Not bad for a first effort! Welcome to the Great pottery throw down! I got into pottery when I was doing my GCSE’s. There was like, “oh, you have to pick a subject!” “Cool! What’s ceramics? Oh, it’s clay! Yeah, alright, I’ll have a bit of it!” And where I am? I am here! (laughing) In the biggest Pottery throw down yet, 12 of the nation’s finest home potters have been selected to walk the hallowed cobbles of Middleport right in the heart of
British pottery spiritual home Stoke-on-Trent I have wanted to see this
place for a long time. This is a mecca for potters because so many beautiful
pieces have been made here. In our Throw down studio they’ll be let loose on wet clay to transform it into unique and beautiful items for the home. I can lose days, fully immerse myself in my pottery and get lost. Everything they conjure up will
be judged by maverick master Potter Keith Brymer Jones and well-renowned ceramic designer Sue Pryke. The majority of our homes in the UK have something art designed in their cupboards I’ve been designing for High Street retailers
like Marks and Spencers and IKEA for over 20 years If you have a drink a cup
of tea from a what that I’ve designed then you clearly don’t drinking of tea Functionality is a large part of what I do, but over the 35 years I’ve been doing
it. It’s not just about function, it’s about the emotional connection you’re
trying to convey with what you make. For me pottery is incredibly emotional. Fantastic, mate, it’s fantastic! I am an emotional person as well, so I’d quite like to meet Keith and we can get emotional together. So are these potters ready?.. For 20 brand new challenges… The last time I was this nervous was probably before Labor. And who will go on to be named Champion… My secret weapons: these bad boys! …of the Great pottery throw down? Don’t drop them! A bit full at the moment I am sweating full-on! Get your hand nice and wet for some lubrication. Don’t look really! I knew that would happen to me. It’s the first day for our new pottery
crew and that is more than welcome we’ve laid on. Time to don their overalls
straddle their wheels and get ready for the pottery ride of their lives. Let the
game of pots begin! The potting battle will commence here at
Middleport – one of the oldest surviving Potteries in Britain, where skills dating
back over 300 years are still being used. Over three days our Potters will face
two challenging tests to determine their skills and creativity. Who will be the
first Potter of the week and who will judges Keith and Sue send home? -Good morning potters!
-Hello! Hi! -Welcome to your first day in the pottery. Now for your main mate challenge this week Sue in Keith have set the perfect start
to your morning ’cause they’d like you to build a six-piece breakfast set. This must comprise of a cafetiere, we’ve provided the plungers. Aren’t we kind? Two espresso cups and two sauces and a toast rack. You’ve got four hours and your time
starts now. Potters get potting! Throwing on the wheel is my preferred
style, I’m going to enjoy doing this task. Yeah! Throwing is not really my thing –
I’m a sculptor but it’s got to put it out of the bag and make something
respectable. But before the Potters can throw their six piece breakfast sets on
the wheel they have to prepare the clay. I don’t want day and night worry about the weights are all off… I think we’re all in the same boat mate, don’t worry. After carefully weighing the clay… – It got to be exact. …each lump has been needed a process called wedging. – This is what like it. It’s not flopping around anymore. I’ve never thrown a breakfast set before I didn’t even know you could throw a
cafetiere. Have you ever seen ceramic cafetiere? I
haven’t! So this is the first main make challenge a breakfast set and it’s right
up my street, it’s a throwing challenge. It’s pretty
exciting, isn’t it? It is! It’s a really tough challenge too, there’s a lot of
things for the Potters to consider. These items need to be fit for purpose, it’s a functional range so I want to see that the plunger really fits well into the
cylinder of the cafetiere. The espresso cups have to be small, I don’t want to see mugs. And then we’ve got the toast rack. There is a myriad of ways they
could construct this, but we don’t want sweaty toast. – No, not nice. So, I really want to see the
Potters working on the wheel work with the clay it’s all about the breakfast
set having that design follow all the way through the pieces. It is good for really. Soft, soft, soft soft. I’m just centering the clay at the moment, so that I’m able
to pull it off nice and easy without wobbling around. I’m trying not to make
it look like something (Laughing) This is a bit that everyone gets very excited about. But that takes out all the air bubbles. You start with the difficult one, don’t you? The cafetiere is definitely the main concern. I’ve only managed that one so far out of
ten attempts. – Hey Tom! – Hello! – Can you tell me about your breakfast set
Tom? – My theme for the challenge is a song. So, I’m a musician and I wake up singing
and I go to bed singing just myself and I don’t sing properly. Tom lives in Sheffield where he composes and teach his music. It’s hard when you are laughing, isn’t it? His love of music will inspire a toast rack of notes and a cafetiere handle
pulled into the shape of a treble clef. I’m looking forward to seeing this, I’m
quite musical I play a brass instrument. Oh, so do I! What do you play? I play abaritone. Oh, do you? You are a real brass bander then. Proper brass band, yes. I am a French horn player, you see. Oh, yes, we don’t have those in brass band, but I do love French horn and I love the sound. Shall we just leave theim
to it, Sue? The biggest challenge is actually
lifting this to the height that I wanted to come to. The Potters must pull up
enough clay to get the cafetieres to the required height. I’m not used to doing big throwing things. But if they pull up too much they risk their walls becoming
too thin. There is absolutely zero room for error. And the cafetieres could
collapse. Nope! All gone! Too much pressure. Get out, you naughty boy! I should stop talking to the clay! This is what happens ’cause I’m my own all the time, so I just talk to myself
or the dog. One, two, three. Twenty seven-year-old Rainna lives in Dover and pots whilst caring full-time for her mom, Trelina. Rainna’s breakfast set will be decorated with cogs and rivets in her design
mashup of steampunk meets recycling. But first, she’s got to throw the pieces Look at you! You are the messiest potter in pottery! I it really, really bad? You are, everywhere! I am not really good at throwing Oh, ok! I’ve only sort of started in the last year
something like just practicing, practicing, practicing. But you know I’m getting there.
Small collapse. All my training really has been in throwing, so I prefer throwing
larger lumps of clay in the wheels. This is where the muscles come in. Claire’s a
bodybuilder from Northern Ireland. When she’s not lifting weights with her
former Mr. Universe boyfriend Paul, she likes throwing big pots. Claier’s hoping
to show off her throwing skills with a simple design and muted colors across
her breakfast set. Enhanced by shaping the cup sources and cafetiere to look
like lily pads. My granny is also called Lily, so there’s a bit of a family
element in there as well. As long as the clay plays ball with me should be okay. Gone I do it thousand times at home. Flea’s from London and mum
to five-year-old Iris in two-year-old Jimmy. And it was her own artist mum who
first introduced her to pottery Her blue-and-white set is inspired by the
Moroccan place that her mum would serve the family breakfast on. Breakfast was definitely quite a thing for us and it was always a pleasure eating off
beautiful things. That’s a better attempt, so I am happy with that. To throw tall and precise is a real test for even the most experienced potter. I am glad when I’ve done this big
one. It’s up there now, let’s keep it up there But it’s not just the height that
matters here. It’s gonna have to be so precise diameter just perfect otherwise
cafetiere that doesn’t work. Width is crucial if the plungers are to fit. And if that’s not challenging enough once in fire the clay will shrink
which the potters need to factor into their measurements. This clay shrinks by
12% actually I’ve got a shrinkage ruler which is something that probably every
man should have. -Hello!
– Hi Rosalind! -Hello lovely! – Oh, it’s lovely to meet you! How are you getting on? I’ve enjoyed doing the measurements
something I haven’t used before it because it actually works when you measure and weigh, things tend to match! – It’s amazing! – I wish i’d done that years ago! Retired antique shop owner Rosalind from
Essex pots in the garden shed next to her husband Ken’s pigeons. -Oh, look, he still has his fluff on! Her bird-theme breakfast set is inspired by the chicken she remembers from her childhood. My dad was a farmer, it’s good to see the hens coming in the kitchen. Mom always made
pets of all our animals. I try not to get too attached because sometimes they’d end up being for Sunday dinner. Ronaldo’s also looking back to his
childhood. My work is inspired by where I grew up, which is a Barbados. Even for my
measuring system I’m using the coconut lint from the coconut tree, I’ve broken it down just in the measurements I need. Bit too narrow. Ronaldo’s an art technician at
a college and lives in London with his girlfriend Eleanor and their
four-year-old daughter Annelle who’s already following in his footsteps. – Beautiful! Ronaldo’s decorating his set with
hand-painted coconut trees to capture memories of Barbados. But his usual style
of throwing is at odds with the precision required. I freestyle a lot. I say let’s let my subconscious take over and do whatever it feels like.
– Yeah -You’re so involved in the making and your mind is left to just wander.
– Yeah. – Just don’t wander too far.
– Yeah.
– Because you’ll get lost. – I don’t want that happen! At this stage of the challenge the
Potters are allowed to throw as many pieces as they can. I think this is going to be the one that I keep. But while some are making progress… – Oh, one for the drying room. – Oh, dear, shaky hands! … others are still struggling. – Trying to get a smooth Scandinavian sleek line to it and at the moment you can see it is going a bit like this, that’s what I’m not happy about. Originally from Denmark Rosa is a former fashion designer who
now lives in Buckinghamshire. Her Scandinavian roots and love of the
British countryside inspire her designs. What do you think about that? Rosa’s breakfast set will have a carousel for a toast rack and will be decorated with
hand-painted flora and fauna to reflect her love of nature and all that grows. Yet things aren’t growing so well at the wheel… I’m definitely not getting the
height that I was hoping for. I have to do something about these shaking hands I
think. No, I just have to crack on with it. Otherwise, I’ll never get anything
done. So, I made tea cafetieres I’m going to start making the cups. Having gone big with their cafetieres… Big hands, tiny little cups! …the Potters now have to
think small. The cups I’ve made aren’t that small, he’s made really small ones! I think they’re more like egg cups. Egg cups? How dare you, Leonard? I really have over the cups I’m indenting it kind of like a lily pad. But the more elaborate the design… They look really nice. I don’t know if they’re
the same size but pfff …the harder it will be to make their cups and saucers identical Let’s see if we can get rid of that ridge. Let’s hope it matches that one over there I’m really interested in clean forms, so my inspiration is from the
traditional Chinese tea cups. – Yes, yes.
– I am half Chinese and half English and that’s er… – And 100% Scouse!
– Yes, 100% Scouse,yes! Twenty-three-year-old Jacob
soaks up his heritage when he visits Liverpool’s historic Chinatown with his
dad John. His decoration will celebrate the city skyline. Sitting aloft his toast rack will be a liver bird, and his set will be signed off with his own makers
mark. I used my little Chinese stamp to mark
everything. My mom and dad brought this back from China. It’s my name in Chinese kind of just finishes it off of it. Guys, you’ve got one hour left! – Rosa, are you all right for 60 minutes?
– I hope so. I finally moved on to the epresso cups, but my hands are still shaking like I don’t know what. But before anyone’s breakfast sets are complete… – I’m getting pretty tired. – Ah, it’s tough, isn’t it? …there’s still one more piece to throw on
the wheel. – I’ve never done a toast rack, so this’ll be interesting. So the toast rack is going to be shaped as
a boat and I’m gonna have my little peoples on each end of the boat. So it’s
almost like a 3d version of some illustration works. Born in Nepal, London-based Sampada is a part-time illustrator who likes to express her
emotions through her art and ceramics. Her breakfast set will show off her
illustrative style, but the notion of using a toast rack is something new to
Sampada. I think when I heard about it, I just thought, who uses toast rack. I’m Asian, we don’t eat toasts. – Don’t expect too much.
– Oh, yeah. Leonard will also be serving his toast
in a boat. – There are two sails in the end of my toast rack. We’re done! Now retired and living in Cornwall, 70-year-old Leonard spends his days potting in his
garage. Much to the delight of his wife Suzy – Leon! Coffee, cakes!
– Oh, excellent! His love of
sailing on the Cornish coastline will be reflected in his breakfast set design. – So, this is the yacht I sail with belongs to my buddy Anthony. The design is actually
a sail and on the end will be the Cornish flag. Leonard might have some
local rivalry. – I’ve got my eye on Leonard. Cornish competition: the
younger generation beating the older generation out. Our youngest Potter Kit
still lives at home on his mum and dad’s turkey farm in Cornwall.
He’s been potting since he was nine years old. His set is inspired by the
iconic blue and white striped Cornish crockery that he’s grown up with. – How old are you?
– 19. – Does that feel like an added pressure? You’re very chilled, aren’t you? Very calming
to be around actually.
– Thank you. – Not like these two. All right, Potters you’ve got half an
hour left! – That’s an hour and a half! – I’m the boss around here lately. Do as
you’re told.
– Yes ma’am! Crack on! Keep potting! Everybody’s pulling
handles, aren’t they? So, talk to me about pulling, ‘cuz I don’t really know what
this term means. It’s difficult to do without sort of innuendos flying to my mind. Get your hands nice and wet for some lubrication. – OK, yeah.
– And then, you just start to pull things down.
– Don’t look really! – No, you asked me to do it! – She’s gone into
five-year-old mode. Matt from Manchester was a professional cyclist for ten years. He
started potting when he retired from the sport to focus his mind on a new
challenge Matt’s hoping his minimalist design,
simple decoration and sleek handles will win over the judges. – Are they thick enough for that size cafitiere, do you think? – I’m gonna make them quite close to the
form. So, hopefully there should be strength enough.
– Good luck Matt. – Thank you. – You’ve only got a bit of more time to go now. With the cafitiers and espresso cups requiring handles… – It’s an interesting process to look at. Why would I have to be self-conscious about this? …and dividers
needed for the toast racks. I’m gonna cut that off, stick it on the bench and start another one The Potters still have plenty of pulling to do. You’ve been busy, bless you! I’m pulling a very large handle in the shape of the treble
clef. Most of the time I pull him off too, too hard. Am not I going red yet? OK, guys you’ve got five minutes. Oh, dear! Why I wanna cry? Did some people just
finish? – Blimey, stop drinking tea! Everything’s done now, don’t drop it! I think this one’s too short so I might just do that one anyway I do not have any spares, hopefully, the ones I got are really good. I’ve got one spare cafitiere ,ones spare lid, two spare cups and two spare saucers. Everybody you’ve
got one minute left, everything has to go into the drying room! Don’t run! Oh, I’m doorman so far.
– Thank you very much. Rose is doing a butterfly and she’s got a minute to go. This is a butterfly or a moth. I think she’s in a bit of a flap, don’t you?
– See, what you did there, yeah. That will do. You’ve got so much! Do you need help? Do you need help? There’s one more board over there! Be in a hurry! – I come, I come! – She’s running! Thank you! Thank you so much! Come on Ronaldo! You’ve got seconds left! Come on! Shift yourself! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Time off! Well done, everybody! – Are you good?
– Yeah, quite!
– Well done! – They look relieved!
– Yeah! I’m quite pleased with what
I produced, but looking around at other people there was some very very good
stuff there That was an easy challenge, because I throw and that’s
what I do really At first I was like: oh, my god, I am
panicking and I thought just be calm Rainna, chattel in it I haven’t had any
spare at all, so, I really hope it’s going to work well. You never know with pottery
and maybe that’s the beauty or maybe that’s the awful thing. Let’s see it later
on In between the stages of their main made
each week the Potters will face a second challenge, testing a different pottery
skill. And today they’ll need to demonstrate the speed and precision of
the master Potter’s that made Stoke the center of the ceramic world. Your challenge this week is a throwdown and while we’re sticking with the breakfast theme as
Keith would like you to throw eggcups off the hole. [Laughter] Some of you had an idea! They’re gonna start with
a big lump of clay So centering it you might find quite
hard, but with throwing off the hump you only have to center the pit, you’re
actually working on. Just want to press down you don’t actually want to take too
much clay, it’s all about pressure and then you just gently squeeze the clay to
make your stem and then you squeeze the clay again to make your foot and we want
to see a nice fluent shape through the bowl of the air Cup through the stem to
the foot. Think about what you’re making, it’s an eggcup, it’s not a salad bowl.
Get your knife and just keep it slightly upwards so when you make your base it’ll
sit nicely. All right? Potters, you have got 15
minutes to throw as many eggcups off the hump as you can and your time starts
now! Look at this! Let’s start like that. – Here they go
– Ok Oh, god! This is really hard to center It’s a big old lump of clay! Well, I just love any big lump of clay. I could center that all day long! I’ve got Matt so easy getting in there. Lovely! I’ve not really worked off the hump before. Throwing off the hump is
something I’ve done before I tried to do the
espresso cups, it didn’t work out. I don’t do any production pottery, so, it’s a big struggle It is! Isn’t it? I like to throw miniatures off the hump for my daughter’s doll’s house I want to see that nice fluent shape as well I don’t want
much I don’t think I’m getting that curve but
as long as it looks like an eggcup Let’s make it look like an eggcup. Matt’s got his first one off. Flea’s got one off. Tom, Tom’s just got one as well. Well done, Tom. Floppy, yeah Ten minutes left! Just keep throwing them out. Oh, man! This is horrendous! – Come on Rainna! Sort your life out!
– Haha, that’s my first one! They are a bit wobbly, aren’t they? Wobbly hands, wobbly heart. Ok, there’s a few of you on. Three… Oh, my god, what’s that? Come on Potters! Remember it’s not just
about quantity! Is that you shouting? That’s the quietest shout I’ve ever heard. Perhaps, if I put my glasses on? Do it again! – Potters!
– That’s it, yeah, that’s it! Let’s get a wiggle on! – Is that a reject?
-Nope! – Ok, sorry, I was not judging it! The wheels wobbling, everything is shaking. -Flea’s going for it.
– Flea’s got loads on the bench there, look. Matt’s very industrious. It’s a nice flow to it when you’re working fast. It’s ugly. It’s not ugly, it’s manly. Does it matter what size it is? I am sweating full on! Don’t get the hope, you’ve got five minutes left. Woah? Aaah. Oh. Come on, guys! Oh God! Oh, my Lord! I’m squeezing so hard at my legs. Give me another hour and I might master it Oopsie. – How many you get, Tom?
– Can’t talk, sorry. Busy doing eggcups. 1 minute gone! Come on, at least another two! Get one more out! I could feel the concentration in the room. A bit fraught at the minute. Watch it with the
knife, watch it, watch it. If in doubt – just pull it off! -Five, four… One more,Ronaldo, one more, come on, come on! …two, one! And breathe! Step away from the clay! Well done guys!
Well done, that’s brilliant! Oh, I got it all in my hair again! The Potters will now face the judges for the very first time. I am sweating (in whisper). Any eggcups that don’t measure up will
be rejected and won’t be counted . – Rainna, hello.
– You alright? They’re not too bad at all. Shall we try an egg? – Go for it! See that? Look! Yeah, that’s spot-on, is not it? You could have seen a bit more fluidity with them, a bit more refinement on the rim.
-Which one did you start with? -That one.
– So, the shapes have got curvier.
-Yes. -If we did that..
– Oh, yeah, that fits.
– …that would be better Now, that’s going in there!
That’s the first one! That’s not a good sound! Oh, that would kill her. Which one? – I think
this would be a good one. A little one here. Oh, look how gorgeous it is!
– Perfect! This one could have been finished
off a bit better. It’s now amazing how much better it
looks with the egg in it! It just makes more sense! There some nice waists on them, is not there? That’s very messy, that’s
got to go in. Wow!
– You were fast and furious. Look at those!
– There’s quite a few here. In terms of consistency they’re little varried. But really impressed with the size.
– Thank you. The ones that don’t work for me, er.. this one? – Yes, that’s a bit more
conical isn’t it? These ones. The way you are throwing them, you can spare a few. You did so many! That’s a goner. There’s a good balance between that
depth of the foot and the cup on them, is not there? The base could have been slightly
wider. – Wider, yeah. So, that’s gonna have to go in. That’s a little bit big, isn’t it? -Mhmm. Get rid of that one. – I think, that’s fair. I did not like that going in the bin.
– Yeah, don’t mind. – Never mind! You’ll get over it! I am aware it’s gonnna be a certain amount of quality control going on, but that was going fast, fast, fast. This one’s kind of a Leaning Tower of Pisa of eggcups, is not it, yeah? They’ll have to go, that’ll have to go, that’ll have to go. – Sorry, Tom!
– No, it’s fair enough! Are you done with it? – That has to go.
– Oh, he’s mean, isn’t he? No, not that one! There are variations within them, but essentially they’ve got that little
nipped in waist at the base. You’ve never thrown anything like that before?
-No. – Brilliant. Very consistent, the shape’s the same. Too much curve on there. I don’t actually want to throw any of them in the bin. I think… – I don’t want it too, either. Too big? – They are little bit, aren’t they? Definitely a goose egg for that one. – Yeah,
or turky egg. So, what were you thinking of, then?
Goblets? But they are small eggs,
I’ve never seen an egg so small. So, is that right? No, it’s going in.
No, that’s not good either. Well done! They’re, they’re really lovely shaped for a medieval banquet, yeah. Very much the same, aren’t they? They’re all really nice and stable. They’re all upright. – Except for that one in there. I was hoping, you would not notice. No, Matt, just, just, no. That’s got to go in.
– That’s brutal. Keith and Sue will now reveal who have the
technical skills to throw the largest number of usable eggcups. In 12th place with 8 eggcups is … …KIT! In joint tenth place with 10 eggcups its: Rosalind and Sampada. Jacob and Leonard threw 12, Ronaldo, Rainna, Rosa and Claire threw 13 and Matt came third in the throw down with 14. In second place with 15 eggcups… …is Tom! So, that leaves first place with 20 eggcups… …Flea! Well done, well done, everyone! Yeah, well done, Tom!
Well done, mate! I thought Matt was
going win it, because his were beautiful! I’m saying, it’s downhill from here. It’s the first challenge and so it meant
a lot to me, but I’m also very aware that I really can’t grow up here from here. I thought all my eggcups look like a little kind of dysfunctional family
which I thought was nice. At Middleport, world renowned pottery is being produced
round the clock. And for our potters their shift is not over yet. Their six piece breakfast sets have been drying in the drying room for three hours. Ok, what have we got? Now ladder hard they have an hour and a
half to turn and trim and add their handles. This is the best part, for sure It’s where all the finesse really is. This is the last stage before firing and crucial if they want to achieve the
finish the judges are looking for. Obviously, they don’t want a heavy old jug. They want nice light jugs. The better the potters threw each of their pieces in the first stage, will mean less finessing work now. It’ll be hopefully a lot more
refined than this lump at the minute. So I had to be really careful not to overtrim and go all the way through. How do you know when to stop? Trial and error. You can also tap it and you can feel…
– Alright. Cut through so many pots so many times. Phew! I forget to breathe. Pressure. Focus! You can really feel the
concentration in the room. I’m feeling like I’ve got so little time to make them look the way I’d like them to look. I’m quite under the pressure. For Rosa the pressure is
even greater. Don’t shaking, not shaking. One mistake
means she won’t have a complete set. I’m just surviving at the moment. There’s no spare,
so I’d have to work. I think it’s fine, it’s only clay! This is the last chance to
check their measurements… Little bit on the tight side. …and the Potters must now
attach their handles knobs and spouts. I just hope it pours well and not pour
over the judges. I’ve cut a section right despite that I threw earlier, so it’s got the right flair for a pouring. I’ve never made anything that doesn’t drip. It all drips! That’s a lovely little knob!
– It’s a nice little knob! You’ve got loads of knobs down there. They’re all different, though! It’s tighter than I’ve ever had it. All the way down the shaft, fits very well. Yeah. So I’m putting on my stamp at the moment. It’s just getting everything on, though. I don’t think I’ve ever worked this quick. Alright Potters, you’ve got half an
hour left! Whoa! You can only put one of your sets in the
drying room! Right! Panic. My handles are just to touch dry, but I might get away
with it. If I have up there I think it’s gonna just be too much weight, but I’m not a pro at this. Oh! – Is it not play involved? Just got to press it on the pot without breaking it or fainting. Well, I’m here to catch you! – Just the handle would be good! That would be lovely! I’m working on the toast rack
really rushing now. Is it your toast rack? There would be tiny toasts. I think I’m gonna cut the toast in
triangles. – I think you could like to. I’ve got just enough time till I mustn’t count my chickens till their hatch. And I’m doing like a little gear system. It looks like an owl now! – Oh, no, don’t say this to me! But it does! It’s an owl! Almost finished just neaten up a few
corners. Being neat is not my strong point. How many long we got left? You’ve got one minute left! Sweating. Remember: finish is everything! Not at this point. Oh, sorry! Watch out, watch your backs! Rush-rush-rush! Reinna, Kit, I think you’re the only two that haven’t got your stuff in the drying room! Come on, Rainna! Do you want these ones taken to the drying room? – Oh, yes, please! Why are you so cool? There’s like seconds left! It’s stressing me out, man! Finish is everything! Ten, nine, eight,.. -Don’t drop them! -Seven, six… For God’s sake! – Five, four,three, two, one! Oh, my God! Your time is up! Well done! Well done, everybody! And breathe! – Aaah! The turn and trim was
really stressful. Could have been a disaster! But I think I rescued it. How did you do? – Yeah, turned something out! It’s been a really good day, but I do feel I’m up against some really stiff competition. I’m feeling awesome and I’m just glad it’s over and I could go home and get some
sleep. While the Potters take a well-earned two-day rest, their breakfast sets will be in the safe hands of our very own
kiln guy Rich, he’ll be keeping a close eye on them as they dry. Tom’s chose to
do these really ornate decorative handles but all of these curves are
potentially crack as they dry out And I’m slightly concerned about Sampada’s Cafitiere this rim it’s incredibly thick. There is the risk that it could explode in the firing, we need these pieces to be bone dry before they go in
the kiln. Sending my pieces into the kiln is like sending your kids off to school
I suppose, but less tears. If things don’t go my way go
back to Cornwall, back to my sheds, back to the turkeys. Our Potters are back up at Middleport where their breakfast sets have had 24 hours bisque firing. and kiln guy Rich is bringing them out ready for decoration. This stage will be the last
chance for the Potters to impress the judges. – Good morning Potters!
– Good morning! Your breakfast sets are out of
the kiln and are lurking beneath the Hessian. We’ve got a variety of glazes
for you to use ready for your decoration This is where your breakfast sets really
come to life. I want to see that your range sits
cohesively together and works perfectly as a set. Now if you’ve got your
measurements right the plunges should fit the cafitiere, and hopefully all your
handles will still be on all one pieces. You’ve got three hours to decorate your
breakfast sets and your time starts now! Oh! Yesss! Hello, well done little plate! You did it! If I did not have lipstick on, I would kiss it! Ah! Uh-oh, why did that crack? I’m happy the handles stayed on. There’s a hairline crack right there, so I need to be careful. Even if their sets are in one piece… The screw of it does not fit. ..there’s still one final check to make. Whoa, that’s huge! Falls right in! Oh, God, it’s absolutely enormous. There’s about a centimeter, which is
almost the exact shrinkage rate. So, I think, this will fit perfectly when I
glaze. I’m really looking forward to having a beautiful breakfast set. The execution has to be fantastic. And I think you can easily see that in one or two of these. What I really like about this, in particular, is the simplicity. But if you’re going to do something that’s that simple, it’s got to be absolutely
spot-on. It’s a perfect opportunity to really let their personalities come
through at the end of this process. I really want to know something a bit more
about the Potters. Before applying any glazes, the potters are smoothing out any rough edges… You are like a ninja! Safety first! …which will help perfect how their pieces fit together. Now that’s got a tiny wobble but
not if I found it, it fit really well. Clair, can I get alittle bit of the rough stuff? You’re a star. But sanding might not be enough for Tom. Nothing’s really fitting. The cups do
not sit exactly on the saurces. There’s about a millimeter too much clay. I’m gonna have to spend a lot more time on this than I wanted to, so there might be
a compromises later on in the process. Once the pots are finally up to scratch
decoration can begin… Steady hand, steady hand. Let’s get on with it! Rosa’s hoping she’s over her first-day nerves, but just in case, she’s brought along some moral support. My grandmother was a porcelain painter, so I’m going to use her inspiration. My grandma was called Rosa
like me. So, she should be sitting up there
thinking of me, I think. Kit’s not relying on a steady hand to perfect his Cornish
stripes. Are you gonna use a banding wheel for this or…? I’m going to use tape. Tape? Oh, okay. I’m gonna tape the lines and then paint and then peel them off. Right ,okay. Well if you’re confident…
– Yeah. I’ll also be confident. Yeah. – Cheers.
– Alright. If you are confident, I’ll be confident, whatever that means. But I have to beat Leonard. He is the other Cornish guy. The yellow bird is …the yellow bird in the
middle of a sale… I should put my glasses on. My wife Susie always tells me: ‘Put your glasses on so you can see what you’re doing!’ These chickens gonna be
hand-painted, so each one will be unique. I’ve had hens at home for long time life
named mine, what’s the name of yours? Well, my hen is called Henrietta. Hahaha, very appropriate! You could not wish for a better name, could you?
– Right! I love painting. There’s a little bit of
a Picasso pencil. It was said that he was at his most happiest when he was
doing his ceramics. They’re playful, they’re fun, they’re full of life and that’s what
I’m trying to do. So, this is outside my dad’s house in Barbados. There lots of
vegetation all around. So, why not just put my culture into the peace? To be honest
illustration isn’t my strong point, but I wanted to show the judges I’m not afraid
of going outside of my comfort zone. My background is illustrations. A lot of
times I make a simple shaped bass and then the main highlight is my decoration. But I was a bit too ambitious with my design. I should have focused more on the
actual function, so I’m just going to do a little sad faces crying, ’cause that’s how I feel looking at the state of my cafitiere. Ok, guys, don’t panic, but we’re halfway through! Oh. Don’t panic!
– I am a kind of panicking. – Alright! You got this! It’s getting there. So, i’ve got stop dithering now. I am focused and get on with
it. While those painting by hand are making
slow progress… Keep going. …Matt’s minimalist design is a much
quicker technique. So, it’s not really painting, is it? What would you call it? Splattering? Yeah, just going for it. Oh, that’s worked out alright. Oh, that’s amazing! And not one bit on me, so, thanks for that! Flecking, got my template, which is the Liverpool skyline. Then I’m building up layers
using different shades of blue and then I’ll peel them off. So, we’ll really see a
crisp skyline? – I wish! That’s the idea? – So, yes, that’s the idea! Yeah! – Ok. I wish I could paint nice like that! Claire’s avoiding the paintbrush altogether. Under guidance, under guidance. Mental maths. – Mental maths, yes. She’s making her own black glaze out of iron oxide to create her deceptively simple two-toned decoration. Glazing really is my thing
I use quite a lot of technical kind of glazes Like, I’m quite into the
chemistry. But while she can start to dip in her freshly made black glaze… It’s quite messy, so, I have to keep this away from everybody else. She’s going to have to be patient to use the communal white glaze. I’m waiting for everybody to finish using the white glaze. So, I can dip in it. So, I don’t want to
contaminate it. Is that all ’cause you’re using the darkest colourr in the room? – Yeah. Will it be absolutely black when it comes out? Well, I’m not 100% sure, because I don’t know the best recipe so I’ve had to guess… O, really? Oh, God, so, there’ll be a bit of luck involved. Fingers crossed. Claire’s not the only one experimenting
with oxides… Never use oxides in my life. I’m winging it. Bit of powder, bit of water. (Laughing) It’s like art attack! This could go two ways. Wow, that’s bloody amazing!!! Or… …what the hell has this girl done to her pot? Okay, Potters, you’ve got one hour left, just one hour left! I think I’m in a bit of trouble currently. There’s too much to sand down. Tom still hasn’t started his
decoration. Nothing fits. So, I’m just having a mini meltdown at the back. It’s alright! You made me cry! – Sorry. Sorry. Shall we just go and cry in the drying room? Yes, let’s go and cry in the drying room. I need just to crack on, don’t I? – Yeah. You’re doing well, doing well. – Thank you,Keith, Thank you. But Tom’s not the only one yet to touch his glazes. Even this one uneven! Oh, my god! I spend an hour just putting around the tape! I might have a cry in a minute. I have nothing to do, do you want my help? Oh, yeah! Is that straight? That straight? The bottom one is straight, isn’t this? This one, that ain’t straight. Oh, my god! Ok. Very well. I’ll do it. How many people does it take to make straight line? I will have to do vertical stripes instead. Yeah, why don’t you do vertical. I just need to get it done now. While Tom and Kit have finally started decorating… You’re not white, you’re clear. I am clear. Claire, clear! …Claire finally dip her pots in the white glaze. Hopefully get this a nice gradient. 50/50 at the minute whether it’s gonna work. So much to do! I should move up, but it’s so difficult to stop. I have finished. Look a bit
weird, everyone’s still working. It took me a long time after cycling to get out of the mindset that doing something quick was the best way to do it. A bit nervous. I’m struggling to breathe a bit. Just trying to not flake anything. I’m just being clumsy I managed to break my toast rack. – Oh, no! I’m having a bit of not one today. Three rounds of toast, that’s alright. One for each judge. That’s ok, is not it? I changed directions of the stripes. Don’t
know how they Cornish people are gonna react. Pitchforks and torches. I’ve got the skyline on there. So, yeah, I’m happy, yeah. Once their underglazes and oxides have been applied… The last stage now, heeeey! The breakfast sets are ready for a dip in a final glaze, which when fired will become transparent and reveal the colors of their designs. Ugh, I don’t know what I’ve been doing! And now I’m gonna clean them off in the bottom, so that they don’t stick to the kiln shelf. That would ruin the whole thing. Oh, no. What a mess! Guys, are you alright? You’ve literally less than a minute. I’m going to do the handle. Hurry up! Do you want me to help you? Oh, god, don’t do ..! I can’t look! Glaze it! – Thank you. Here you start. – Thank you. Okay, potters! Five, four, three, two, on! No more cleaning your bottoms, it’s all over! Congratulations! Now all you have to do is get your
breakfast parts on the board and get them down to the kiln . Lots of things went wrong. Not sure the judges are gonna like it. I think, there’re more far precisely finished things. I’m just hoping that the
judges are distracted by the design and not the actual shape. Now I am pleased with my chickens. I guess I was in my zone today. Feel really positive about it. Now I have to wait and see how the results are when they come out of the kiln. I’m not 100% in what way this glaze is gonna come out obviously, because I winged
the recipe. It could either come out quite nice or it could come out a complete
disaster. In the extreme heat of the kiln there’s always a risk that their
carefully crafted pots could crack or explode. And if that’s not nerve-racking
enough then next time our Potters see their breakfast sets will be in front of
the judges. It’s Judgment Day. The Potters will now
see their breakfast sets for the first time in front of Sue and Keith. First up, Ronaldo, would you like to
bring up your breakfast set to be judged? Are you ready, Ronaldo? – Yeah. Okay not too bad. The decoration has got a really nice touch to it. And it works across all
of the pieces. The spacing is really nice, the color application is really good. I think the handle could have been slightly more delicate. But it’s not a bad weight and I’m liking the cafitiere itself. Let’s have a look before we put the coffee in. – Yeah. It does go up and down. I mean it’s tight, it’s tight. Now the moment of truth, Ronaldo. Oh, you’ve got a dribble. And the toast? Perfect! Well done Ronaldo. – Thank You. Absolutely brilliant! Good stuff! Rosalind, would you like to bring up your
breakfast set? Are you ready Rosalind? I don’t know what to expect. Oh! Happy with Henrietta? Yes! Yeah, it seems to whole work out well. Well, I entirely agree with you. oh, thank you. I entirely agree with you! That starts off again. It’s fantastic, mate! It’s fantastic! It’s not my cup of tea or coffee, but the execution of your
illustration of your hen… …it’s fantastic. Realy, really good. Well done! For me what you’ve really achieved is a functional set and your style is very country kitchen isn’t it? There is certainly a market for this! It is charming! Like you! Oh, thank you! Charming, yeah. What’s the weigt like, Sue? I would say, it’s really heavy! I love your illustrations on here, they’re really strong. And a little
face on the top, look at that! I love that! I love the simplicity of it. And the handle! That’s another pleasing thing. It’s a pity, you’ve got a massive crack there. Do you eat much toast? No. Nothing I can tell. Really. I think it’s for people who don’t know
what toast rack is. Well, quite clearly. I’ll tell you what that’s a little bit heavy. And I’m not quite sure where to hold that actually. Ok, cups now. You might find a little problem when they sit in the saurces. Yeah. So, there the eyes, aren’t they? You look from overhead it. Wait, shall I just do that? That’s an improvement! The concept is very interesting, so the creativity is there, it’s just the final execution. We lost a couple of notes.- We lost a handle
that’s just my clumsiness. The finish, though, mate, the finish. Are you ready? -Yep. Oh. What does that mean? It’s bubbles. The bubbles, I think, it’s the quickness of the firing. It did go up really really quickly and the gases escape the clay body, and that’s why you’ve got the bubbling effect. But I’m liking the decoration on
the inside. That’s really lovely look at that ! That’s exactly what I was looking
for a little surprise. I’m liking this toast rack. It’s really really simple but really effective. A bit like me. Just like you. Are you ready Matt? Never will be. It’s more bubbling. It looks good, though. Right? It looks actually part of a design. Oh, that’s lovely! It’s a really nice weight, Matt. That really shows skill in the throwing. For me, though, the handle is a bit too thin. Feels like it’s about to snap. It’s not very smooth, is it? No, and you’re getting loads and loads of drips down there. You could have been a lot more generous with the lip. So we just need a bit more lip from you, believe it or not. You don’t, you don’t want that. Lovely. Are you ready? As ready as I get. It’s absolutely lovely! My grandmother was a porcelain painter and she did lots of
lovely flowers. And I wanted in order to credit her. I don’t think you’ve let your grandmother down. The execution of the painting is really
really nice. It’s very autumnal – it’s got a lovely feel to it. As a construction – it’s a bit on the heavy side The handle, though, in nice proportion. Let’s have a look at these. This is really really nice! The illustration is beautiful. Absolutely lovely! Thank you. Well, we both thought that this was going to look huge, but actually it’s not too bad. I really like the way that you’ve put these handles on. They’ve got an energy I think it’s really exciting. It’s a centrepiece for sure. I would have
liked to have seen a slightly smaller handle I think. The lid could have been
different. It’s a bit flat, it’s a bit boring. With such a simple design like
this, the execution has to be immaculate. You’ve got a few hand marks here a bit
of a residue of blue there. When you’re using cobalt. It is an incredibly strong
oxide and it gets everywhere. What about these cups and saucers then? Well, that’s light, is not it? They are light. And one of the reasons why they’re so light is because they’re really small. My inspiration was the spinnaker of a
sailing yacht. It’s quite striking, isn’t? I think they could have perhaps been
a little bit more detail on your painting. But a lovely handle, very expressive! They look like they are set, don’t they? And actually I really like
your pulled handles. That’s really nice to hold. For me they’re a bit on the
large side. Yeah, a little bit. Alright, should we look at the toast rack? There’s the obvious flaw, it’s got a crack in the bottom. You can tell there’s a lot of work in here and you’ve done that rather nicely. Are you ready? I’m ready You were born ready, weren’t you? Go on. Well, okay. It’s not what I was expecting. I’ve never used oxides before. What I like about this and you is that you really go for it, you’re not afraid of trying a
different approach. It’s quite heavy. But I really like the feel of the handle. Is the positioning right? Probably not. You need to find the centre of gravity on
your piece, so just to look a bit higher up would have given it a bit more
balance when you’re pouring it over. Alright, toast rack? Well, we did say we only wanted two pieces of toast. And you’ve kind of done that. Here you go! Well done! -Yey! Are you ready? Yeah, I’m happy! – Good! I’m just relieved that it come out one piece. I’m loving this. This skyline has really really worked for you. But what I really
love is the energy. Those layers and layers of blue are really successful. Toast rack next! I mean that’s nice. It’s a nice weight. I really like this shape too. Your liver a bird.- Yeah. Bit crude. – Yeah. That seems to glide in though, doesn’t it? Yeah. It’s good. Nice little point on the spout, look at that! Lovely pour. Great effort! – Thank you! Confident strides. Are you ready? As I’ll ever be. What do you think? Okay. Okay? Is that it? The overall look… it’s fantastic! I am off again! – Aw! – It’s fantastic! The pieces all really work together. You made one of these glazes up yourself, is that right? I did, yeah. It’s fantastic! I thought it was a massive risk… It is a massive risk! But it’s really paid off for you. To have a decoration that’s purely on glazing, the pieces themselves have to really work, the shapes, the form, the proportion has to really work together. And you’ve really really pulled it off! The only criticism that I would have is that handle is a bit on
the generous side. I was thinking of your, Keith. I love these. They’re really nice
and round. It sits with your idea of the lily pad. And what I lovely handle that’s so nice to hold! There’s very very little I can say
that’s all about these. You’ve done an amazing job! Crikey! Can’t get better than that, can you? You’ve nailed it Claire! Brilliant! Better than I expected. And I certainly didn’t expect Keith to cry. It was a shocker. I would love to win it, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Absolutely gobsmacked that honour, that great honour
Keith cried for my work! Oh, my goodness I’m gonna treasure that forever! Henrietta has done me proud. I’m really happy with the outcome. It was in one piece, all the glazing come out after working for days it’s just such a relief. I thought the judges were very fair and I looked at everybody else’s and there
was such refinement there. I sit close to the bottom but hopefully not the first to go. I cannot believe it’s week one. It was so emotional in there and
Keith you cried twice. I mean it was tears galore. It’s always tough on the
first week and one of the reasons why I get so emotional is because you see them
working their guts out. So, potter of the week. Who are the front-runners? I think there’s quite a few actually. We were really surprised with Rosalind. There was a cohesiveness to all of her design and I just think that that’s a really
commercial idea. And also I really like Rosa’s. There was a really lovely creative
nature to what she was doing. For me, Clair’s up there. Very very strong. You could go into a shop and just buy that. It looks absolutely spot-on. Another one for me was Jacob. His Liverpool skyline absolutely lovely. I can’t believe we’re
having this discussion already but somebody’s got to go. Who’s in trouble? For me, KIT. I liked his design concept: blue and white stripes. I mean what could
go wrong? But it was very messy, it was poorly executed. And he became last in the
Throw down challenge? Let’s not forget his eggcups did look rather like wine
goblets. Well, for me it was Tom. I really liked the idea of the concept. But I just don’t think he executed it well enough. The handle on that cafitiere a treble
cleft, it doesn’t work. But he came second in the Throw down challenge. I know. You know,
we do have to acknowledge that. It’s tough one, that’s for sure. Potters, our judges have made a decision. Let’s start with the good news. Our very first Potter of the week is Claire Well done, Claire! Unfortunately, we’ve got
to the horrible bit. One of you will be leaving us. Sadly that person is… Tom. So sorry Tom! It’s alright. Anyway, thank you. We will miss you! – Thank you! I’m so sorry, I did not want to give you that news! I’ll stay if you like. How about that? Thank you so much. – It’s been a pleasure. – Thank you! The last few days have been full of ups and downs I’ve had some really
really high highs and I’ve had some real quite lows. After the decorating stage I knew I was in a little bit of trouble, so, even though I did well on the Throw down then actually I was still in line to go. In the end it’s just an amazing experience and one I’ll never forget. I think for Tom, he’s got the ideas it’s just that practical ability to follow
them through. We ended up with a breakfast set that quite frankly really
wasn’t fit for purpose. I’m really sad to be losing Tom and I’m genuinely really
shocked that I was picked as the Potter of the week. Claire’s six piece breakfast
set will take the first place in our Throwdown gallery. I think the whole
challenge it’s been a workout particularly I dealing with all the
emotions. I always say ‘Big girls don’t cry’, but, hey they do. I’m absolutely thrilled for
her. She’s a brilliant Potter, she’s got the throwing skills, she’s got the in-depth knowledge of glaze and she’s absolutely nailed it this week. I think I did scrape through. Keith will be on my case if I don’t pick my game up. Next time: it’s a hand building challenge in the most pieces we’ve ever asked our
potters to produce I am terrified putting their skills in check This is my worst
nightmare in this challenge. as they trying avoid any rookie mistakes and a tiny
tricky triple throw down adds to the test Who will be crowned Potter of the week? Absolutely spot on. And who will be told game over? I don’t think that the making
skills are as strong as I was hoping for

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